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Vibration Training – not just about looking good

January 29th, 2010

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One morning I was explaining to a customer how Vibration Training helps with fat-loss and she remarked (with a grin) that maybe it wasn’t working so well for me. Then the next day I read a forum comment about an Instructor who looked like they ate too many “pies and gravy”. While this wasn’t directed at me I began to think about what Vibration Training really does for weight-loss and what it had already done for me. I’ve experienced life changing results so I’m not fazed by these comments but I want people to know the truth …

Will Vibration Training help you lose weight? What can you really expect?


New Year – Back to Vibration Training Part 2

January 19th, 2010

Who are our Customers?

Happy People JumpingOver the Christmas weeks the Vibra-Train studio where I work remained open each day with  short hours in the morning and afternoon so customers were able to continue their training  sessions.  Many took advantage of this and have continued through into the New Year.  Others went on holiday or had time off their training to be with family.  This group included many mothers as Christmas/New Year coincides with 5-6 weeks of junior school holidays in New Zealand.  Some of these moms have returned to the studio now; some bringing their children along and I’ve found them all to be very well behaved; the children that is, the moms don’t always do as they are told!

Most of our customers who work in local businesses and come to train in their lunchhour have returned along with those who train before or after work and students who come on  their way to university.  I’ve heard many grumbles that “it’s hard” but the grumbles are usually accompanied with laughter as customers know the first few sessions back show some de-training after only two or three weeks off.

New customers this year already include just about every age group and sector of society.  I’ve noticed an increase in athletes and sports people who have chosen Vibration Training as one of their training methods.  Some new customers are not new to Vibration Training but have moved house and now live in our area.  Most are familiar with our safety program as they’ve been regular at other Vibra-Train studios or studios that follow the Vibra-Train program.

Just a few customers from other vibration studios have needed extra instruction to learn the Vibra-Train Safety Program.  These customers find their body and minds at first rejecting the new ways but they always have opportunity to ask questions, to learn why we do the positions as we do and it takes only two visits before they start seeing the benefits.  One older couple who are very fit and were experienced with vibration training are now so happy, almost ecstatic with the benefits they’re getting from a slight change to the program they’d beeen using.

All customers are being thoroughly watched over this month.  Even though training is always supervised long-term, regular customers can get slightly out of position as they strive to workout harder while their body responds by trying to cheat and make it easier to hold the positions.  Little tweaks to get back into perfect position mean better results.

It’s been a fun start to what’s going to be an amazing year.

New Year – Back to Vibration Training Part 1

January 14th, 2010

The New Year is two weeks old and it’s exercise time.  For most people the holiday season is over.  In Auckland we are basking in summer sunshine while other New Zealand cities have unseasonable rain storms.

Basic Squat on Bullet Vibra-Train MachineVibra-Train Auckland City is back to full hours, 6.30am – 10pm weekdays and 9am-6pm weekends.  There’s no excuse not to come in and train and slowly customers are coming back.  Some have, of course, continued on through the Christmas season never missing their three times weekly vibration training sessions.  Others have taken holidays from work and from training.

In Vibration Training, like all exercise, taking a break gives the body a rest but some deconditioning occurs so it’s normal to find the  first few sessions challenging and holding perfect position a little difficult.  Knowing this is normal makes it easier to accept and is a stimulus to “Just do it!”

Newcomers to the studio this week have been some who previously trained at another Vibra-Train studio, some who I recognized from the gym I used to work at, some who are new to any form of exercise, and others brought in by current customers.   It’s a fun week instructing these new people and I’m hoping there’ll be many more in the next few weeks.

As it’s a new year it’s also a time that I carefully watch over all regular customers making sure they are following the safety program correctly, never varying from the position instructions.  Customers are always watched over or fully instructed by our Trainers but those who are regular and know the program well can workout  in a seperate room on higher level machines if they prove they are able and need only minimal supervison.

Who are our customers? – See part 2