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Vibration Training – Amazing Results

September 23rd, 2010

Okay, my last few posts have been a bit negative but it is really important that the people are educated about Vibration Machines – the types, the brands (including relabelling), how to use one safely and what results you can expect to get.

So, now a post full of good news – I’m seeing some amazing results in customers who come in regularly to the Vibra-Train Studio where I work and who carefully work through the Safety Program.  I’ll list some examples:

  • A very slim young woman who had never done exercise and didn’t like the idea of going to a gym decided (I have no idea who encouraged her) to enter a Body Sculpting competion.  My boss became her trainer and after just a few weeks, maybe six, she’s now looking slim with well formed, small muscles showing in her arms, legs, abdomen.  She’s entering the beauty section so she doesn’t need extra weight just the “look”.  She told me at a function last week a guy she’d know all her life came up to her and commented on how great she looked.  He asked what training she was doing to look so good.  Her competition is in a few weeks so it will be exciting for her.
  • Another young lady who was the unfortunate victim of being run over as she crossed the road (by a speeding, drunk driver).  She has plates in her legs and other parts of her body and spent three months in hospital.  She has previously been a body sculpting competetor also but now uses a stick to help her walk.  It took a while, through a friend who is a personal trainer, to convince her that we could help her with muscle activation and strengthening and with increased blood circulation to carry nutrients to areas for healing.  Also Vibration Training on the right choice of machine (with the right training or re-hab program) helps by breaking up scar tissue around wounds so giving easier movement and flexibility.
  • A guy who’s a boxing athlete has been coming in recently.  Vibra-Train is now sponsoring him so he doesn’t pay for his sessions but he has to do as he’s told, come in regularly, and work hard.  He can see the extra muscle strength he’s gained and has competitions coming up.  We’ve seen athletes move from third or forth placing to first or second when they add Vibration Training to their already heavy training schedules.
  • Now someone who’s not athletic and not training for anything at all – a young lady who’s a regular office worker came in just three weeks ago. She wanted to increase her fitness and look good by summer (it’s Springtime in New Zealand now).  In just three weeks, coming in three times a week, which is about every second day, she’s very happy with how much fitter she’s feeling. She holds the positions so well that she’s already about to add in some advanced work and has chosen to do so.
  • I’ve written before about a guy who’s a university student.  He’s studying law so probably spends long hours hunched over a computer.  His ethnicity has provided him with more muscle than most men his age and he’s very tall but he stooped and didn’t walk upright and seemed “flabby”.  It took a lot of hard work on the part of the trainer to get him to maintain perfect position on the machines and to be able to work through the Vibra-Train Safety Program with the dedication required to see results.  I wondered if he’d stop coming as he found it all so hard but  he kept coming and now he looks so good – will look great on the beach this summer. He stands up straight, has huge well formed biceps (his ethnicity adds to the size), triceps, and great looking shoulders.  His legs are strong with good looking muscle. I’ve never seen his abs but under a TShirt it appears that’s the area still to improve and it will happen.  He’s a student, as I said, and I suspect he eats junk food; fix that and he could enter any “Looking Good” competition.
  • The student’s young sister has been coming in with him most this year.  Only 13 years  but she’s an accomplished netballer and wanted to gain arm strength.  I explained to her that our program was designed to give strength and toning to her whole body and that we would do a few extra arm positions at the end IF she could work through the program competently.  She’s another that I misjudged – 13 years old and she actually wants to exercise! No one makes her come and she has to get up very early, eat breakfast as we don’t allow training unless a person has eaten some food, and then come with her brother right across towm twice a week to the Vibra-Train studio. She’s gained so much strength and I’ve also seen toning and fat-loss as she’s at the age of changing from a child into a young woman.  We’ve been able to chat about beauty, her weight, and her diet as she’s felt comfortable to ask me questions and at 7am when she comes in most times the other customers I’m responsible for are able to do the program unaided. I can still supervise them yet give her a lot of attention.  One of her questions is very important  – many 13 year olds check out fashion magazines and read about what weight they “should” be.  We’ve been able to kill and bury that lie.  She’s a beautiful girl with an ethnicity, as her brother, that means she would be dangerously ill if she ever tried to be the tiny weight that the magazine charts tell her to become.  Her diet will become very important in the next few years especially as on extended family occaisions there’s an abundance of heavy foods, lots of meats and breads, and alcohol.  She has to learn to chose wisely; meat is good but add in salad or vegetables without too much taro or sweet potato which are heavy in carbohydrates.  Her weight will never be the small amount that magazines suggest and the reason is simple – she has muscle, strong muscle in her arms, legs and abs and muscle weighs heavy.  It’s a good thing, it’s giving her all the power and strength she needs for nteball competition and later to support her bones and help prevent osteoporosis. I’ve encouraged her to always do some exercise and she knows of family members who haven’t and are still young but carry a lot of excess fat bringing with it the health problems of diabetes and heart disease. I hope what we’ve discussed and what she’s learning about health at school will keep her well informed, strong and well.

There’s so many other clients I could write about.  The successes  see on a daily basis are so exciting. More to come!

Vibration Machines – Internet Articles

September 20th, 2010

Crazy Fit Massage MachineType “Vibration Machine” or “Vibration Training” into Google and you’ll find an abundance of articles, equipment sellers, equipment manufacturers, fitness centres, specialised Vibration Training Studios and more.

You’ll find some articles with excellent information for people wanting to train in a studio or to buy a machine for home use but you’ll also read many artices that are thinly veiled, often poorly worded informational advertisements with click-throughs that take you to sites that sell cheap, home machines.

