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Personal Trainer Infomercial Star Tells it Like it Is

November 10th, 2010

I’ve written before about Teneka Hyndman.  She’s a multi-award winner at BodyBuilding shows in New Zealand and is currently in U.S.A. from where she’s just told us she won first place in the “Open Physique” class at the 2010 INBA Natural Universe competition.  She’s soon off to Reno to take part in the “Natural Olympia”.

Teneka uses the high-energy lineral vibration machines at Vibra-Train as part of her extensive training program so it was very disappointing to see her endorse a low speed pivotal vibration platform, the Gymform VibroMax and take part in an infomercial just to earn a few dollars.  The informercial is still current on New Zealand television and I cringe when I see it. I get phone calls at work and private emails asking me where to buy this machine and I want to simply say, “don’t!” but to be fair it does have some valid uses – it gently increases circulation and tickles the body; that’s about it!  It doesn’t make users build muscle, gain amazing fitness and look like the models that are shown on the machines.  All television advertorial exageration aside the presentation in this infomercial is very sad as it targets the very people who need help to gain fitness and often to lose large amounts of fat (weight-loss) but the only thing that’s going to get slimmer is their wallet. The same, identical machine, with a different brand name stamp on it, can be bought on auction sites and in clearance stores for less than 25% of the TV price.

When she did the advertorial, initially as a stand in for another fitness model who couldn’t make it that day, Teneka realised right away that the machine she was being filmed on and endorsing, as per the script, was totally different to the Vibra-Train ones she trains on three times a week.  She tried at first to justify to herself and to others that maybe, just maybe, all vibration machines did the same job but she knew from the feel of the machine that this wasn’t true.

Now she’s come out and tells it like it really is:

Check it out here: http: Infomercial-fitness-instructor-spills-the-beans

Vibra-Train and Lloyd Shaw – Leading the world in Vibration Training

November 8th, 2010

It was a busy Monday morning at Vibra-Train, Auckland City, with lots of customers coming into the studio for their training sessions.  Many regular customers can put themselves through the Safety Program and we also have lots of new people; who need help to get into and maintain the positions on the machines and newcomers who are just starting out.  All customers are fully supervised by the instructors at Vibra-Train, of which I am one.

A few things happened today that made me once again appreciate my role in this industry; the part I have to play. This website is just a small part of this, being a way to educate about Vibration Training; the various machines available and the brands, and to encourage people to “give it a go”.  I’ve also written in more depth for other websites and publications.  On a daily basis my job involves actively training people, from top athletes, “film stars”, workers, sports teams, moms, and well, every type of person including an elderly priest and a 13 year old netball player who just loves her sessions so much.  I also work with people who do Vibration Therapy.  Then there’s all sorts of other tasks involved in managing my shift.  I’m always busy but I still find time to check on social media sites, twitter and facebook, and New Zealand’s, TradeMe auction site to keep up with “what’s happening”.

I love what I do and there’s a real satisfaction in seeing the results people get. The past five or six years have been a huge learning curve for me, moving from being a full time mom selling a few collectible soft toys and being involved in my home community events to returning to study (not that I ever really stopped, always loved learning), training as a fitness instructor; finding Vibration Training early in this and meeting Lloyd Shaw of Vibra-Train, who encouraged me and taught me about life (by challenging almost every belief I held), helped me in my studies, growled at me often (quite often!), and took a chance on me by training me as a Vibra-Train Instructor.

What was the greatest thing I learnt over this time? It was simply confirming what I already new – that some people are leaders who have a purpose in their hearts and they will change the world for good. Some others are followers which is good if they are following a true leader. Then there are the competitors, those who challenge for leadership but continually fall short and really are challenging other competitors. These people are often marketers promoting their product and trying to make as much money as they can often with little regard to the truth or otherwise of their marketing claims.

