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Basic Rules for using a Vibration Machine – Part 2

August 19th, 2009

Back to the question asked in the previous post;  “how to prevent getting headaches after using the machines”.

I’ve covered the eating “rules” so now to a few other causes of headache, neck, shoulder, or head discomfort, and vertigo or dizziness while using a vibration machine or soon after.

bullet basic squatLet’s look at the machine and the program being used.  There are many articles available about finding a studio that has quality machines or buying a home machine so I will assume that this has been considered and look at the program of positions used.

An excellent Safety Program for use with lineal (upright vibration) machines is available on the Vibra-Train website  with step by step instructions.  It’s freely available to be printed out.

Some studios, those using PowerPlate machines are one, get people to move about on the machines.  » Read more: Basic Rules for using a Vibration Machine – Part 2

Basic Rules for using a Vibration Machine – Part 1

August 19th, 2009

PowerPlateThis morning I took a call from a lady who had just started going to a PowerPlate Vibration Studio in another city.  She had some questions about using the machines and as they are basic to all machines I’ve decided to answer them in this article.

Her concern and main question was how to prevent getting headaches after using the machines.  Despite having an instructor take her through the program she found that very soon after the session she developed a headache or dizziness.  She wanted to continue training as she could see the value of it but her questions were not being answered at the studio and she felt a little rushed through the program.

I answered her question with a question; did she realise that she must eat before going to the PowerPlate studio?

Vibration Training is intensive, short period exercise.  As such it depletes the body’s blood sugars very quickly.  It’s unlike other exercise where the liver releases glycogen (sugar) into the bloodstream as needed.  There simply isn’t time for that process to occur.  So the starting point is to have eaten (a banana is a good choice) and you can eat as you walk in the door of the studio without feeling nauseous during the session.

The second “rule” is to ensure that adequate water is drunk during and after the session.  This rehydrates the body and helps eliminate toxins and waste.  Vibration Training helps with lymphatic drainage so drinking water is the end part of this process.

Thirdly, vibration exercise gives a “feel-good” feeling due to a rise in serotonin levels in the blood and into the brain.  This neurotransmitter helps reduce fatigue and pain, regulates the onset of sleep, reduces food cravings and generally calms and encourages well-being.  It’s important to remember to eat after your Vibration Training session and I advise protein foods to help with muscle growth.  I doubt anyone feels so ecstatic after their training session that they don’t eat all day but a reminder is needed as, I’ve already said, blood glucose levels will be depleted.

It’s part of the instructor’s job to make sure customers know and follow these “rules”.

Older Women and Vibration Machines with Side Handle Bars

August 14th, 2009

It feels like spring in New Zealand as the air temperature has risen and we’ve had blue skies this week.  Alas, it’s only August and there’s more cold and wet weather ahead before we get to enjoy the long balmy days of summer.

This week has seen an lot of newcomers coming into the studio for their first free trial visit and some of these have been older women.  These women tell me their reasons for coming in; improved mobility, fat-loss, fitness and general well-being.  Some say they want to ensure their bones remain strong and prevent osteoporosis.  It’s exciting to get these women into the studio as they are usually not sports oriented but have lived active lives and now having slowed down a little they recognise the need to rebuild fitness or they simply want to keep the muscle strength they already have.

Ski The Slopes Vibra-TrainI feel privileged to work for Vibra-Train as we have a vibration platform that’s perfect for these women to use.  It’s called the Vibra (or Vibra-Train) and as well as the platform having upward vibration it has vibrating  side handlebars.  This machine’s handlebars were specifically designed for people who find it difficult to hold a 110 degree angled squat position.  By holding the side handlebars users are able to push down with their arms to take some pressure off the quad muscles (the thighs) while  more easily holding their body in the correct squat position.  » Read more: Older Women and Vibration Machines with Side Handle Bars

What do I need to do to get the Best Results Possible?

August 5th, 2009

Customers have varying expectations for results from their vibration training sessions.  Some want generally improved fitness so they have the stamina and strength for everyday life.  Others use vibration training as an essential part of their sports or fitness training program.  Still others want to see fat-loss and maybe to have a bikini body by next summer.  And there are other motivations as well.

dreamstime_8762818 Upward ArrowRegardless of the reasons for coming to Vibra-Train there’s a secondary motive that makes a difference to results attained.  That motive is basically how much the person is prepared to push themselves (how much effort they will make) and how compliant they are to instructions.

As I’ve written in previous articles getting into and remaining in Perfect Position is non-negotiable.  We have ways to make it simpler for customers who really have difficulty and for those who just wont do it right, they also have to take those options.  The alternative positions, if you can call them that » Read more: What do I need to do to get the Best Results Possible?

How Soon will I see Results

August 5th, 2009

Abstract 3D Hourglass

This is a comonly asked question.  In fact it’s often one of the first questions people ask when they come for their first Vibra-Train session.

The answer depends on a few factors.

The first and main determining factor is the machine that will be used.  Then next is the program.  But let’s step back a little; It’s important to ask the customer what results they want to see.  Only then can I give an honest answer.  A very overweight guy who wants to see a six-pack by next week is simply dreaming!  Likewise the runner who’s worn her body down with overtraining and wants to regain fitness before her next event, two weeks hence.  She will see some improvement but there’s no miracle cure.

Now back to the machine being used. For muscle growth to take place the customer must use a high energy, lineal machine.  Other results are possible » Read more: How Soon will I see Results