Buying a Vibration Machine for Home Use

When buying a Vibration Machine for home use or using a one in a Vibration Training Studio it is essential to choose a machine that is designed to give you the specific benefits that you require. There are many different brands of machines with differing qualities and specific purposes. Use the Internet to find out information before buying so that you know what questions to ask then phone or visit Studios or Sales Showrooms and ask questions about the machines and the programs (instructions and positions that you use on that machine).

For home use

Vibration Machine prices range from very cheap to very expensive and while this does not necessarily reflect machine quality it can be an indication. It is important to know what weight the platform is designed to carry and how stable the platform is on the floor. Buy a solid steel platform if possible. Be wary of buying a brand of machine because of a celebrity endorsement or glossy advertisement. Your favorite celebrity may be doing “Vibration Training” but they are not using a model you can afford. Buy from a reputable company and make sure they have local warranty backup – a well known fitness store is best as you have someone real to walk in and talk to.

Finally, be realistic about your goals. If you buy a machine that costs a few thousand dollars (as compared to one that costs $14,000) your fitness or weightloss progress may be slow. Don’t be discouraged just stick to a safe program every second day and it will happen. Think about this: you are trying to reverse how many years of abuse? Relax and enjoy the thought that you are doing something good for yourself!




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  1. Alla Baider says:

    Hi Di, Thank you very much for your insightful materials on vibe training.
    They are immensely helpful. I am considering getting a machine for home use for the whole family (me, 40 years not overweight but unfit , dad with diabitis and heart condition and two teenagers )and because I cant afford very expensive power plate models I am in between Hypervibe (paying it out over 2 years) or Oto Bodycare Flablos FL-3000 second hand both pivotals.Would you have any advise for me Which machine is better? Thank you very much Alla

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