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Fair, Fat, and Forty

April 28th, 2009

That rather disparaging title is descriptive of some of the newcomers I’ve been privileged to introduce to Vibration Training over the past month.

It’s a group I’m very excited about and I want to make their first visit to Vibra-Train a positive experience.  Alas, I can be too soft and that’s a huge mistake!  Of myself I’d mess up by maybe expecting less, allowing less than perfect position on the machines; the result being that these people would not get the first work-out experience they could and then would not understand the amazing benefits they can gain from regular visits.

So, now, I understand why my boss has been so hard on me!

I’m very hard on myself and in the past I’ve expected top performance from others, so much that in one workplace I was horrified to find I was feared by my assistants.  I’m fast regaining that strength of character, not to bully but to insist on the very best performance.

Beautiful FortyIn my job this means that every newcomer gets to experience Vibration Training as they should, just as we advertise it to be!  By being hard on me, insisting I learn the  instructions word perfect and in the correct order; that I’m emphatic about correct positions on the machines, no matter how hard that seems to the customers; and that I lose the softness that has crept into my training style, I can now ensure each customer gets  a quality training session and reaps all the benefits that Vibra-Train gives.

Thank you, Lloyd

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