Vibration Training – Shake ya Booty?

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A friend commented on Facebook  that they wished there was a  Vibra-Train studio in their town so that they could join with us to “shake ya booty”.

I laughed, of course, but then thought that others might read that post and it might cause some confusion, so decided to write a brief blog on the different types of vibration machines and how they work. In doing so I’ll answer the question; do vibration machines “shake ya booty”?

Girl Dance Exercise OutdoorsWe girls love these quirky, laughable terms and we immediately identify with their meaning.  There are many types of dance-sport and dance exercise where “shake ya booty” is an entirely appropriate term. You get a real good shake all over and especially your butt.

But what about a vibration training session? Is it true that it “shakes ya booty” and if it doesn’t then how does it work? You need movement to really be exercising, right?

There are two main types of vibration machines:

Pivotal: Simply put, these machines move the user from side to side, balancing on a pivot or rod; they move you like a see-saw but side to side rather than up and down.  Most are low speed, and correctly termed massage or therapy machines. They gently help with blood circulation and relaxation and provide just enough stimulation to relax  sore muscles, and to  maintain or improve bone density. They aren’t training machines (no matter what amazing promises unethical marketers make). Also the downside of the massager/therapy machine is that most aren’t built to high quality specs and so they can’t cope with a user’s weight being over about 60kg/130lbs without degraded performance.

Crazy Fit Massage Machine

Low Speed Pivotal

These low speed pivotal machines are the ones most often seen  on TV advertorials and looking at people on these machines is very funny – they definitely have a wobble and you might broadly stretch that to say the look is “shake ya booty” - but unless it’s simple massage results you’re wanting; they simply don’t perform.

There are a few brands of pivotal machine classified as High Speed Pivotal (Hypervibe Performance and Cardiotech CV9  are two that spring to mind). These are training machines for fitness and strength training. You can see the user’s body moving rapidly from side to side but you really wouldn’t say of these “shake ya booty”. That’s not really the look you see even though the person feels they are shaking.

Basic Squat on Bullet Vibra-Train Machine

High Energy Lineal

Lineal: Machines that move the user up and down so rapidly that when looking at the person in a squat position on the machine, they don’t appear to be moving at all.  From appearance you’d never say they are “shaking their booty” but ask someone using the machine and they’ll tell you their whole body is feeling the rapid vibration force. They feel like they are shaking; not just their booty but all over, and  more than shaking, they feel strong contraction  in the muscle groups targeted by the specific pose they are in.

So, vibration training isn’t really shake ya booty? 

It depends on what machine you are using (and some of us who are a little bigger don’t want to look like a wobbly jelly anyway).

It’s results that count – vibration is by definition “shaking” – but how much of that shows outwardly is no indication of what’s really going on.


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