These articles are easy to spot, once you’ve read a few of them, as they promote a particular brand of machine and the same article, word-for-word, often appears on many internet sites at the same time.  Even worse, the authors sometimes go by more than one name, so you will find the same, word-for-word, article on different websites, written by Jessica Watson, Jessica Whatson, Shilipi Sharma, and Sanjana Sharma. These are all the same author writing paid articles to promote HyperVibe machines.

If a search engine, like Google, finds many articles about a brand, product or service, that brand’s website goes up in the rankings, (the ideal being to show on Page 1 of a search for that product) and so it gets even more hits and the brand is thus, promoted.  Most articles also contain “click throughs” – links to the promoted company or brand’s real website.

If you use Google again and type in the actual brand name of the machine promoted in the advertorial articles you’ll sometimes find other articles exposing the particular brand; sometimes an opinion on the marketing pratices (as in the example of multi-writers above).

Other times (not related to the paragraphs above) it’s the brand of machine advertised and promoted as the best machine available” or the “only one that does what it does, that others within the vibration training industry take “offense” at. These advertising terms are very common but when attached to low price, low quality brands, they have caused intending buyers to give up and look for other fitness products instead. We know that advertising hyperbole is the norm but I believe more care needs to be taken when advertising a health and fitness product.

I recommend people check out the website for articles that tell the truth plus a review of machine types and what they can be used for.

My website also exists to educate and, like this article, expose scams and frauds that are, in my opinion, harmful to consumers.

There’s just one problem -

some people seem destined to be “ripped-off”.  They read the articles exposing lowQuestion Mark quality machines, go to the machine review page (I presume as it’s often listed in articles plus it appears in bold on the Vibration-Training-advice website), yet they ask non-sensical questions.  Those of us writing the help articles get emails or questions on forums asking the price or where to buy a low quality machine we’ve just given a bad review to or written an explanatory article about.  You have to wonder if people really do read the articles or if they presume every brand you write about must be the machine that will give the results they’re looking for.

After two articles exposing the Gymform VibroMax scam and telling readers the real uses of that machine I got the question, “how much do you sell the VibroMax for?”

Let’s make it simple – at this point in time, I do not sell Vibration Machines and If I ever did sell the Gymform VibroMax I’d sell it for a true price (not the exaggerated prices I’ve seen on the TV Infomercials that use models and trainers to promote the machine) and I’d sell it for it’s true use, which in my opinion, definitely isn’t fitness training.

Gymform Vibromax – Scam

September 1st, 2010

Gymform Vibromax Pivotal Vibration MachineThe Gymform Vibromax Vibration Machine. A quick search shows people are asking questions like, “does it work?”, “will I lose weight if I use the Gymform Vibromax?”, “will I get muscle from the Gymform Vibromax?”

The title of this blog post gives my answer – the advertorials for this vibration machine are, in my opinion, a scam. There are so many inacuracies and downright lies in the text and on the websites that offer this machine for sale.

Things like –

  • The Gymform Vibromax is the ONLY massager which tones up muscles, firms up your figure and massages the whole body
  • 10 minutes a day on our new Gymform Vibromax correspond to:  2 hours of tennis or an hour of swimming
  • it promotes Strength and Power Conditioning, Fat Burning, Advanced Aerobic and Anaerobic Training

The machine works with a see-saw/pivotal action – when you stand on the machine one foot goes up while the other goes down; up/down, up/down. Watching a person on this type of machine you can see their body shake and it looks quite funny or even quite attractive if the model on the machine has a good figure or a well build muscular body BUT don’t mistake this shakey wobble for true muscle contraction – it isn’t!

The advertisers claim that the machine platform frequency is 30Hz – that’s 30 movements a second – It’s been independently tested and found to run at 9Hz which is a huge difference.  The advertorial that showed on Television New Zealand’s Good Morning Show in May and June 2010 showed an Auckland personal trainer on the machine and it was clearly running at about 9Hz. It was so slow that you could count the Up/Down movement.

And then there’s the Price – well someone has to pay for the TV adverts and that someone is, of course, the buyer. Television is an expensive yet effective method of advertising a product – it’s on TV so it must be good, right? Wrong!  There’s nothing about expensive advertising that guarantees a product will be good for you. And, the price is around three times that of the same machine bought elsewhere.

Then there’s the Shame. The consumer buys a product, uses it just like the advert tells them to and they don’t get the results promised. They don’t get amazing, firm, toned muscles, they don’t lose lots of fat, and they certainly don’t feel like they’ve been playing tennis for two hours, in fact there’s no fatigue at all.

What then? They quite often blame themselves, thinking they are doing something wrong – the Personal Trainer on the infomercial looks great and she/he said they use that machine to look the way they do, to get their firm and toned  “beach body”. The poor consumer then blames their parents for giving them non-responsive  genes or they rue their lack of willpower.

It’s the machine that’s at fault, not the consumer – although I have little sympathy for the person who buys a product without checking it out first. Google is like a lifesaver on a calm beach, pointing out the rips –

And to help you – check this out: for Vibration Machine reviews and many articles about Vibration Machines to help you choose the right one for your needs and to get the results you want.

So, is the Gymform Vibromax good for anything? I’m tempted to say it makes a very good Clothes Hanger like many others of the ‘As seen on TV” fitness products but Yes, it does have an excellent use – it’s a low speed, pivotal, Vibration Massage and Therapy machine. It gently improves circulation and helps a little with mobility. It can also enhance mood and help with relaxation. These benefits are great for the very unfit, the very obese, or older person who will gain from them but for most of us – there’s simply no way that standing upright on this machine for twenty minutes while watching television is going to give  the body that the person in the Advert has. For those results you need a High Energy, lineal machine, an excellent Safety Program, and you need to be prepared to work hard!