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Vibration Training and Teen Athletes

July 27th, 2010

Do young athletes of 13-19 years use Vibration Training as part of their program?

As I’ve talked with my daughter and her friends I find that many young people in their late teens and early 20’s dismiss Vibration Training as a form of exercise because  they think they wont  enjoy it, BUT these are young people who don’t do any exercise other than a quick dash between classes or to the latest movie or party.  They are completely lazy about any form of exercise that requires them to make an effort.  Later, when they hit their late 20’s or early 30’s they’ll panic and search out a simple, time-sparing way to exercise and Vibration Training will be available.

But what about those who are regularly training, for fitness or sports?

Yes, there are teenage athletes who love Vibration Training.  It allows them to gain strength and stamina in a way that also lets them challenge their own ability each time they come into the Vibra-Train studio.  In my opinion it’s far safer than allowing these young people to lift heavy weights and risk injuring themselves.

It’s important that they workout with an experienced Instructor so that their form is continually checked and Perfect Position maintained throughout the time of each position of the Safety Program.

basketball player and hoopI’m currently working with a very young athlete, a 13 year old girl who loves Netball and wants to improve her arm strength and force.  To get the results she wants she’s simply doing the full Vibra-Train Safety Program, nothing more and definitely nothing less.  I’m as excited as she is about seeing the results we’ll get.  She’s a little overweight which probably doesn’t matter in an active girl of that age but I’m thinking she’ll lose a little fat as well as gaining muscle and overall strength.

In just a few months time this young lady is going to be a force to be reckoned with on the Netball courts this, New Zealand, Summer.

I don’t recommend Vibration Training for every young person as it’s an individual thing.  Many teens, especially younger ones, get all the stimulation they need from their daily lives and those who are serious athletes often workout hard with practise sessions for their chosen sports and a fitness program built around that.  There are some, however, for whom Vibration Training works very well and the young netballer In am working with is one. We are very careful to ensure she is always in Perfect Position; important  for everyone and even more so for her as she’s still growing.

Vibration Training and I’m Back

July 19th, 2010

I’ve had some time off so this website hasn’t been updated as regularly as usual.  No, I’m not losing interest or changing direction as a few people have asked; I’m even more passionate about the uses and benefits of Vibration Training.

I’ve had two small operations and a time of recovery and even though I’ve been back at work for a month I’ve been taking things easy BUT now I’m back and I’ll be providing regular updates on

The Benefits of Vibration Training Machines and how to use them for fitness and health. There’s some exciting articles coming so keep looking back.

For now here’s another video: In this one you’ll see my boss, Lloyd Shaw of Vibra-Train doing his personal workout.  It’s the same workout that Vibra-Train customers do and he’s very careful to maintain Perfect Position – This is non-negotiable at Vibra-Train.  Sometimes customers have their own way or think they know how a position should be performed but they don’t get that choice here – there are strict step-by-step instructions for each position – that way customers get the results and benefits they are working out for.

Commercial Vibration Training Machines

July 7th, 2010

If you are a gym owner wanting to buy or lease a Vibration Training Machine for your clients to use, what machine type and specifications should you be looking for?

Or perhaps you own or run a Vibration Training Studio or you’re interested in getting into this industry – You want your clients to get great results but there are so many choices of machine brands, type, price and quality, so what should you demand from the company you choose to supply your machines?

Watch this Video,

What to look for in a Commercial Vibration Training Platform”