Getting Americans Moving

January 14th, 2013 by Di Heap Leave a reply »

In December I read a blog on with the topic “Getting Americans Moving”.

Every week there’s an editorial in the newspaper, a television documentary, or a magazine article on this same topic “How can we get people to exercise” so I wasn’t expecting outstanding or anything new in the blog I read and I was right, it was all the same information I’ve read time and time before.

So isn’t the message getting through? Maybe it is and prople are ignoring it?

Of course the message is getting through. Worldwide, we all know that exercise is part of health and wellbeing. We all know there’s no pill, no potion, no nutrition supplement that negates the need for regular exercise.

Yet even the word exercise conjours up mixed feelings; some immediately respond, Yes! they love exercise, or their chosen sport, or spending time at the gym four or five times a week, bootcamp mornings, or maybe it’s as simple as walking the dog every day, or running in the park or along the ocean broadwalk. These are all regular exercise. There are iPhone apps to help and guide exercise, maps and distance trackers,Count my Steps, FitBit Activity tracker and more; used by people who love exercise and love to keep a record of how they are doing.

For other people the word exercise brings about immediate guilt. They believe they should but they don’t, for many and varied reasons. Then there are people who truely can’t partake in what we call, regular exercise.  Some are older people who have a few aches or injuries or maybe health conditions. They might do some exercise such as walking but weather conditions and whatever else the day brings can deter them. Others have medical conditions or disability that prevents full-on exercise. Some simply don’t know where to start as it’s been years since they’ve done anything they’d term “exercise” or “fitness”.

The good news is that Vibration Training is suitable for almost everyone. Some start off with Vibration Therapy and move on to training. Others just have to put their minds into it, stop procrastinating, stop moaning (yes, it is hard work, it’s called training) and just do it! It’s a great start to exercise. It can be all that some people do, others do other training as well. I encourage everyone to also go out for a walk or swim if that’s possible.

There’s many different options; specialised studios, machines within gyms and fitness centres, machines available for use within beauty shops, and machines that can be bought for home use. If you choose the later do some homework first and check out what’s available and what is good quality, you don’t want to waste your money on a machine that’s advertised with fake specs.

It’s a new year – many people made resolutions to Get Fit or a least to make a start. Contact me if I can help or advise you in any way. I can often refer you on to people or a business in your location..  Happy New Year, everyone!


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