Vibration Training Anti-Cellulite Massage

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anti-cellulite massageThis is the one position in the IVTRB Vibration Training Safety Program that’s rather odd. It’s not training, it’s simply a massage.

Well maybe not too “simply” a massage, as we shall see.

For one thing – the anti-cellulite massage is very annoying.  It can make your butt itch so bad you hop about for ages afterwards.

Sitting on the machine, legs spread-eagled,leaning forward and resting arms over a big flat rubber mat or dangling the arms down by your ankles (which is very important to keep the backbone slightly lifted off the machine); then being pounded into the backs of the legs and parts of your butt; it isn’t necessarily a pleasant feeling.

It’s easy to picture what’s happening if you think of a big juicy piece of steak and imagine pounding it over, and over, and over with a heavy wooden (or metal) meat tenderiser.  Keep that up for three minutes and what happens to the steak? Yes, it flattens and some of the fats and other juices run off. 

This is kind of what happens with a lineal vibration machine, three minute, anti-cellulite massage.

But we aren’t a slab of dead meat so the released fats and other fluids don’t drain out anywhere but are instead taken up by the small veins and routed back into the circulatory system. Some of the fat stores that sit just under the skin (in the legs we call this cellulite) are broken down and free fatty acids (FFA) are released into the blood.

So now we have some extra fats in our blood, what now?

girl looking in fridge - tight butt


The fats in this form can be readily oxidised and available as muscle fuel to help with the rest of our workout or they can travel around the body and reconvert back into fat stores. The good news is that even this re-conversion to fat stores uses up energy (calories).

Of course the way all this works is much  more complicated than this simple blog but there’s lots of good news here.

At Vibra-Train Auckland City, I’ve often heard customers comment on how effective the anti-cellulite massage is; on how much tighter and better shaped their toosh* is after just a month of vibration training sessions – that’s about 12 visits.

The anti-cellulite massage is part of the standard vibration training IVTRB Safety Program used at Vibra-Train and other vibration training studios and in  fitness studios worldwide.


* a slang word for butt or ass



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