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Balancing Hormones 4 – Estrogen Dominance

July 20th, 2009

For women who have Estrogen Dominance, Polycystic Ovaries, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, or just have a menstrual cycle that isn’t regular, Vibration Training can be just the “boost” that’s needed to normalise.  Add in all the emotional imbalances that often accompany these conditions and it can seem like a lifesaver.

It’s all about Balance

The endocrine system is defined as “a system of glands that involve the release of extracellular signaling molecules known as hormones”.  Basically, this means that very small changes in the hormones released by the endocrine system affects cells in other parts of the body.

People with hormonal imbalances often avoid exercise.  Reasons for this vary from being overweight, feeling depressed or anxious, through to just plain dislike of anything resembling exercise.  Knowing that it’s beneficial simply isn’t enough when a person lacks real motivation but if they understand that exercise of any sort and especially resistance exercise can help balance their hormones and help relieve the associated problems it’s hard to find a reason not to start.

So how does the hormonal system reach balance?  There’s a lot involved in this from the simplicity of improved blood circulation so that nutrients are carried efficiently, to the release of fat from fat cells for use as fuel, producing weightloss and building muscle if high energy machines are used.

The changes in chemicals in the brain, increased seretonin which can improve mood and also help encourage good sleep, increases in human growth hormone and testosterone which together encourage elevated mood, muscle growth, bone density increase, improved skin texture and tone and higher energy levels.  Other chemical changes also occur in the brain and body and all together these help bring balance plus women tell us they have improved energy levels so they do more of other activities and eat better and soon they find their hormonal conditions improving.

is a system of glands that involve the release of extracellular signaling molecules known as hormones

Exercise before Breakfast? Cardio? Resistance? Vibration Training?

July 17th, 2009

Should I eat before I work-out?

It’s quite a common question and some books and websites encourage people to exercise before eating breakfast with the reasoning that their bodies will find the fuel needed from fat stores and so encourage toning and weightloss.

The problem with this is that the fat within cells is not a readily available fuel.  If no food has been eaten plasma glucose is rapidly used up and the body then moves to its secondary fuel source, glycogen, stored in the liver and muscles.  The process of coverting triclycerides from fat takes longer.

There’s strong opinion on both sides about going for a morning walk or easy run before eating because, basically, as long as you take it slowly you might be okay but when it comes to resistance exercise and vibration training there’s no argument about it –

You Must Eat before your session!

Vibration Training causes you to burn up loads of energy within each 60 second position on the machine.  Muscle contraction of this magnitude, using 100% of muscle fibres, needs fuel and it’s all too easy to become hypoglycaemic in an instant at any time during the program.  Some people feel a little dizzy or nauseous, others cope with the program with no apparent difficulty and then having thoroughly depleted their body’s supply of blood glucose symptoms hit them hard and fast with insufficient oxygen reaching the brain and they pass out.

heart sausages for lovely breakfastThis morning my first two customers at 6.30am were mother and son.  For the son on his fourth session he knew the rules – eat before coming in – but he hadn’t conveyed this to his mother and I made the mistake of forgetting to ask.

The mother was healthy and strong and had no trouble working through the program until she dropped straight into hypoglycaemia and fainted.  Even the sports drink I had on hand was insufficient to stop the brain fog she continued to experience afterwards.

It’s my responsibility as an instructor to ensure customers have eaten adequately before their session and today I failed in this – a lesson I hope I have now learnt well!

Balancing Hormones 3 – Libido

July 14th, 2009

I was asked if Vibration Training could lift a woman’s libido.

It’s a good question and the simple answer is Yes but of course there’s so much more involved.  There are so many reasons that women avoid sexual involvement and some of these reasons will not be solved by a simple “shake-up” on a vibration machine a few times each week.  It would be every man’s dream come true if it were so and I’m sure we ladies could easily get our partners to pay for our Vibration Training costs as they would benefit greatly.

Leaving aside emotional and psychological reasons for loss of libido, we have physical and mental tiredness which has many causes.  Even just “life”, the ongoing daily demands that can bring on fatigue and loss of energy, can cause loss of interest in sexual activity especially if it is seen as another “chore” at the end of a busy day rather than a time of mutual pleasure and refreshment.  This is where exercise and taking time out for oneself can help.

dreamstimefree_407008I’ve only had one woman tell me she has increased libido since she came to Vibra-Train but it’s not exactly a topic of regular conversation in the studio in the mornings, unlike the afternoons when there is a  male instructor and the conversation is often about libidinous, sensual desires.  » Read more: Balancing Hormones 3 – Libido

Balancing Hormones 2 – Growing Younger

July 12th, 2009

Vibration Training on high energy machines give many benefits; among them is “Growing Younger”.  No, its not a magic elixir of youth but the hormonal changes that take place cause changes in the body that are consistent with being a younger age.

Increased muscle mass, as measured on the hospital grade Body Composition Analyser Machine we have in the studio, supports the bones and along with the increased blood flow that occurs with training, we see a reduction in the amount of bone mass loss that occurs naturally with increased age.

dreamstimefree_1520860Also as the hormonal system regulates and balances to normal we see amazing results for women who are perimenopausal; a time when ovarian hormone production is fluctuating and declining.  These woman often report that their hormonal cycle has once again settled into a monthly pattern with return of regular menstruation.  This can be embarrasing for them to mention to a trainer but they want to know if vibration training is the reason.

