Vibration Training Anti-Cellulite Massage – Part 2

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Note: This article is written from my viewpoint as a trainer and user of high-energy, lineal vibration platforms. The results and the experiences described are not necessarily replicable on lower level machines, such as PowerPlate, FitVibe, nor on pivotal platforms of any kind.
It’s just an anti-cellulite massage – right –
how can there be a Part 2; surely its not that complicated?

Well, yes, really it is – the vibration training anti-cellulite massage is complex; its quite different to the training program, and in some studios you even pay an extra price to add it to your program.

In part 1 I’ve covered the basic process of how it works, enhancing blood flow to the backs of the legs and the butt, breaking down some of the static fat and transporting it back into the circulatory system.

So, what does this massage actually feel like?

I’m going to start by saying, we get a lot of  jibes from the wider fitness industry about vibration training; the words – vibe, vibration, and anti-cellulite massage get talked about accompanied with raucous laughter and more so when they joke about girls sitting about on  heavily vibrating platforms.  Some of these jokes are deliberately trying to discredit the fitness and strength training that we do, rather than accepting it as a valid alternative to the gym, but it’s probably fair enough to laugh about the anti-cellulite massage; after all, the ladies anti-cellulite massage means sitting on the world’s most powerful vibrators.

Woman sitting on washing machineIs it really that nice?

No, It isn’t all fun!  I said in my previous article (Part 1), the massage can be extremely irritating and it makes your legs itch so badly it’s hard to keep still. It can feel like being attacked by thousands of tickling or biting little ants.

Some ladies feel immediate sensation of needing to pee or pass wind and that’s really unpleasant. I explain to them that the vibration is actually closing up the urethral muscles, in fact they are getting a pelvic floor workout, but explanation doesn’t stop that horrible feeling. Adjusting position slightly can help and knowing what’s really happening does help ladies relax, so that over time they stop feeling quite so uncomfortable.  Another bad feeling some ladies get is a bright red bum and red backs of the legs, enough to prevent them immediately going to the pools or the beach – not a good look! And that feeling of passing wind, it can be so extreme that sometimes I’ll hit the stop button myself, go to the bathroom, then realise it was just the machine giving me that sense.

Women LaughingSo, you can see, that feeling; like you are about to go to the toilet – well it really can’t happen, do you think we would risk the machines like that?

I know you are going to ask, “do any women enjoy sitting on the machine, like the jokes suggest? Does it, well does it, ever, feel, you know; nice?”

Well, yes; some have told me it’s definitely a sensual experience for them, one they enjoy. Some burst out with laughter, others feel shy with embarrassment. Don’t worry, the trainers can’t tell what you are experiencing unless you openly tell them. Years of customer feedback plus comments from female staff who train regularly have told us the whole range of sensations people experience.

If;  right after the anti-cellulite massage, someone smiles and asks if they can take a  machine home with them; that’s when we laugh along with them and reply, “only if you can carry it out to the car all by yourself. Oh, and, it weighs about 200Kg”.

Seriously though, the company I work for doesn’t sell machines, they are studio based, so that would never be an option.

Why can’t males do it?

The reason why is quite obvious. Males are anatomically different to women; it would be very painful for them. Some have begged me to let them try; I’m not sadistic so always the answer is no!  Also remember, the dimpled looking fat deposits on the back of the legs that we’ve named cellulite, well it’s a women’s thing, men don’t have it quite the same anyway, no matter how big their legs are.

woman sitting on machine


So, you see that one position, the Anti-Cellulite Massage, it’s a lot more complicated than it first seems. The best thing is, it does exactly what it’s designed to do; it breaks down the fatty deposits on the back of the legs and butt. Despite the differing sensations women feel, the result is a better shape; no one’s ever complained about that.





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