Vibration Training – A Comment worth Repeating

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My husband loves to run. Currently he’s recovering from a medical condition so he’s slowly building up his running distances, speed and time again.  He’s had to start over, almost like a person very new to running.  He’s lost form but he hasn’t lost his “love” of  running; he dislikes any other form of fitness training.

And I’ve met many people like him – their whole belief is of specificity Runners Run! 

Greg after Sydney Half Marathon Sept 2010This is so true that you can spot an old runner easily; their bodies give them away. All that running, mile after mile of pounding the pavement affects their bodies in a very negative way.  It’s true that they have stamina, have a fairly strong heart (although this can be negatively affected by sustained and frequent endurance events). They are never overweight and most pay good attention to their diet, ensuring they fuel up with carbs before events. Still, most look older than their true age.

No amount of telling them that they are wasting away, damaging muscles by all that cardiovascular exercise, is listened to. No amount of cajoling and pleading works, until the extreme runner sees himself as he really is or until he starts feeling run down and weak and loses form and speed; and then wonders how he can get better.

Only then does a fitness instructor or or PT have a chance to get the runner into some  resistance training, into an additional form of training that builds back some of the muscle strength that all that running has worn down.

And so it’s been with my husband. He was even my “project dummy” a few years ago when I needed to submit a paper. I trained him using Vibra-Train – high energy vibration training machines – helping him in his build up to a half marathon event. He grumbled about  the extra training and said how he preferred to be out there, running.  He even noticed a small build up in muscle size in his legs which annoyed him as he thought the extra size would slow him down. And it did.  The result though was a constant, even pace and his best placing ever in an event; he placed 9th in age group and around 200th overall of 7,000 entrants of all ages.

A comment worth repeating

I overslept on Sunday and was feeling annoyed as I had (in my mind at least) so many things to do. My husband suggested I’d needed the sleep, adding that we simply aren’t as young as we used to be.

He then said, “I don’t know what we would do without Vibra-Train!”

It seems he’s learnt how much we all need muscle strength training (and, of course, he still enjoys running)


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