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When the going gets tough

May 28th, 2009

It’s winter in New Zealand. Auckland temperatures are mild but it’s a lot harder getting out of a warm bed at 5am.  And after two months in my new job the honeymoon period is over.  Settling in was easy; the morning clients are so friendly and the first ones each day are suprisingly wide-awake and ready for their Vibration Training work-out at 6.30am on cold, wet mornings.  One brings me egg sandwiches or chocolate meusli bars for breakfast twice a week.  Others tell me what they have happening at home or work but mostly they just want to get into their session as their time is limited.

dreamstimefree_1357055Somedays I drift back to sleep when my first alarm rings and wake with a jolt 5 minutes later when the alarm on my cellphone sounds loudly.  I’m fortunate to be living very cose to the Vibra-Train studio where I work so mornings are not rushed.  Some days I eat breakfast before I leave, other days I arrive at work early, make coffee, cereal and yougurt and relax for 5 minutes; then a quick clean and tidy of the studio, checking the control units, placing the mats near the machines if they were left out the previous night, set the music volume, open the blinds, unlock the door, take a deep breath of cool clear winter air, and the first customers arrive. » Read more: When the going gets tough

My other writings

May 20th, 2009

Recently I’ve written two articles that have been published on a big online magazine blog site.  The first is about the amazing competition results acheived by Teneka Hyndman after adding Vibration Training to her already gruelling training regime:

The second article tells of the fabulous results Vibration Training plus diet control can have on reducing visceral (belly) fat and overall weightloss:

Please read these articles and make comments on the blogritics site.

HyperVibe – Premium Speed Pivotal Vibration Machines

May 13th, 2009

On a recent visit to Sydney, Australia (April, 2009), I was privileged to visit Debbie at Beach Body Vibe, Vibration Studio at Bondi Junction, near beautiful Bondi Beach.

The machines Debbie has are the HyperVibe platform. These are controlled premium speed pivotal machines. Debbie holds classes for muscle toning, weightloss, overall body workout and more. Her customers range from athletes to the elderly and she runs classes for up to 5 people or private sessions.


HyperVibe Pivotal Vibration Machine (pic used with permission)

Murray Seaton, the General Manager of HyperVibe, had dared me to try out his machines as I’d previously written that Pivotal Vibration was suitable for Therapy and Light Training only. Murray told me that his machines were definitely work-out models and that he’d told Debbie to “go hard” and to give me a gruelling session.

I was still recovering from a shoulder injury and when I arrived at the studio, very tired after an early morning flight from Auckland, so I was just a little concerned. My previous experience of large pivotal machines was not at all positive as the machine had an uncontrolled rapid see-saw effect that made me feel dizzy.

I’m pleased to report that my experience was very good. HyperVibe machines run at a tested, controlled frequency of 6-28Hz and 11mm peak to peak amplitude. This means that the see-saw effect is so fast that the machine feels quite similar to pivotal/vertical vibration and, Murray, I agree, your machines definitely give a workout. I used the machine on approx 25Hz and hesitated in doing more than simple squats due to my injuries and tiredness. My friend did a more rigorous workout including single-leg squats and push-ups. Next day we both felt a little sore which was the only negative as we don’t get this from the Vibra-Train Studio vertical platforms we regularly use.  HyperVibe machines can also be purchased for home use.

Visit the HyperVibe Australia Website for more information:

or Debbie at Beach Body Vibe

Position Position Position

May 7th, 2009

Many articles have been written about the importance of starting in, and remaining in correct position on the vibration machines throughout the entire 60 seconds of each pose.

Despite perfect position on machines being non-negotiable in Vibra-Train studios some customers still complain, telling me that standing with feet hip width apart and straight (toes pointing ahead) is not possible, not natural, or not “some other excuse”.  I agree that it feels “odd” for those who have done dancing, military training or stood “at ease” for long periods of time at school assembly, outdoors, in the hot sun, daydreaming about the cute new boy in biology class instead of listening to the Headmaster, but correct foot position is essential so that in the squat the body is symmetrical and balanced allowing the vibrations to target the muscles accurately.

