Vibration Training for Weight Loss – Does it really work, girls?

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Part 4 in an informative, fun series for the girls

Note: I’ve written other articles about the types of machines available; the ones for therapy and the ones for real, fitness training. I’ve also written about the scams and the “as-seen-on-tv” machines, so, in this blog I’m assuming the use of a high-energy lineal machine (Vibra-Train brand in a specialised studio) or a high-speed pivotal (such as Cardiotech CV 9 or Hypervibe).

I’m asked this question all the time – “does it work?” , “work for what?”, I reply?  Oh, okay, Weight-Loss? What sort of weight-loss do we want? Of course we mean Fat-Loss, we want to build bone strength and high quality muscle. Most girls also  know that water loss is temporary,  its definitely fat that we want gone and gone forever.

healthy woman“So does it work? If I buy a concession card and come to Vibra-Train will I lose all this fat around my tummy? Will my arms and legs get slimmer and firmer. When will I look like . . . . . (insert name of beach babe model here)?”

Let’s be honest here – it’s taken you how long to get to the size and weight you are now ??? and you want to be slim, toned and down to a minuscule goal weight by when ???

Vibration Training absolutely will help you lose fat but you are not going to be half your weight after 3 sessions.  I’m not joking here either, I had a lady complain that she hadn’t reached her goal and trimmed right down, after 3 sessions; that’s just one week. She told me she’d investigated and that was her expected result. Two things immediately came to mind; she wasn’t much overweight at all (in fact she looked normal to me but in her home country big emphasis is put on beauty and on being very slim). The second point, she was late 40’s and so at a stage in a woman’s life that would have a lot going on; hormones and all that. 

I’ve written before about the study that showed supervised vibration training to be better than supervised gym training for fat loss for very obese people. The compliance factor and the clear safety over other training methods is a biggie when working with morbidly obese clients. But back to the lady who was upset that she hadn’t lost 2Kg or 3Kg after just 3 sessions. I talked to her a little and she admitted she had seen benefits, even in that short time, just not what she’d hoped for.  Vibration Training has a balancing effect on hormones and also improves mental acuity and reduces the feelings of  mental stress so I wasn’t surprised when she told me she was sleeping better and felt invigorated and alert.  She said she had a big  family wedding to attend and, as we all do, wanted to look her best. The time frame was too short though, just one week,  to see the  fat loss and firm, somewhat athletic, looks she wanted, and especially as she had been snacking a lot to settle her nerves and excitement at seeing family she hadn’t seen for years. For some girls, though, just one week (3 sessions) gives an obvious start; they tell me how much better their jeans fit.

Really; what do we need to do to lose fat and how long is it going to take?  There are definite steps you can take, ways to help your training have the very best results.

Advanced Basic SquatThe first step is to come into the studio and train three times a week, every second day, no excuses! Make sure you eat before come; a full meal if possible, or a banana is also good as it instantly raises blood sugar and provides the energy for your workout. Make sure you tune out all other thoughts and concentrate on your workout, doing it right. The trainer is there to supervise and help you. It goes without saying here that you must use a high quality workout machine to achieve top results. I hear from people who have been very disappointed with  Crazyfit and other look-alike’s  they’ve bought for using at home after believing dishonest infomercials and sales people and not bothering to check it out.

Healthy FoodThe second step to help with fat-loss is to ensure you are eating good food – we all know what is healthy to eat and what not too eat too much of,  so I leave it up to my customers to sort out. I’m happy to discuss the pros and cons of any diet plan but, simply eating less is not difficult once you start a workout regime. One of the effects of vibration training, an increase in levels and uptake of the hormone and neurotransmitter serotonin, gives a “feel good” sensation which is that same satiated feeling we can get after eating sweet foods.

There’s an added part to this step also, what goes in, must come out. Ensure this is happening, daily at least . A pleasant source of fibre to help this  is inulin, which dissolves in water or even your cup of coffee so it’s way more pleasant than psylium, that’s often suggested. (Note: it is your responsibility to check with your medical professional before taking any supplements. Any hints given in this article are not intended to replace this).

The third hint or step I suggest for fat-loss is to take some walks or swims or if you have a stationary exercise bike you could set this up in front of the TV. This isn’t said as an essential step though as many people simply do not have time and their daily life includes as much “cardio” exercise as they are going to get for now. Make the small changes, you know already, take the stairs instead of the elevator.

Happy Healthy GirlsNow to answer the question “how long  ’till I see results?”, you will see some strength and toning  results after a month if you come in and vibra-train  regularly – that means two or three times a week.



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