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I was a test dummy and I’m so excited!

January 25th, 2009

dreamstime_968714A few days ago I was privileged to try out a test machine,

a pivotal vibration machine with vibrating handlebars.

It was very smooth. Standing upright on it I didn’t felt like I was moving at all – a big plus for me as I’ve never liked the see-saw motion of pivotal machines.

And, It could be made to give more sensation by using varied frequencies.

The best part though was the Vibrating Handlebars.  I currently have nerve and muscle injury to both arms, left one is worse and I can’t lift it above my head. The vibrations from this test pivotal vibration machine felt so good in my arms awakening sensation and relieving pain.  This is not a usual feature of pivotal machines where the vibrations barely reach up to the hips when standing on the machine.

This machine would be ideal in a Physical Therapists office and, maybe one day, in Vibration Studios.

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Pivotal Vibration Therapy that works!

January 25th, 2009

My friends know how much I hate pivotal vibration machines.  You know the ones,  “As seen on TV”  crazyfit, crazyhorse, crazyvibe and just plain crazy in my opinion.  The first machine I tried was one of these and quite a good quality one.  I was impressed and saw the possibilities but I hated the sensation. It vibrated through my head – the frequency used was way too high.  It hurt my shoulders when I knelt on the floor and put my arms on the machine is a semi-pushup position.

Pulse Trainer

Pulse Trainer

The machines I use the most are lineal, Vibra-Train, machines in a Vibra-Train studio. 
There’s one good quality pivotal machine in the studio; It’s a
Pulse Trainer and I’ve been forcing myself to use it at least once a week.  If I’m going to understand pivotal vibration, to recomend it to people, then I figured I’d better learn to like it myself.  I have been pleasantly suprised  but it’s taken a few months to get used to it.  It’s just a personal thing as I just dislike the sensation and it screws with my balance.  I can now last 8 minutes out of the 10 minutes recommended standing upright on this machine.

Benefits?  Well I probably haven’t used it often enough to comment greatly but it does cause some strong sensation in the pelvic area after about 5 minutes of use.  This helps older people with walking ability – I’m not that old yet so I haven’t noticed any change *laughs*.  It has benefits for any women especially those, like me, who have had large babies and can get a little bladder leakage when coughing, laughing or running.  It’s by far more fun that all those pelvic floor exercises that Physios and Health Nurses recommend.

If you are going to use a pivotal vibration machine make sure you use one that is top quality, not a little , cheap, lightweight machine that walks across the floor with each vibration and can’t cope with user weight over 80Kg.

I recommend the Pulse Trainer machine for home use. It’s small enough to sit in the corner of the lounge and it looks good. This machine is the only one currently available that can be set to pivotal or lineal vibration by just pressing a few buttons.

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Choosing a Vibration Studio isn’t as easy

January 18th, 2009

Choosing a Vibration Training Studio isn’t as easy as just turning up at your closest provider. It’s important to visit all the studios you can and to ask questions about the machines and the program used.  Most providers offer the first session free so you can assess it.  You will be asked to fill in a questionnaire asking your reasons and goals for Vibration Training and you need to clearly state any injuries (present or past) and medical problems you have.  From this information a proficient Instructor will tell you if you can proceed or if you need to get medical clearance first.  Also they can advise alternative positions you will use on the machines if a regular position is contraindicated.  Some people start with a Therapy program to target injured or weak areas of the body and then move onto a Training (fitness/strength) program. » Read more: Choosing a Vibration Studio isn’t as easy

Buying a Vibration Machine to use at Home

January 17th, 2009

When buying a Vibration Machine for home use or using a one in a Vibration Training Studio it is essential to choose a machine that is designed to give you the specific benefits that you require.   There are many different brands of machines with differing qualities and specific purposes.  Use the Internet to find out information before buying so that you know what questions to ask then phone or visit Studios or Sales Showrooms and ask questions about the machines and the programs (instructions and positions that you use on that machine).

For home use

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What Is Vibration Training?

January 16th, 2009

For ten years or more we’ve been hearing from doctors and physical therapists that we need to exercise regularly to achieve fitness and strength and help maintain good health.  Yet many of us don’t have the time to do this, don’t know how to start, or we simply don’t like the thought of going to a gym.

A new, effective method of exercising is available: Controlled Whole Body Vibration Training.

The origins of Vibration Training go back 40 years to work by the Russian Space Program as it looked to combat the effect of zero gravity on it’s cosmonauts. Russian Scientists also worked with dancers, rowers and other athletes and found that Vibration Training had potential to increase strength and flexibility.  Other countries interest and research into this didn’t begin until the late 1990’s and since then there have been many studies with varying results.

So, can using a vibrating platform really increase fitness? My own experience has been very positive and I would encourage readers to try it for themselves.

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What Studio?

January 15th, 2009

Choosing a Provider of Vibration Training or Therapy
(It’s a minefield out there, so tread carefully!)

Girl on Vibration Machine

The Advertising Claims: Increased metabolism (fat burning/weight loss), increased muscle strength, increased fitness, speed and flexibility for athletes, hormone rebalancing, lymphatic drainage, increased bone density, activated circulation, improved balance and coordination, overcoming injury, healing, pain reduction, increased oxygen uptake, improvement in cellulite appearance in women, increased blood concentrations of testosterone and growth hormone in men…  And all this in only 10-20 minutes two or three times a week!

This all sounds like an easy path to health and fitness but, is it this easy and does it work?

My own experience is that yes, it does work, but…

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VibePlus – My trademark has been approved

January 15th, 2009

An official looking envelope arrived in my letterbox.  It was all good news.

VibePlus is now my registered Trademark.  I’m not sure where to from here as my intended plans did not eventuate. I’m planning for now to provide information and comments on my experience of Vibration Training which I hope will be helpful to readers.