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Vibration Training – 2012 – A Good Year

December 31st, 2012

It’s the last day of 2012; in fact there’s only 7 hours left of this year here in New Zealand. And what a year it’s been! 

I’m going to stick to Vibration Training and try to list at least some of the highlights. Also personally for me it’s been a very good year.

We are at an exciting time in the timeline of Vibration Training; right at the point where Real Vibration Training and Real Vibration Machines – both pivotal and lineal – are becoming accepted as a fully valid form of fitness training. Not that  it hasn’t been accepted for quite a few years already but, in my experience, it’s been an ongoing battle with gyms and personal trainers and even with medical people like physical therapists. It’s felt like vibration machines have been seen as only a minor method of achieving results, up till now.

This has changed  – with the clean up of the industry worldwide  and with such an enormous amount of information available online (and big thanks to Lloyd Shaw for both), consumers, whether they are buying a machine or looking for a training studio, are aware and knowledgable. They are unlikely to be suckered in by smooth talking marketers. Likewise people starting up training studios or buying or leasing a machine for their fitness studio or gym know what questions to ask and what they want . Even the buzz words, lineal ( a variation of linear) and pivotal are well known and there’s very little confusion when questions are asked about machines.

2013 is going to be huge in this industry. I hope the marketers that sell home machines (the honest ones that is) and the studio owners and trainers are ready for this.

Vibration Machines are right now being used for:

High intensity fitness training for muscle strength and endurance. This is for athletes as an addition to their program. Vibration Training on high energy lineal machines does not make people bulk up, instead it provides muscle strength and shape and toning.

High intensity fitness training – the same as above but I’ve given it a separate listing – for everyone who wouldn’t list themselves as athletes. Some combine it with swimming or walking, some with jogging. Others use an exercycle or a bike. These people want the very best fitness and the very best toning and body look they can achieve and are prepared to vibration train three times a week (on real machines with a real program) to get it.

High intensity and/or Medium intensity training for people who really don’t want to exercise but know they need to, or they are time short, or they have minimal starting strength or fitness. These people get such good results by committing to training two or three times a week.

Therapy or Physio work and/or training for people with limited mobility, for whatever reason. Vibration Machines used with a proper program save lives. I’ve been in this category at times; after surgery and after injuring my knees, which I have an annoying habit of doing by tripping over things.

There are so many examples of results and on a hot, sunny, end of year day, I’m not going to attempt a long list, just a few:

One of my regular, twice weekly customers has gained a lot of strength. She’s mid-50’s and works cleaning large homes. She’s got way more stamina than when she started training with me early in the year.

There’s been many older people start training this year and I’ve had the privilege of watching them gain in strength and mobility. Also surety of balance, lessening the chance of falls.

And also some very young customers, young men mostly, ranging in age from 12- 17. I see changes in these young men within three or four visits. I’m left asking myself how they gain so much so very quickly. One younger client today, I commented on how his very curved and hunched over spine was already straightening up. He was walking “taller” and when I observed him in the mini-plank position his back was held straight.

I have just one customer in a wheelchair and several who do a therapy program where they sit in a chair with their feet on the machine, usually for 3 lots of 3 minutes. These customers tell me how much benefit this simple, no effort therapy is doing for them, improving their circulation and vey mildly stimulating leg and butt muscles and so reducing stiffness and for some getting rid of pain.

This list could go on forever so I’ll add just two more examples: 

My daughter has been training at Vibra-Train all year, three times a week, totally regularly. Her results are astounding. She’s changed from an extremely thin, low bodyweight, low strength, always tired young girl, into a very well toned, mildly muscular, healthy looking young lady. She’s stressing about putting on weight – oh yes, vibration training will do that to you IF your body needs it, but what a difference it’s made to her. She rarely gets sick now whereas before she seemed to always have colds and flu or just plain exhaustion.

And as I said, its been a good year for me personally. Looking back it seems I’ve spent a lot of time complaining, mostly about being “too busy”.  At the end of the year that doesn’t feel like something to complain about.  Busy is good! Mostly it’s been busy at my job at Vibra-Train Auckland City. We’ve seen many new people this year, run various promotions to keep the public knowledgeable and I’ve been actively updating the Vibra-Train Facebook page.  Along with being a very “in demand” trainer , well I didn’t leave enough time for the regular updates this website blog had in past years. I didn’t set up my own business FaceBook page, I didn’t get the look of this website updated – all these, and very much more, have been moved into 2013 calendar.

What I have achieved personally, as well as being the best vibration training instructor in the world, and part managing the world’s first and busiest vibration training studio, I’ve had my lease Vibra-Train machine out being used in a small Personal Training studio. Did I remember to say I get emails daily asking all sorts of questions about Vibration Machines and Vibration Training and I answer these with advice, examples, links and more. I’ve been the “man” behind the camera in a couple of video shoots, now on YouTube (under VibraTrain).

