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Why use the Vibration Training Safety Program?

August 20th, 2010

My previous post was about Customers – the Good, the Bad, and those whose who don’t really want to follow the Vibration Training Safety Program but instead think they can choose to make up their own program or copy a position  they see other people doing.

That last part is funny because when they copy another person they are very often copying a Therapy Position, given to a person who is unable to do the full program due to injury or long-term disability.  It’s funny to watch and when I question or, as more often happens, I turn the machine off, the customers gets mildly annoyed as they think they are missing out on some special position that will help them train harder and faster.

I totally applaud their dedication but Nope, No, the program alone is all that’s needed when it’s done with that same strong dedication and effort.

It’s essential to follow the program exactly for Safety and Excellent Results.

Only when a person can show that they’ve mastered the full Safety Program can they add in some extra work and even then it’s optional and not needed for many people.  Some add in an extra position, like the one they find the hardest, or the pelvic stability position followed by the stretch are popular additions.  Some, especially the guys, do extra upper body work, a pull-up position or a full body tri-ceps dip, using the Vibra-Train “Vibra”, handlebar machine.  See the videos here:

The ONLY Optional work is what’s added at the end IF the customer can show that they’ve mastered the program and can get into and remain in Perfect Position throughout. And then, the extra positions come with very strict instructions how to do them.

No one ever makes up their own positions or program at Vibra-Train.

The program, as I’ve said before, is specifically designed for Safety and Excellent Results and happy customers are proof of that.

Vibration Training Instructor – Customers

August 19th, 2010

I was going to title this post - “Difficult Customers” but really if we didn’t have customers we wouldn’t have a studio and I wouldn’t have this job that I enjoy so much.

So customers – the ones who carefully follow the program; the cheerful ones; the ones who seem to question everything; the ones who always have some new little ache or pain that they worry over; the ones I need to instruct every time even though they might be expected to know what to do by now; and yes, even the “difficult” ones – are why I am here at Vibra-Train every weekday morning.

So, who are they and why would I even suggest a customer seems “difficult”?

The customers who appear difficult are the ones who will not accept instruction and think they know better about how to do the positions than the instructor who works with these specific vibration machines every day.  I’m not talking about customers asking questions or getting the pose a little wrong but about the few customers who bring their gym based positions or what they’ve read in the latest fitness magazine and that’s how they insist they are going to do the positions.

The Vibra-Train Safety Program was specifically designed to work-out the whole body.  Everything about how the positions are done; how to get into position and how to maintain it; and even the exact order of the positions is “set in concrete” and must not be changed.  There are alternatives for cases where a person has limited movement.  Also  if a customer really excels in holding positions there are some advanced positions and higher level machines but no one (customer nor instructor) is allowed to “do it differently” just because they do a similar position elsewhere in a gym or another brand of Vibration Studio.  Instructors at Vibra-train are trained to teach the Safety Program and the few allowable alternatives, they will lose their job if customers are seen to be doing whatever they want to do instead of the program.

So, there’s no choice involved. In Vibra-Train studios and now in many other Vibration Training Studios worldwide we use the Vibra-Train Safety Program following the step-by-step instructions on every visit.  Those who argue about it are reminded that they have a huge amount of force coming up at them from the machine platform (or handlebars) and they’d be wise to do as they are told.  There’s always the Exit Door if they refuse.

For more information there’s a series of short videos on YouTube that show each position in detail with instructions and explanation by Lloyd Shaw, designer of both the Vibra-Train brand Vibration Machines and The Safety Program. Starting from The Basic Squat the series is for instructors and anyone who wants to view it.

New Customers with Questions

August 17th, 2010

Spring in New Zealand? Well not yet but the past few mornings have been a little warmer.  Auckland is known for having “four seasons in one day” and almost every day during winter we experience rain; which can be torrential or simply annoying showers.  Now, in August we are looking forward to Spring, a time of warmer temperatures, days with sunny skies, rain with gale force winds (not so exciting to look forward to) and maybe weekends away at the mountains which will hold their snow for a few more months.

We’ve had many first-timers at the Vibra-Train studio where I work. I’m wondering if people are looking forward to summer and know that now is the time to improve their fitness and strength; and look great.

