The Vibration Training Safety Program

March 28th, 2010 by Di Heap Leave a reply »

It’s essential to use the right program with your vibration machine.  In Vibra-Train studios we use the Vibra-Train Safety Program.  This program is also used in many other brands of studios worldwide.   It gives a full body workout in a very safe and effective way and it’s simple to follow with full step by step instructions.  The program is specifically designed for use with lineal (upright) vibration machines but it can be used (adapted slightly) with pivotal machines also.

If you have a home machine this is a great program to use.  Really you can’t go wrong if you make the effort to follow the step by step instructions and never take shortcuts when getting into position.

I’ve written this short post after reading a blog by a PowerPlate P.R. person who recommends some positions that I consider unsafe depending, of course, on how high force the machine is that’s being used. On PowerPlate they can get away with it as the machines are medium force but please be aware and always use a mat if any body part other then the feet is in contact with the machine platform.