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September 28th, 2009

Remember to visit the industry’s new Vibration Training Advice Website:

There’s articles for consumers, about studios, types of machines and exercise positions. Also lots of vibration training advice about buying a machine for home use, and a section dedicated to Instructors and Studio owners.

There’s also a discussion forum where questions can be asked to clarify what’s written in the articles or for special information needed.

Flu, Colds, Sinus, and Vibration Training

September 10th, 2009

Winter in New Zealand has brought amazing snowfall on mountain areas giving great fun with winter sports but, alas, it’s also been a time of ‘flu’s, coughs and colds for many.

StethiscopeAnd so this article will answer the question customers have been asking me:

Should they continue vibration training if they have a viral infection or other winter ills?

The answer is multi-part:

  1. If you have a mild sinus or simple cold I’ve found that a basic session of vibration training helps to unblock the sinuses and ease the feeling of lethargy, that is, it wakes you up.
  2. If you have ‘flu, fever, aches or headache it is not advisable to train. Vibration training raises the blood pressure and pulse only very slightly but if you are already unwell, it makes for an unpleasant exercise session and could even be dangerous. You wont gain in fitness and will feel more fatigued which, then, works against getting well again.

So how long should you wait before you train again?

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