What Can Vibration Training Really Do for Me?

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Every day I am asked this question or a variation of it.

The new year is definitely underway and it’s very busy at Vibra-Train Auckland City.  Each day has a mix of “old” and “new” customers – those who know the program really well training alongside newbies who need fully supervised training.  The studio operates on a “walk-in” basis, no appointments necessary so people just turn up when it suits them, before work, at lunchtime, after work, at night, and for some who work in large businesses nearby, they come in anytime during the day, even during their personal/bathroom break.

So, what’s vibra – training really doing for them?   One of the newer people asked me this morning. It’s such a frequent question it’s all too easy to reply glibly or in an off-hand way but it is a serious question and so requires a serious answer. Studio owners and trainers watch people get real results yet we can so often fail to promote this; it’s normal for us to expect great results but the new person asking such might be thinking ” am I wasting my time doing this (especially as it’s so different to other forms of training)?”

I explain to people that vibration training on high energy lineal machines is definitely going to give them results and they need to realize that results vary.

Firstly vibration training is exercise - so we can ask why do people exercise and what types of exercise give the results the person is wanting?  Vibration Training works, across the board, for physical fitness. In the simplest explanation It involves putting muscles under stress, asking them to respond to pressure or load, both really, so they grow stronger.  Our bodies respond to stress ( that’s the positive meaning of the word ) by adapting and becoming more able to cope with it. Vibration Training makes strong bodies.

I get asked if this form of exercise is designed to grow big, bulky muscles. No, It doesn’t cause muscle to bulk, it seems to pack  more muscle fibre compactly into the same space – stronger not bigger. To maintain this high quality muscle uses up extra calories, so, unless a person is feasting on chocolate muffins or excess fried foods after their session, the body tones and shapes. I get lots of customers telling me their friends have noticed the difference. One younger lady said when she was at the beach with her friends one of them said, “wow, what are you doing?  Did you join a gym or something?”

I said, firstly Vibration Training is exercise. So, is it more than this? In some ways yes, it has health benefits, though some people would still list these benefits under exercise. Vibration Training has an effect on the brain and mood. Depression and just feeling low can be related to lowered levels of neurotransmitters like serotonin and norepinephrine. Exercise stimulates the sympathetic nervous system and  so increases the concentration of these neurotransmitters. Vibration Training is very efficient at this, also reducing levels of cortisol, a hormone who’s level increases when we experience mental stress. And exercise also increases cortisol temporarily but it gets used up in the process of metabolizing fat and glucose for energy for our workout. A warning here: it is very easy to over- train, to want to do the vibration training program twice or three times over, it can become  addictive. This gives the opposite of the results we all want, it can increase cortisol levels and increase hunger resulting in overeating and the person gaining weight and fat and losing quality muscle.

Other benefits of Vibration Training include better sleep, improving hormonal balance in both females and males.  Improved flexibility and the all important neurogenesis that comes from all exercise, improving neural connections and enlivening brain and body.

In many ways Vibration Training isn’t so special – as I said, firstly it’s simply one form of exercise. But, in other ways it is very special – it’s exercise that almost anyone can do, even people who are unable to do other types of  physical training.  I have customers at Vibra-Train who are very obese, others who have disability such as muscular dystrophy, still others who are elderly, and even some in wheelchairs.  Most quickly learn the full IVTRB Safety Program, the exact same program that other customers use. Some others follow a Therapy program.

Is it a away of training that you will enjoy and get great results from? You won’t know unless you try it.




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