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Vibration Training – Success Stories

December 31st, 2011

Well it’s New Year’s Eve and I’m sitting at work writing this blog.  That’s not too sad as it’s only 6pm, plenty of time left to celebrate after I finish work at 7pm.

My regular readers will have wondered why I’ve become so lax at getting up articles onto this site – have I lost interest? Absolutely Not!  Have I been on holiday or unwell?  No, no long holiday and I’m fine; in fact I’ve been so busy training people I simply haven’t had the time available to write up articles.

Someone said, “be careful what you wish for!” – it’s true; Vibra-Train used a promotions company to run a 48 hour deal (similar to GrabOne and Groupon) and the response has been huge. We have been so very busy with newbies and then with repeat sales as we did an in-studio special a month later when the promo cards expired. The concession cards give customers 11 sessions over a 3- 4 week period. We explain to people how important it is for their results that they come in at least twice a week, preferably three times (with a clear day between for recovery and growth) and so we’ve had hundreds of new customers, over and over, in a very short space of time.  Of course we have all our regular people as well and the studio has been positively “buzzing”.  The Vibra-Train studio model has been proven once again to be fast and effective for customers and simple and efficient for managers and instructors with just one instructor on the floor most of the time and two over the busy lunch and evening zones, managing around 11 or 12 people, all at different positions of the IVTRB Safety Program.

Customers range from carded athletes through to people with quite severe disabilities and health issues. Some know the program fully and are able to get on with it with barely a glace from an instructor, while others (both new people and some regulars) need constant supervision. All are getting amazing results and they are so common place I can barely list the individual results. All get very much stronger and I hear so many comments about how well people are feeling. Regular exercise does that but for many people it’s just a little more than that.

One young lady (early 20’s) was so unused to exercise that she moaned and groaned about how hard the program was, on every visit. I could see she really was struggling and not just a complainer but I still wondered how someone so well presented in every other way could be so unfit. I’ve encouraged her and watched her slowly grow stronger. She’s not a quitter even though somedays she says, she has no idea why she ever bought the promotion card in the first place as she hates exercise. We are winning! She’s feeling great and she’s getting just a little excited about continuing on and getting even further results.

Another lady (late 30’s)  has a condition where any exertion sends her into a spiral of severe fatigue and exhaustion, frequently resulting in viral conditions like colds and “flu. She has been unable to exercise at all and so had become quite stiff in her joints and had some aches. She does not have depression in any way but of course she does worry about how any new form of exercise is gloing to affect her. We took it all very slowly and her body has responded really well so that she now does the full, standard program and she’s been able to go for walks and do other outdoor activites that she’d avoided in the past few years and she’s had no severe fatigue or other problems.

A number of ladies come together at lunchtime. They work at a business near the studio. Training them has been so much fun as they push each other to hold the positions correctly and they’ve all seen super results in strength and also in toning their bodies, helping them achieve their best.

I love training guys. I push them very hard and they respond with extreme determination. This year I’ve trained guys with muscular dystrophy, morbid obesity, parkinsons disease and each has gained strength and even life ssaving benefits.  I’ve also trained lots of young athletes, our sponsored high jumper and all his mates. They present quite a challenge as they just want to go “hard” with little regard for holding the positions correctly. The Vibra-Train machines are way too hard-core to allow these young guys to mess around so I’m constantly correcting and growling even, sometimes turning the machines off midway through a position if they will not adjust or have moved too far from the correct pose – to these guys when I ask them to stand with feet perfectly, train track straight and go down into a deep, flat footed squat, well; they start out okay but as it gets to be hard work, holding the squat for 60 or 120 seconds, they move out of position and find easier ways to complete the time.  They learnt very quickly that I had “eyes in the back of my head” and would pounce very quickly even if I was busy with other customers.

I’m missing one of my favourite guy customers.  He came in for around four or five months early in the year and with some pushing from me he worked hard and achieved huge results.  He lost his rather large, fat stomach and he gained strong muscle strength in arms and legs.  His job kept him away on some days and his wife would tell me that he wanted to come and train and was jealous of her.  He made it priority twice a week and she came three times. This man had to work very hard to get his results. He already had some muscle strength and was a big guy so he would feel quite a lot of “hard work” pain when he trained. He struggled to get through the program most times but then as he saw results he gave it all he had… Now, he’s too busy – yes too busy. Well that’s his excuse for now. His wife still trains regularly and I’m expecting to see him back in the studio early in 2012 after overeating his way through Christmas and New Year and holiday picnics and barbeque’s through summer… watch this space, he’ll be back and he knows I’ll be here just a little more demanding than before.

Vibration Training is for all your Life – its a training method that needs to be continued, not treated at a get fit quick scheme (more about this in a further article).

I wish all the readers of this blog and all my Vibra-Train customers, A Very Happy New Year – Keep on Training Hard.  To those on holiday enjoy your summer break and in New Zealand I hope the rain soon clears and we see some sunshine.  I’m looking forward to 2012 with a lot of excitement.