Being out of position on a High Force Vertical Vibration Platform has the potential to be dangerous.  If the knees are forward of the toes in a squat position the vibrations are not targetting the girth of the muscles, as purposed, but are affecting the knees. 

Recently I’ve experienced how “being out of position” can even affect Trainers. Somedays I help new customers by placing my right leg up onto the machine for stability while I help them with the superman squat, supporting their balance by holding their arms up for the last 10 or 20 seconds of the position.  This should not cause me any discomfort but somedays I’ve developed a sore knee.  I have a cartilage tear in that knee and healing is helped by the vibration of the machines so I’ve been puzzled why it has been painful.  It was very simple –  by placing my foot onto the platform at a slight angle rather than straight in front of my body, I was out of position”. Trainers must be aware, at all times, never becoming complacent or careless around the machines.  I’ve corrected and have no knee pain.

Tough Guys 2

May 5th, 2009

Two other tough guys who come into the Vibra-Train City Studio and are worthy of congratulations as they work-out very hard.

The first is an elderly frail looking PriestYes, you’ve read it right. Remember Vibration Training is for everyone!

And we can also provide Vibration Therapy for those who need rehab or a less intensive workout due to injuries or health concerns.  Not so with our Priest,  he works out harder than most, only some athletes could be said to train harder.

The first time I watched over him (he loves the attention and I’m sure he fakes forgetting which position comes next) I was scared, watching this 80-something man hold good position on the machine and cunningly set the dials to 120 seconds instead of the regular 60 seconds.  He’s been given permission to do this but only on some positions and he really is very sneaky.  A real character, I now look forward to his visits.

It could be said he brings some balance to the studio as he leaves saying, “God Bless You”.  I smile as I hear Lloyd in  the background yelling at a customer, telling them to “tough it out” and telling them “God’s not going to help you”, in response to plaintive cries of “Oh God, God, this is too hard!” Hard training and maybe God’s blessing keeps our Priest very fit and strong.

Tough Guy with AttitudeThe other “tough guy” I’ve had in the studio recently was a “newbie”.  This guy’s attitude preceded him as he walked in the door.  He was, “I know it all.  I did vibration training years ago”. He told me he used to sell another brand of machines.

I warned him that Vibra-Train machines had a much stronger force than the ones he’d used and they would seem like toys in comparison as they were suitable for therapy and light training, not enough for a muscle-bound guy like him.  The first 60 second basic squat was all the  proof needed.  He changed his story, telling me actually hadn’t used the other brand machines often and although he had helped with sales, this was only weekends and it was “years ago”.  Working through the “Safety Program” and he trained hard, completely failing several times, not able to hold the positions correctly.  He loved it.  Showing him the higher level machines (the Level 3 and Level 5-Sports Model) I overlooked telling him that all Vibra-Train machines use same frequency, 43Hz, that’s not the factor controlling the “force” of the vibration as some other brands say.

A final “pull-up” position (only possible on machines with vibrating, side handle-bars) was the clincher, he paid up for a concession card right away.

Tough Guys

May 4th, 2009

A few friends have asked how I get on instructing fit,strong guys or even flabby beer-gut guys.  Another asked how I cope with guys who have an attitude problem, that is, they do everything super fast and badly and they certainly aren’t going to be told what to do by a female instructor.

One friend, who knows me well, said, “I bet that’s the ones she likes the most!”

That’s right. Guys with an attitude problem – bring it on!

I really enjoy working with them to create win-win vibration training sessions.  They win when they leave the studio happily exhausted after training hard-out on the machines, maintaining excellent form, correcting, and not losing it as the timer counts downs.  I win when I see them position perfect (as all must be) and I gain their respect when I insist on this and don’t allow them to rush through, neglecting form.

I had such fun one afternoon when a regular customer brought in a friend for a trial session.  Both guys are kickboxers and they had just completed a 10km run. » Read more: Tough Guys