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Vibration Training – Fitness Training – Back at it!

October 22nd, 2010

My posts have been infrequent for a few months as I’ve had some health ups and downs.  A small operation in late May went wrong and I received what is now politely called a “Treatment Injury”.  Basically it means someone stuffed up!  This resulted in a more extensive surgery early June, a long period of recovery and a lot of pain. I’m left with some internal injuries still and expect to have more surgery again quite soon to complete my treatment.

What has this meant for me?  Have I been able to vibra train? What about my fitness?  What about my weight, has it zoomed upward?

After any big operation there’s  a recovery time during which exercise is generally limited to short walks and no lifting or stretching.  I had no choice with that but after a few weeks I was eager to regain my strength so I visited my workplace and was allowed to sit on a chair in front of the Vibration Machine with my feet resting just on the edge of a rubber mat on the platform, my legs bent at about 110 degree angle at the knees.  The machine was turned on for three minutes.

This position requires zero effort and gently increases blood circulation so you feel quite awake.  It can even stimulate some small amount of muscle contraction in the legs and buttocks.  Obviously that’s all good for healing but a lot of care is needed even with this minimal effort position and one person will respond differently to another. It’s unusual but I found It gave me a discomfort in the pelvic region where I’d had surgery and I had to wait a few more weeks.

By then I was wanting to get back onto the machines and do some real training – Again I had to be guided by my healing progress.  Using 3 layers of rubber mat on the machine platform I was able to do the special “ski the slopes” position.  It was great for me as by using the side vibrating handlebars (only on Vibra-Train brand machines) I was able to get an upper body workout while gently working out my lower body; cutting the amount of vibration by using the mats on the platform and by using arm pressure, pushing down on the handlebars with my hands, to take pressure off my legs and pelvic area.

I continued doing only the “ski the slopes” position for 60 seconds, firstly just once, then three times, then up to six times using the lowest force machine in the Vibra-Train studio. Three times a week, just like regular training, I continued this regime for a month and then added in a few other poses.  I lessened the mats under my feet from three down to two and over the next weeks progressed to the full Safety Program.

The process seeBasic Squat on Bullet Vibra-Train Machinemed slow and as I’m a Vibration Training Instructor I wanted to get back onto the machines very quickly BUT my healing and safety comes first.

It’s taken over three months to get back to strength and full healing and now I am fit it’s a bit sad that I have to face the process all over again but “cest la vie”.

I feel very fortunate to be working with the world’s best Vibration Training Machines here at Vibra-Train, Auckland City.