We tell them, Yes, it is; and before they run for the hills, annoyed that the dreaded “curse” has returned apon them, we tell them that they can’t grow younger without the return of a younger hormonal cycle and that they should not be concerned as it will all settle.  In fact they will feel better with less hot flushes and probably an improvement from the sudden mood swings that can accompany menopause.

I’m not going to try to explain how these changes take place, simply I will say, it’s all about hormonal balance.  I have experienced it myself and have several women customers who have talked to me about this.

Balancing Hormones 1 – Pregnant at Last!

July 10th, 2009

bullet basic squatOne of the benefits that vibration training providers talk about is that it balances out your hormones.  They talk about increased serotonin (gives a happy, satisfied feeling after training and can aid with restful sleep), increases in Human Growth Hormone and more.  This all sounds wonderful, maybe; really most people have no idea what the salesperson is going on about and are reticent to ask.  You can try asking but unless you are talking to someone who is there to do more than just sell you a machine you’ll just get more sales talk with figures or percentages thrown at you.

So let’s see if we can do better here and get a little understanding of  what “Balancing your Hormones” means.

Firstly a qualifier; you must be using a high quality platform to get the benefits that are so readily touted by marketers of vibration machines.  Please refer to my other articles to read about finding a quality Studio or Buying a machine for home use.

It might be that the title of this article caught your attention and you’ve read this far without any mention of pregnancy so here it is:

Becoming pregnant when otherwise it hasn’t happened is not a benefit that marketers will tell you about.  For one thing it might scare people away!  Can you imagine the local health authorities insisting that machines be labelled, “Ensure adequate contraceptive measures are taken when using machines”.

All laughter aside, there have been a number of reports of women becoming pregnant within weeks of starting vibration training.  What’s so amazing about this is that the women who report this tell us they have been trying for years and some have had other interventions that haven’t worked.  It seems that the vibrations act as an “unblocker”, possibly clearing blocked fallopian tubes which allows for greater egg mobility.  Thinking about it the vibrations might also encourage maturity and release of the egg from the sac on the surface of the ovary.  An interesting unrelated point is that photography has recently shown that the release of the egg isn’t instantaneous as was thought but it takes around 15 minutes to emerge from it’s fluid filled sac.

For now it’s just conjecture on how vibration training aids the possibilty of pregnancy.  Customers of Vibra-Train and otherstudios attest that it does!

It’s cold today and still the customers come in

July 9th, 2009

It’s very cold today and even in the studio I’m finding it hard to stay warm. Customers seem to arrive in groups with quiet times inbetween and today, I’m rather unmotivated in the quieter periods although I have cleaned the studio. The small amount of cold air that comes under the glass doors keeps chilling me and I’m looking forward to taking a walk in the sunshine after lunch.

The cold has not stopped regular customers from coming in though and even the elderly priest who comes in twice a week has driven across town to do his Vibra-Train session. I’ve noticed a big improvement in his abilities over the past three months. Not only is holding better position when using the Vibra-Train machine, his mental capacity has improved and he’s brighter, and now remembers the order of the program. I make sure he’s in perfect position for each of the 60 second poses and then at the end of the program he holds a 3 minute “ski-the-slopes” position. The wall chart states 2 minutes for this final position and many people only manage 1 minute but our infamous studio priest puts many of the younger, stronger customers to shame by holding excellent position throughout a whole 180 seconds.

Father D. is a man of average to solid build, in his 80’s and he’s an inspiration to other studio customers. At an age when some would be resting all day he still attends to parish duties and keeps fit with regular vibration training sessions. He’s also proof that vibration training on high energy lineal machines is effective for all ages. He never misses his sessions.

Cardio as part of a fat-loss program

July 3rd, 2009

We now have a treadmill and an exercycle at the Vibra-Train studio where I work.  This is available to customers after their vibration training session.  The treadmill is set for incline walking and customers can use it for 20 minutes of easy walking to aid their fitness and fat-loss.

dreamstime_8066223Of course this increases the time that customers need to spend in the studio so it wont suit those who rush in to train on their way to work but it’s great for those who have more time available.

It’s wintertime in New Zealand so the treadmill looks set to get a lot of use.  I’d much rather take my walk along the harbourside looking out at the yachts and enjoying the fresh air and health benefits of being outdoors but not if I’m going to get rained on so I’m also using the treadmill a few times a week.  I plan to up that to 5 or 6 times as I’ve stopped my outdoor walking program and I’ve noticed my weight has increased with less exercise taking place so I’m going to do the same program we’re giving to customers; vibration training plus cardio, 20 minutes on the treadmill, three times a week.  Working in the studio I’ll also be able to use the treadmill two or three extra times each week.

Vibration Training alone gives great toning benefits and fat-loss but for cardiac fitness walking, biking (outdoors or on an exercycle), swimming, or playing with the children are all good choices.