And in my health I’ve become well again. It’s been two years since my last operation and the surgeon was right, it’s taken the whole two years to heal. In the first year I gained a lot of weight, so my already bigger size blosomed almost 20Kg more. I was truely obese, nowhere near as large as the morbidly obese clients I train but, way, way too big; a result of not being able to exercise sufficiently while healing and consoling myself with too much food. I’ve said before, I’m an emotional eater, I eat too much when I’m happy and too much when I’m sad – I don’t believe I’m so different from most women excepting a few who have amazing self control. The good news is I’m back to exercising, doing the full Vibra-Train Safety Program, and being more in control of what I’m eating – I’ve lost 10Kg weight.

And so to a New Year. I’m very excited. There are challenges ahead and busy times. It’s going to be the best year yet!

Vibration Training – The Results of Five Years Training – Lloyd Shaw pics

April 8th, 2011

This photo essay show the results of 5 years of fitness workouts using only Vibra-Train brand vibration machines; a self test done by the owner and designer of the machines, Lloyd Shaw.

Lloyd Shaw at the beginning of Vibra-Train quite chubby

Lloyd Shaw at the start of the Vibra-Train test

Picture 1: shows Lloyd Shaw in 2004. Back then he loved his gym workouts – 1 and 1/2 hour sessions six days a week.  Add in cardio sessions three times a week also, sprints and swimming.

He looks good but decidedly chubby. His muscle definition was better than the average gym goer but there’s no way he would take off his shirt and pose back then. And look at his arms; there’s muscle there but they have a covering of fat.


Lloyd Shaw VibraTrain

Lloyd Shaw Vibra-Train

Picture 2: Two years into a self test, using only Vibra-Train brand machines and the Vibra-Train Safety Program for workouts; this picture shows a very cut look. It was taken on impulse and looked so good the background was added for use as a poster. Lloyd’s only gym visits were once every few months to check out his strength which was increasing.


Picture 3: Fast forward to 2011. The picture below of Lloyd Shaw taken April 7th, 2011 – a slimmer profile showing amazing abs and a completely balanced look.

Lloyd Shaw Vibration Training Muscles April 2011

Lloyd Shaw Vibration Training Muscles April 2011

The picture is completely unedited and was taken on a whim. I thought it was so good I had to publish it.

It’s now 5 years since Lloyd Shaw began his “Vibra-Train as only exercise” test using himself as the test subject. This look was achieved solely using Vibra-Train brand Vibration Machines. I know Lloyd well and can attest that his diet isn’t always great (too much fastfood) although he has cleaned it up somewhat this year.

Individual results vary of course; some people are badly hampered by hormonal or overweight/fat issues, stress or injury.  Some people respond very quickly to this form of exercise while for others their body goes through other changes first but for everyone results begin to show after just a few weeks and are ongoing.

Here’s Lloyd Shaw’s  personal Vibration Training Workout:

and the Vibra-Train Safety Program:

Vibration Training Safety Program for Lineal Machines

The Dumbass Guide … to getting Back into Shape

March 23rd, 2010

I found this website today: The Dumbass Guide … to Getting back into Shape. It has lots of  information in six, short, humorous, easy to read blogs (articles).

I couldn’t say it better so click through if you are serious about losing some fat.

Basic Squat on Bullet Vibra-Train MachineA tip for any Dumbass (and all you sensible types too): Vibration Training on high quality machines can be the easiest, fastest way to kick-start an exercise habit.  Of course I say “easy” in a rather “tongue in cheek” way as we all know that no real exercise is easy and the studio group that I recommend is Vibra-Train.

Note the name Vibra-Train, not Vibra-Massage.  It’s all good, really, anyone can do it, larger size is what this brand was originally designed for so you’ve got nothing to lose; well nothing except some fat (and you get strong, small, well formed muscles that support your bones and help you burn even more fat).

How to Lose Muscle and Gain Fat

February 25th, 2010

I work-out regularly, three times a week, on the lineal vibration machines at Vibra-Train where I work.  That is except for the past three weeks as I’ve had an ongoing infection that required me to take antibiotics, which in turn upset my stomach.  I’m all okay now but during the time I had active infection I didn’t use the vibration machines, except for an occaisional squat position.  It was very hard watching and instructing customers while personally obeying the rules which say, “Do not use the machines if you have active infection”  There’s good reason for the rules and in the case of active infection the machine might cause increased blood pressure or temperature, or irritate the infected area.

The interesting thing is what happened to my body during the three weeks I stopped vibration training.

