Small Vibration Therapy Machine – It might save your life

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Small Therapy Pad

Small Therapy Pad

LifeBack 2

LifeBack 2

CV5 Therapy Machine

CV5 Therapy Machine


Vibration Therapy – for improving circulation  – it’s cheap, readily available for home use with good instructions and very suitable for people with pre-diabetes, diabetes, limited mobility,and older people, so why aren’t people getting into it?

Why are these little machines not so greatly in demand that suppliers can’t keep up?

This is a problem that really concerns me.

One of the reasons might be that vibration training and vibration therapy has been seen as somewhat of a fad because of the proliferation of  “as-seen-on-TV”  machines, that didn’t give the results that the advertorials promised, so the machines ended up on auction and re-sale websites such as TradeMe (New Zealand) and Ebay, selling at a fraction of their original retail price.  Also these cheap, so called fitness machines (they were never fitness machines but some were suitable for therapy and circulation) were almost never true to specs (they didn’t run at the speeds or pressures that were advertised);  they didn’t work at all well when the user was over a quite low body weight (often as low as 60-70Kg); they were quite large and chunky (not a good look in the corner of the lounge); and many broke down after a few weeks or months use, with no back-up from the supplying company. Another reason may be that those of us in the vibration training and therapy industry have had to speak out firmly against the type of unethical advertising and low spec machines that have been sold as fitness training platforms. We have often stated the possible therapy uses of these machines but advertisers preferred to push the fitness line, for quick sales.

All this aside, some of these machine now selling at a fraction of their, often highly inflated, original price are very useful for circulation improvement and  gentle stimulation uses. The thing is to know what to buy so it’s important to ask someone that’s trustworthy.

Better still, there are small, portable, specifically built machines now available

for use by people with limited mobility or simply for circulation improvement.  These machines sell for around $500 and as long as you buy a reputable brand (ask someone who knows – like me) they come with full backup, which means if anything does go wrong (and rarely it does as with any equipment or device) you know it will be repaired or replaced and also you will receive complete guidance in how to use the machine.

The benefits that people get are increased blood flow (without increase in heart rate, you wont be jumping about), relief from some aches and pains, relaxation and stress reduction, better sleep also.

When a specific small therapy machine was first available to me I took it immediately to my mother who is quite frail and lives in an assisted care home for the elderly.

She experienced the benefits I’ve stated and more. She found a better ability to keep balance when walking, improved proprioception (which is the inner sense of knowing where one’s body parts are, spatial orientation, in relation to the immediate world around about) and a general sense of well-being.

For people in New Zealand and Australia I can get a small vibration therapy machine and sell it to you but this is not the reason for this article. I would also recommend a machine off an auction or sales site if I thought that suited your needs. My next article will feature a machine I am happy to recommend.

Vibration Therapy saves lives!

My mother’s experience has been amazing. I used a small therapy machine after having surgery a few years ago and my husband’s use of vibration therapy after a sudden, very frightening time having pulmonary embolisms has highlighted for me the need for this equipment and the benefits that can be so amazing, with correct use.





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