Last week’s customers all had questions about Vibration Training or they had specific desires, several wanting to only work out their upper body, telling me that they did a lot of running and that was all they thought they needed for their legs.

These customers are “the best” – they haven’t just come along because they’ve seen an TV advert for Vibration Training or an article in a magazine and come to try us out for a few visits, kind of like trying the latest flavour of icecream and then off to try some other fitness facility – they’ve come because they’ve already done some research or talked to a friend who’s getting great results – these are serious, long-term, new customers and they want their questions answered.

running woman on beachThose who are regularly walking or running need to understand how different Vibration Training is; how training on high-force, lineal machines builds muscle and is considered a form of resistance training whereas running is for cardio fitness. They soon realise that despite frequent running they must follow the full Safety Program to get the results.  If they vibration train regularly two or three times a week they soon be telling me how much easier their running is becoming because they’ll have increased their overall fitness; those who sprint get faster and those who walk or run longer distances find they have more stamina and don’t tire so soon.  An advantage runners and regular walkers have over other “newbies” is that their leg muscles are strong so they manage the squat positions very well.

Vibration Training Instructors

August 10th, 2010

In my last post I reported having many new customers coming into the Vibra-Train studio where I work.  This can make my day very exciting and also challenging as I instruct these new users and put them through The Safety Program, introducing them to safe and effective Pure Vibration Training and answering any questions they have.  I like to leave them with a great impression of what training on high-force, lineal machines can do for them – increasing their fitness and toning their body, along with strength increases and maybe fat-loss and much more, depending on what the person needs. The benefits are too many to list in one sentence!

We often talk about the different machine types and brands available and the Vibra-Train difference.

I worked on Sunday, and two new customers had specific back injuries that required me to make decisions about their ability to follow the standard safety program.  I have the option of giving them fully assisted (side vibrating handlebars) squats so that their lower back, hips, knees and ankles have even more support and allowing them work through the whole program; or, if necessary, they can do only the side handlebar assisted squats, that’s if their medical condition or severity of injury suggests they will be unable to do the regular program.

I have to make the choice.  I’ve gained experience in this and I can always refer back to Lloyd Shaw, the owner of Vibra-Train if I am really unsure but he expects me to be competent in this by now.  Sometimes I wait and and then decide  from how well they handle Position 1 – The Basic Squat – getting them to use the side handlebars instead of front ones, but even before that very first first position, I’ll be thinking and deciding as they’ve filled in a questionaire and we’ll have discussed their health or injury concerns.

Confidence is the thing –  I can make the right decisions for these customers.  I can decide if they can follow a Training program or is they need to start with Vibration Therapy.  It’s really not hard to decide!  I err on the side of caution but I don’t want to send a customer away disappointed because they could have done more.

Vibra-Train Vibra MachineSo, yesterday’s customers – one had a severe lower back problem and had expected to have surgery but was declined by our national accident insurance system.  Despite her injury being the result of an accident there was an element of degenerative plus overuse issues.  She was hoping her private medical insurance would help pay for the needed surgery and told me she was currently unable to lift up and carry her 18 month old toddler.  It was quickly obvious that she was not able to work through the full program so she did a simple set of side handlebar assisted squats and will come back in few days to tell us how she felt afterwards and then we may increase what she does – She did Vibration Therapy.

The other customer with lower back and knee pain arrived later in the day.  Her injuries resulted from years of working in childcare squatting on the floor while she played with children and picking them up from the ground.  I thought she would be able to do the full Safety Program using the side handlebars for support in the squat positions.  Then as my boss walked into the studio I decided to ask his advice.  Lloyd (my boss) took over and put the customer through the program and I observed.  She did the full program – Vibration Training. I noticed she was putting her body weight onto her toes not balanced onto heels and toes.  This was what was causing her back and knee pain as it was the way she regularly squatted down when playing with young children.  Lloyd pointed this out to her and told her how much she would benefit from the Vibra-Train Safety Program; with an instructor supervising her sessions she would quickly learn to keep her heels down and take the pressure off her knees, also keeping her back neutral and relaxed.

I love it when I see Vibration Training giving such benefits that will change a young person’s life so dramatically. I’m excited to be able to watch this new customer’s progress.