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Vibration Training builds Muscle Strength in Arms and Chest

March 25th, 2012

Quote from a customer – “after all the years I forced myself to use free weights and saw no change in my body; who would have thought it would be this easy to gain muscle strength and look better”

Okay – the quote as it stands is what he said – but it’s a bit misleading.  It was my husband, Greg, and readers of this forum will know that’s he’s been using Vibra-Train (brand) machines for about 5 years.  He is also a long distance runner.  There’s an article about him here

So, what’s changed that caused him to say what he did?

The facts: Firstly Greg had an accident a year ago and he can’t run, at all!  His knees are still a problem.
And some truths – he didn’t do free weights regularly. He weight trained in bursts, a month or two, then nothing for three months until he’d think his core strength wasn’t as good as it could be then he’d use weights and Swiss ball again for another month.  Add in that his weight training form was never good as he has a severe scoliosis (running is usually not recommended with his back problems but he had been checked and his running style seen by a sports doctor).

Greg replaced his weight training with Vibra-Train sessions, in the same manner he did weights – he never came in regularly.  He blamed shift work and busy life but really he just preferred to run – Runners Run, they don’t like other training.  He got really good results though, real strength and endurance that he was able to use in running but he had a runners body, slim, gaunt, with low muscle quality.

Now that he can’t run Greg’s been more regular with Vibra-Train sessions. He came very regularly (3 times a week) for 3 or 4 months and to his (and my) amazement you could see visible change in muscle shape in his arms and chest.  He’s never had any noticeable muscle tone, very slim arms, so it was very obvious.  Then he did a time of long work shifts and didn’t come in to the studio very often.  He noticed a lack in energy levels and his muscle tone and the rounded look almost disappeared, it only took a month to revert to almost his pre-trained shape.

He’s been a regular again at the Vibra-Train studio for the past two months. He’s had lots of instructor guidance as his form was very bad. He thought he was holding the positions well but he wasn’t.  That’s why Vibra-Train is always supervised training.  We make sure customers do it right – there’s no making up your own positions or being nearly right – it’s perfect position every time!

Last Friday, Greg made the comment I’ve quoted above.  His body is responding so well to Vibra-Training and without the endurance training he used to do that depleted muscle, he can now, already, see visual results.  His arms and chest are developing form. To balance his training and gain cardio benefits he is able to do some walking.

Greg’s results are not necessarily typical although they happen quite a lot. What I’m seeing in the studio is that a person’s body responds in the way it needs to.  Everyone gets results, some get what they hope for faster than others. Other exercise that’s done can change the results and diet can help or hinder.

Vibration Training Studio Or The Gym – which one should I choose?

March 8th, 2012

This is a question that comes up often – Which is best?  Which one is cheaper?  Which one will make me get stronger fastest?  Lose weight fastest?

It’s such a huge question with so many variables, it really is one I try to avoid, but it was put to me by a relative recently so here’s the answer I gave her.

It Depends!        Only you can choose!

strength on Vibra-Train Vibra Machine

So then, which one is best?         The gym must be best, right?   Best at what?, I replied.

The young lady who asked me said she had joined a small, inexpensive gym.  There wasn’t much equipment and you were left to “just get on with it” so she liked going there.  Besides at $10 a week (an extremely low price) it was cheaper than the local vibration training studio that was charging $30 a week for supervised sessions.

This immediately brought up further questions – Supervised sessions versus just doing what you choose to do? Vibration Training at specialised studios in New Zealand includes fully supervised instruction. This can range from one-on-one, through to group classes, or one instructor supervising a room full of people with each at different positions of a regulated safety program.  Each of these scenarios works very well.

So, what about the cost of supervised or personal training in the gym? This can be very expensive – $60-90 per hour for one-on-one training.  Group class prices at the gym range from “free” which means they are included in the weekly rate (expensive rates), train with a friend for a reduced price, or you can pay for a series of group classes often with a specific theme and often an exorbitant price.

What about best results?  Which one – Vibration Training Studio or the Gym – gives you the best results?

man at gymThat’s an impossible question so there’s no right answer.  Results? It depends specifically what results you want and the answer can even be – either.

Remember that high energy vibration training is a form of resistance training, it builds muscle strength and overall fitness (makes you look and feel great), it doesn’t really work the heart so it’s good to go for a swim, or go for walks, or use an exercycle to have a fully balanced fitness program.  A lot of people don’t do any specific cardio training though; their daily lives are busy enough and filled with short bursts of movement/cardio workout.  Some vibration studios have treadmills and bikes available for customers to use after their vibration training session.

The gym usually provides both types of workouts – cardio and strength/resistance training – well, that is, if you use the equipment correctly; many people just use the treadmill and the exercycles and maybe the pool, they never use any of the free weights or resistance/weight machines so their fitness program is very unbalanced and their results lack because of this.  When I worked in a gym many members came in, only to use the treadmill. They left buzzing and happy yet they never looked good and were very lacking in any muscle strength.

Back to my question – Vibration Training OR The Gym?

It’s an individual choice, there’s no “one size fits all”.  A few other points to consider before making your choice are

How much time do you have available for your fitness sessions? Vibration training takes from 15-40 minutes depending on the machine type, brand and what studio you go to.  You can usually wear street clothes. A gym session will take at least 30 minutes, usually 90 minutes plus time to shower and change back into your street clothes.

Do you have any disabilities or other factors that will affect your ability to train, either at the gym or vibration training studio? Things like obesity, arthritis, osteoporosis, diabetes?  You can choose either way of training with these conditions but make sure you talk to a trainer first. Vibration training can be modified into therapy sessions for people who need this, and also a competent  gym trainer can design a specific program.

If you have tried the gym though and it’s just “not for you”, for whatever reason, – give Vibration Training a go.  We all need to work-out to achieve and maintain strength and fitness;  it just doesn’t come automatically with our fast paced, modern way of life.