Gymform Vibromax – Scam

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Gymform Vibromax Pivotal Vibration MachineThe Gymform Vibromax Vibration Machine. A quick search shows people are asking questions like, “does it work?”, “will I lose weight if I use the Gymform Vibromax?”, “will I get muscle from the Gymform Vibromax?”

The title of this blog post gives my answer – the advertorials for this vibration machine are, in my opinion, a scam. There are so many inacuracies and downright lies in the text and on the websites that offer this machine for sale.

Things like –

  • The Gymform Vibromax is the ONLY massager which tones up muscles, firms up your figure and massages the whole body
  • 10 minutes a day on our new Gymform Vibromax correspond to:  2 hours of tennis or an hour of swimming
  • it promotes Strength and Power Conditioning, Fat Burning, Advanced Aerobic and Anaerobic Training

The machine works with a see-saw/pivotal action – when you stand on the machine one foot goes up while the other goes down; up/down, up/down. Watching a person on this type of machine you can see their body shake and it looks quite funny or even quite attractive if the model on the machine has a good figure or a well build muscular body BUT don’t mistake this shakey wobble for true muscle contraction – it isn’t!

The advertisers claim that the machine platform frequency is 30Hz – that’s 30 movements a second – It’s been independently tested and found to run at 9Hz which is a huge difference.  The advertorial that showed on Television New Zealand’s Good Morning Show in May and June 2010 showed an Auckland personal trainer on the machine and it was clearly running at about 9Hz. It was so slow that you could count the Up/Down movement.

And then there’s the Price – well someone has to pay for the TV adverts and that someone is, of course, the buyer. Television is an expensive yet effective method of advertising a product – it’s on TV so it must be good, right? Wrong!  There’s nothing about expensive advertising that guarantees a product will be good for you. And, the price is around three times that of the same machine bought elsewhere.

Then there’s the Shame. The consumer buys a product, uses it just like the advert tells them to and they don’t get the results promised. They don’t get amazing, firm, toned muscles, they don’t lose lots of fat, and they certainly don’t feel like they’ve been playing tennis for two hours, in fact there’s no fatigue at all.

What then? They quite often blame themselves, thinking they are doing something wrong – the Personal Trainer on the infomercial looks great and she/he said they use that machine to look the way they do, to get their firm and toned  “beach body”. The poor consumer then blames their parents for giving them non-responsive  genes or they rue their lack of willpower.

It’s the machine that’s at fault, not the consumer – although I have little sympathy for the person who buys a product without checking it out first. Google is like a lifesaver on a calm beach, pointing out the rips –

And to help you – check this out: for Vibration Machine reviews and many articles about Vibration Machines to help you choose the right one for your needs and to get the results you want.

So, is the Gymform Vibromax good for anything? I’m tempted to say it makes a very good Clothes Hanger like many others of the ‘As seen on TV” fitness products but Yes, it does have an excellent use – it’s a low speed, pivotal, Vibration Massage and Therapy machine. It gently improves circulation and helps a little with mobility. It can also enhance mood and help with relaxation. These benefits are great for the very unfit, the very obese, or older person who will gain from them but for most of us – there’s simply no way that standing upright on this machine for twenty minutes while watching television is going to give  the body that the person in the Advert has. For those results you need a High Energy, lineal machine, an excellent Safety Program, and you need to be prepared to work hard!



  1. Mark Hemms says:

    Excellent advice – thanks a lot

  2. Barry says:

    I recently tried a pivotal vibration machine (“nitrofit”) set to 10 Hz. Previous to this trial I had a kink in my hip that months of yoga and stretching was not getting rid of. The kink disappeared after a 10 minute session on the machine, and after 24 hours, has not come back.

  3. Di Heap says:

    Glad to hear that, Barry. Make sure you go back and do some regular sessions. Both types of machines (pivotal like Nitrofit, and Lineal/upright) work well for sorting out hip problems like you had. Sciatic and piriformis nerve irritations also are often relieved by regular use of the machines using a safety program. Even the VibroMax that I’ve written about in the above article can help with these sorts of problems.

  4. Di Heap says:

    where can I find the electrical diagram of Vibromax? You need to contact the supplier of the machine for help.

  5. Anonymous says:

    First of all i want to make it clear that i am not the representative of any company and am not paid for destructing or promoting any product like this article does. I am a consumer and was searching about the vibra Max and already have same searched info about similar products and below is my neutral and true conclusion of this article:

    If you read this article with analytic mind you will get to know This is an article straightforwardly against that product and promoting the other product linked in last of this article.