Leadership is about passion – this was the thing that I saw in Lloyd Shaw on my first Vibra-Train visit.  He wasn’t in business to simply market a product, to make a lot of money; his passion was to cure obesity and he told just about every person who walked in the door.  Many just smiled, others wanted to know more and believed that the seeming impossible could become reality and today for many Vibra-Train customers and others worldwide who have been helped by Vibration Training, it has!

There’s been a lot of work to get to where we are today and the future is very exciting. True Vibration Training has surpassed the field of exercise, like what gyms deliver.  It definitely is exercise but it’s also a health product, as well as enhancing muscle strength and fitness in healthy people it’s a lifesaver for many who cannot do regular training.

Vibra-Train and Lloyd Shaw – Leading the world in Vibration Training

Another leader, another man of passion to change the world, recently wrote in his blog,

“The main goal of the competitors is to win the market and and win the other competitors, leaders instead they have a purpose, they live to make this world a better one.”
– Gianpaolo Grazioli

Fitness Programs for Kids – Running, Vibration Training

November 3rd, 2010

Last Sunday was Auckland Marathon Race day in Auckland, New Zealand.  My husband ran the 1/2 marathon event and placed very well, 7th in his age group, and overall coming in just about 200th of 7000 entrants. Congratulations to him!

A new event this year was a Kids Marathon. It was set up as an 8, 10, or 12 week training program in schools for 7-13 year olds culminating in the 2.195km Kids Marathon race at the Auckland Marathon event. Each child finisher received a medal and a downloadable certificate. Every finisher was a winner.

running 5km raceThe kids event was set up to help kids develop life-long fitness skills and and it will help prevent obesity as they grow.  We’ve all seen the figures – childhood obesity has reached epidemic proportions in developed countries and figures show that 70% of obese adolescents become obese adults.  Anything that can be done to halt those frightening statistics gets my vote.

What about the kids who are already quite overweight or already obese?  To say they are unlikey to enjoy a running program is understating the reality!

Some will, of course, do okay. They’ll plod along, literally, and if their diet has some controls they might even lose some fat and gain some fitness and, over a period of time, come to enjoy the running program.  Okay, I can almost hear some people laughing because most overweight and certainly all obese kids are not going to take to running – many will hate it!  We’ve all found ways to skip school on days there’s a class or event we really dislike so I’m imagining this happening on “running class” days for some kids.

Maybe kids running training classes will be optional but being presented as a life changing program I’m doubting that and pretty sure it will be inflicted on all kids regardless of shape, size, and the ability to even run from one lamppost to the next.

It’s good for them, it will help them, they need to do it – Really?  isn’t there another way?

I”m really against instilling into young minds that any particular form of exercise is the only way to achieve results . Running isn’t suitable for everyone and can even induce injuries in unfit, overweight people. Diet and metabolism play a part in how much muscle and fat a person has and must be a part of any real fitness program.

There definitely is an alternative form of exercise for overweight kids – it’s called  Vibration Training.

Cardio exercise like running isn’t the only way to build fitness and help with fat-loss.  Vibration Platforms are being used under the guidance of Dr Robbie Parker at the Children’s Hospital at Westmead, N.S.W., Australia for children and adolsecents who are overweight or obese and have insulin resistance or type 2 diabetes.

I believe we will see an increase in the use of Vibration Training for overweight children. It’s fun and very effective.  There’s no denying that it’s hard work but the kids like that and I’d put the parents on the machines to show them how hard it is – and anyway, they should be training alongside their kids. I don’t know of any schools with Vibration Machines; they’d need to be high quality, commercial machines that cost lots of money so for now overweight kids get forced to run, like it or not. I hope they wont be needing knee surgery from all that pounding with their heavy weight.

Overweight and obese adolescents and children are welcome to come into Vibra-Train studios. They do have to be able to hold a perfect pose, like a squat, on the machine and have to follow instructions exactly.  And we’ll look after your knees.  Who knows; you might become so strong you will want to join the running program next year.