Vibration Training – Ignorant and Lazy Personal Trainers and Customers with Attitude

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Strange title; you might ask what do “Ignorant Personal Trainers” and “Customers with Attitude” have in common?

The answer is; both have been part of my daily work life over the past three months and both make me quite angry.  Angry, not in a way of violence but in a way that I desperately want to tell them how stupid they are being, how much they are missing out on, and in the case of personal trainers how badly their comments affect others. There are, in fact, times I do tell them!

Working in a very busy Vibration Training studio I meet many people each day who tell me what others have said to them about this type of training. Some new clients come in with workmates who have experienced really good results and they are keen to get started. What they’ve been told and what they’ve seen is positive.

Some new people are confused though; they tell me their local gym personal trainer says vibration training isn’t going to do anything for them. These trainers make up the “Ignorant and Lazy Personal Trainer”  group.  They don’t want to know, don’t want to investigate, don’t want to try out for themselves, yet they have an opinion on something they are too lazy to check out – some state openly that vibration training is useless.

How dare they judge something they know nothing about, I really cannot understand. These same trainers are aware there are varying qualities in fitness machines and equipment and varying programs; maybe they’ve seen an advertorial for a cheap home vibration machine and on that they base their opinion about ALL vibration training machines and programs. Some just don’t understand how vibration machines work and can’t be bothered finding out. It’s not instantly obvious to them as it is with using weights or a weight machine. These trainers are dumb and lazy in my opinion.  Even when they see results in people they’ve previously or concurrently train they shake their heads and say no, it can’t be the result of vibration training. Too lazy to become educated, too lazy to go to a local studio and do a trial.

Well, I’m a trainer too and I’ve found a niche working with vibration machines. I’d read about them and seen a few advertisements for a Vibra-Train studio and I admit I took my time before venturing in and doing a session. This was after trying a very basic, very low intensity machine at an “as seen on tv” store; you know, the sort of machines I now speak out about, telling everyone they can be good for therapy and blood circulation use but are NOT training machines. I could “see” that vibration machines did something – I wasn’t sure what that something really was; was it just stimulation to the circulation or could you get real muscle training response, so I set out to find out. This one, first visit changed the course of my life’s work. I kept on working in a gym as receptionist and sometimes trainer and I kept on doing my studies to become qualified but as soon as I could I began working as a vibration training instructor.

My rant is not to get other gym instructors to change codes, it’s simply to say, wake up; there are valid forms of strength and conditioning, fitness and even rehab that you’ve been too ignorant and mostly just too lazy to investigate – and if that’s you, stop slamming what you refuse to learn about.

The second thing that’s been “getting on my nerves” lately is Customers with Attitude.

I have so many amazing customers, some are athletes, some busy working mums, some elderly, some have major health or disability issues and they train hard. They have great attitude, always wanting to have their pose on the machine corrected, if that’s necessary, so they get the very best from their workout.  And they keep coming back, month after month and year after year – obviously they are getting results.

But there are some people that come in regularly, want to put in as little effort as possible and still see great results. I’ve had to ask some to tune out from what they were doing previously and what they doing later in the day, take a deep breath, and then approach the machines carefully, check out the wall poster, engage brain and make some real effort to do the program correctly. These customers are a little lazy and just need firm encouragement. Some respond, others drop out. They have bad attitude, thinking they can rush in, do lazy, half-right positions on the machines, get irritated when the instructor corrects them (because they are too precious to be corrected), rush out again and still get amazing results. Well, of course for most of these people, it simply doesn’t work!  Some achieve maintenance, they are able to keep their fitness at the level it was at when they’d put in more effort but even that diminishes after a short time.

Some people come in for a few sessions and are surprised at how hard real vibration training (Vibra-Train) is. They’d hoped to easily, with no effort “shake their fat away” and decide the machines or the program are just “too hard”. Their attitude is lazy.  Real vibration training isn’t the right training method for everyone but it’s never “too hard”; it is hard, it’s meant to be.  If people don’t even bother to use up their concession card because the training is “too hard” I have no sympathy for them. They definitely don’t get a refund on their unused visits.  At Vibra-Train the instructors are always available, happy and willing to work with anyone who is struggling with getting the positions right or finding the program challenging. Some other studios do one-on-on personal training (at a cost). There’s no excuse to quit just because its hard!

Some new customers come in (or are dragged in by workmates) and they have real “attitude”. Okay, some didn’t really want to come in the first place but they, like the ignorant and lazy personal trainers, firstly tell us, this doesn’t work.  This is before they’ve even done the first 60-second position on the machine.  Some say they do real training at the gym. I’d never have guessed this with many that skite in this way. They have no muscle definition and their real training consists only of running on the treadmill and the occaisional Pump class. It takes one minute, yes just 60 seconds, to show these people how wrong they are.  The instructor will become very firm and strict with these new people and they go away most shamed at their initial attitude. They realise it’s serious training and become the best customers now they realise how wrong they were. Others don’t like being wrong and having that proven and don’t come back.

Then there are the people who refuse to eat before their Vibra-Train session. They don’t eat before they go for a walk or light run so they decide they wont listen to the instructors here; they believe they know better than people who’s job it is to train them. They outright lie when asked what they’ve had for breakfast or if they’ve had a banana or other quick-fix snack for afternoon tea – have they eaten before their sesson, No!  These people get asked to leave the studio if it’s Vibra-Train brand. No Food = No Vibration Training. The energy demands are just too high so having average or low blood sugar means people become dizzy, some pass out completely. Others get through the session but it’s so obvious they haven’t eaten as they can’t hold basic poses without small shaking all the time, they look a little like shivering when cold. And, of course, they wont get the results they are working out for.

Studio based vibration training (fully supervised) is suitable for almost everyone.  Get along and check it out.


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