    So, for a neutral result and opinion you must seek someone who have used such products.

    If you do not know anyone then you can safely try any product like this: considering these products normally came with home delivery and payment upon delivery. Order one, pay them use it for days and see if you get positive results if not, then see what other products they offer order some other when they ask for payment hand them the product not working and threat to sue ;)

    i hope my point is clear!

    Believe only on the source which is not promoting other product but telling you neutral findings.

  6. Di Heap says:

    After 5 years of researching and working with Vibration Machines; if you do not want to take my advice, that’s your choice. If you are truely a consumer wanting to buy a machine you would heed my warning and ask lots of questions of the sales person trying to sell you the VibroMax. It isn’t always so easy to send equipment back; better to know what you are buying before you sign a contract to buy it.

    I do NOT sell vibration machines. There is no link to machines for sale – you are very wrong on this. I work in the world’s first dedicated Vibration Training studio where we have very high energy machines, completely different to the VibroMax (you can’t buy one, ever). Also this website is read by people all around the world, I could not possibly be selling anything to all the people who read this.

  7. Miah0517 says:

    This is a very good review.. But my problem is i dont know what to look for here on the Philippines.. Only machine sold here is the vibromax.. If someone could direct me where to look i’d be a happy person.. Cheers!!

  8. Mohammed Makki says:

    where I can get your product Gymform Vibromax,
    In Dubai, U.A.E.

  9. Di Heap says:

    We do not sell the Gymform Vibromax and do not support it.

  10. Di Heap says:

    I’m sorry I do not known what good quality machine is available in the Philippines but check out this info page to see the different machine types. A medium energy lineal or a premium speed pivotal is what you need for serious exercise but a machine from another category might be more suitable – it depends on what you want the machine for – training OR therapy/gentle stimulation.

  11. Ron Osborn says:

    can vibration cause Posterior vitreous detachment of the eyes. Thanks

    Vibration (in any form) ? or Vibration Training on purpose built vibration machines that conform to ISO regulations ? Maybe you’ve been reading old advertising that said – if you you use any brand of machine other than our X brand, your eyes will pop out. And other adverts that said a study was done that made monkeys eyes damaged (or worse). Just so you know – the adverts were deliberately just that – adverts, designed to push one brand of machine (at least two different companies used this tactic) and scare people off other brands. Vibration Training is Safe – it’s been in use over 100 years in various forms. There’s no such thing as a truely bad machine – they need to be used appropriately, with a Safety Program such as this (Click here). Uncontrolled vibration – a jack hammer, long distance lorry driving and similar – has some health hazards.

  12. Di Heap says:

    I am not an agent for the Gymform VibroMax. If it’s broken contact the shop you bought it

  13. Di Heap says:

    Used correctly Vibration Training is very safe. It is controlled – both the machines and the safety program. There has been scaremongering by marketers desperate to sell their type of machines; they tell of an old study where monkeys received eye and even brain injury BUT to cause this (very sad) situatiion the monkeys were strapped to lineal vibration platforms and vibrated until they were injured or died, up to 30 hours constant. The marketers use this study to promote their pivotal/see-saw motion Machines over Lineal ones used in gyms and specialised studios. Note: Studies today do not allow such cruelty to animals! Please do some homework – check out the difference between uncontrolled vibration for long periods of time (eg, lorry driving, pneumatic drill use for 8hour shift) and controlled whole body vibration – used for physical therapy and fitness training.

  14. Jinty says:

    I heard that vibration plates are good for increasing bone density in osteoporosis and was interested when I received the offer for Vibromax plus – while researching the product as I understand the vibration has to be at a particular level, I came across your article and wondered if you would be able to advise?

    Many thanks

  15. Di Heap says:

    You haven’t given me a lot of information – from your web address I’m guessing you are in U.K. Your age, weight and level of fitness play a part in recommending a machine for you BUT you can get bone density results from using any machine regularly. It takes maybe 6 months to measure any change and it does depend on what you can do. On a VibroMax you can safely just stand and “wobble” but make sure the settings are low to keep strain off your lower back and pelvis. Note: the VibroMax Plus is a tiny machine, it wont give you fitness. I recommend you see a Physiotherapist or Osteopath who uses Vibration Machines to give you a proper program and recommend a better machine. If you’d like more help contact me (I do not sell machines but I can recommend Studios to try a machine or help with recommendation of home machine if I have more info and where you are located – there’s no charge. I work with these machines daily and am happy to help)

  16. Ali says:

    Hi, Is this machine similar to the flabellos virbration machine please?

