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2013 – Vibration Training and my Trade Mark

January 18th, 2013

This new year has started with a lot of bang and bright lights and I don’t mean the New Year’s eve fireworks.

The Vibra-Train studio is busy and I’m enjoying seeing customers back after summer holidays and many new people also. I’ve said how excited I was about the year ahead and some people smiled knowingly. I was told it meant more “hard work”, more of the same but with agreement that it is exciting for we who are passionate to see vibration training  known and accepted as an effective training method for fitness and exercise and what’s more, its a method that, when used with correct instruction, is valid for people who are less abled, maybe  because of age, injury, or disability.


VibePlus Logo


Alongside my work as a trainer I’m also busy with my other vibration training business involvements – About this, some readers will notice I took down my last writing, the one about my New Zealand trademark, VibePlus, being “challenged”.   » Read more: 2013 – Vibration Training and my Trade Mark

Getting Americans Moving

January 14th, 2013

In December I read a blog on with the topic “Getting Americans Moving”.

Every week there’s an editorial in the newspaper, a television documentary, or a magazine article on this same topic “How can we get people to exercise” so I wasn’t expecting outstanding or anything new in the blog I read and I was right, it was all the same information I’ve read time and time before.

So isn’t the message getting through? Maybe it is and prople are ignoring it?

Of course the message is getting through. Worldwide, we all know that exercise is part of health and wellbeing. We all know there’s no pill, no potion, no nutrition supplement that negates the need for regular exercise.

Yet even the word exercise conjours up mixed feelings; some immediately respond, Yes! they love exercise, or their chosen sport, or spending time at the gym four or five times a week, bootcamp mornings, or maybe it’s as simple as walking the dog every day, or running in the park or along the ocean broadwalk. These are all regular exercise. There are iPhone apps to help and guide exercise, maps and distance trackers,Count my Steps, FitBit Activity tracker and more; used by people who love exercise and love to keep a record of how they are doing. » Read more: Getting Americans Moving