    As I have used that and found it very good, but wouoldnt want to buy this one if it isnt the same thing.

    Many thanks,


  17. Maria says:

    I own vibration plates and have nothing but praise for them.
    Obviously for tv they would need to slow the plates down so that people can see the movement that the machine produces.if its too fast it’ll look like someone standing there shaking and smiling like an idiot.
    ive been suffering from ovarian cysts for years, and since using the machine all my pain is gone (and Ive had cysts since I was 18 and am now 26)
    There’s always going to be someone saying negatives,and thats fine,it’s their opinion,but I think that if your going to write about something then you need to realize that not everybody is the same.itll work for some and not for others,so to call it a scam when it isn’t,is a bit unfair.

  18. Di Heap says:

    Maria, you say you own vibration machines – more than one? Are you a marketer or seller?

    Did you actually read the article? Read it again please, I’ve explained that the advertorial for the Gymform Vibromax is, in my opinion, a scam. The machine does not perform to the advertised specs (it doesn’t check out technically to what they are saying). It doesn’t, on its own, make people look like the actors that are in the advertorial. In fact I know one of them personally – a figure athlete and personal trainer. She does many hours of regular exercise daily and uses high energy vibration machines, not the low speed Vibromax. (She stood in on the advert to help out a friend).

    Yes, they have some benefits – yes, you might get pain relief, increased circulation, even stronger bones. You wont get firm, toned muscles and look amazing if you start off flabby – sorry if you’ve been sold that idea (the salesperson lied to you), it’s not going to happen. Check out this link for more info: No such thing as a bad machine

  19. Di Heap says:

    Maria, To your other question – do I think all Vibration Machines are not “up to scratch”?

    I am a specialist Vibration Training Instructor. I’m a registered Fitness Trainer then I specialised. My own training was by Lloyd Shaw who set up the world’s first commercial studio.

    Every day I train people, Olympic Athletes, regular people who are fit, moms and older people who are overweight and/or unfit, people with disabilities and life threatening conditions like muscular dystrophy, morbid obesity.

    All these people train on High Energy Lineal Vibration Machines. Some also use High Speed (high quality) Pivotal Machines . Those who are completely unable to train (they have medical or disability conditions that currently prevent them holding the training positions), they do therapy sessions – designed to relieve pain and increase blood circulation, among other benefits. I even have clients who come in in wheelchairs and are able to have a therapy session by placing their feet onto the machines.

    You need to take a another look at my website. It is provided, free of charge, to educate the public about Vibration Machines and Vibration Training, and also Vibration Therapy. Contact me if you have any more questions or concerns. My email is in the WELCOME tab at the top of the page

  20. Di Heap says:

    Ali asks: Is the VibroMax simlar to the fabellos vibration machine.
    It is similar in the type of vibration motion – pivotal/see-saw motion. The oto flabellos is a medium speed pivotal and gives some good results when used correctly. It really depends what results you are looking for and what your starting point is.

  21. Lloyd Shaw says:

    I cant believe some of the uneducated remarks having a go at a straight forward and honest article (. Must be marketers as no-one else on earth is that lazy or dishonest ).

    The GymForm Vibro Max can not do 30hz as advertised. Mainly because of its design that is an impossible Fq for it to reach.

    “but they ran it slow for TV” ?? What are you talking about. The machine is not designed to go to 30hz. It has nothing to do with the TV advert. It is an engineering fact, not someones opinion . It is a Low Speed Pivotal unit. No amount of pathetic made reasons will change that.

    Here is a letter from one of the instructors on the advert..

    The only question is. Why would you buy off a company that lies to you ? And if they are not purposely lying, then they are thick as pigshit and you still would not buy anything off them.

    Especially something health related.

    Note: Plenty of other companies have fessed up to fake specs, put up the real ones and are still in business. I know because I have helped them clean up their act.

    But these clowns are still at it and wonder why they get hassled ?

    You can buy the same speced and similar quality machine online for $300. So why would anyone in their right mind fork out 2K ?

    Unless they don’t know the truth that is.

  22. Wendy Rout says:

    Hi there
    I live in NZ and am wanting to sell my mums GymPro Vibro Max on trade me but sadly she has lost the main plug lead into the machine and wall.
    Can anyone tell me where I can get one please. My email is
    Thanks Wendy

  23. Di Heap says:

    These machines will take a regular plug like the one used on your electric jug. Check out an electrical supplier. Try to get one with a long cord so you don’t need to use an extention.