Yesterday I was using the B.C.A. (Body Composition Analyser) machine to get current body measurements for a customer and I decided to use the machine myself.  I saw right away that I’d lost just over 1kg in weight which in most people is not worth noting but as my weight had remained stable from early December through Christmas and to my previous B.C.A. test three weeks ago I was pleased.

Looking over the full printed results of my test I lost my joy completely.  Sure, I had lost over 1kg in weight but I had lost a full 2kg in muscle.  And I had gained 1kg in fat.

Without the B.C.A. machine my change in weight, even as little as 1kg when I struggle with weightloss, would seem to be a victory BUT knowing that three weeks of almost no vibration training had caused 2kg of muscle loss is upsetting.  The corresponding fat gain during a time I wasn’t eating much due to sickness even more upsetting.

The value of the B.C.A. machine showed more when looking at other results: My B.M.I had dropped slightly (looks good but is it?) It’s an outdated measurement that also didn’t show the correct picture as my Resting Metabolic Rate (B.M.R.) had dropped also.  That means that although I am now slightly less overweight I am not burning as many calories each day.

It’s not a good result at all!  A small Weight Loss that is actually a Time Bomb for Weight Gain of the worst sort – FAT.

Worse still, as I am mid-aged female, I would continue to lose muscle mass and bone density if I don’t go back to a resistance exercise program, be that Vibration Training or a weights program soon.  Today I am back into the Vibra-Train Safety Program and I’ll increase my protein intake so that I’ll soon gain back what I’ve lost.

I encourage all women to work-out using a high quality lineal (upright) Vibration Machine if available or at least buy some free-weights and a book similar to this “Strong Women Stay Young”.  Next time I am unable to use a vibration machine I’ll be looking in the back of the cupboard for my box of free-weights.

Serious Problems of Ideal Body Weight Formulas

February 16th, 2010

I’m back on track this month with regular workouts and following a well designed eating plan.  I have a goal weight in mind but when I looked back over the personalised plan I’m following I was horrified at the goal weight set for me:  52-70kg.

There’s a wide variation in those figures and at first glance it looks reasonable.  Many women would simply accept the goal, go hard-out in diet and exercise toward the lowest figure and then cry when they fail to reach the target.  Continued food deprivation and yo-yo diets can lead to morbid obesity and so worsen the situation the hapless person finds himself in.

So what’s wrong with that goal?

Simply, it fails to take into account ethnicity and muscle mass amongst other factors.  For me an eventual goal weight of 68-72 is attainable and healthy (and that’s the upper limit of the plan I am following).  The lower limit of 52kg is just too low and could deplete my muscle mass to a point where my bone density would lower putting me at risk of osteoporosis or easily breaking bones.  My metabolic rate would fall and with that my energy level and mental acuity.

My Personalised Eating Plan

The diet and exercise plan I’m using as a guide to plan my eating this year was written specifically for me by a highly respected nutritionist whose advice and articles I value.  It was based on my age, sex, height, weight, waist measurement, and my opinion of my body type which I entered as “muscular”.   The results that came back were fairy accurate compared with the results I get from the Body Composition Analyser machine at Vibra-Train where I work.  The estimated metabolic rate was lower than my actual rate but the BMI measurement was correct. (Note: BMI is another outdated measurement that fails in usefulness because off ethnicity and muscle mass differences).  The report said I am Obese based on my BMI (Body Mass Index).  It then gave dire warnings of health problems that accompany obesity.  These would be enough to scare anyone into eating better and exercising regularly and so are good for people to read although in my case, again they are overstated as my BMI does not reflect my real state.  I know my actual muscle mass percentage from the Body Composition Analyser machine and as it’s high it skews my BMI.

In a personalised diet plan where does the goal weight come from?

Many websites give “Ideal Body Weight” using arithmetic formula that was designed for medicine dosing, (NOT for weight control).  One such formula is that of Dr BJ Devine who in 1974 converted a formula already in use based on inches of height and pounds of bodyweight into metric figures.  It gives ideal (or expected) bodyweight as

Men: Ideal Body Weight (in kilograms) = 50 + 2.3 kg per inch over 5 feet.
Women: Ideal Body Weight (in kilograms) = 45.5 + 2.3 kg per inch over 5 feet.

These figures suggest a Body Mass Index of about 23 for adult men (this is rather high) and for adult women of 20.8 which for many women is too low and suggest an ideal body weight for most women seriously close to lean body weight (organs, bone, muscle, with no fat).

Although Devine’s formula was updated in 1983 by Dr JD Robinson and DR DM Miller, their formulas still have serious faults.  And even before the Devine IBW formula the insurance company, Metropolitan Life was, in 1943, using medical dosing weight formula to set height/weight tables.

The flaws in these formulas when used for Ideal or Best Body Weight are just too high to be used today.  Years ago on a battlefield or in a hospital when a person’s weight had to be calculated immediately to give dosage of life-saving medications (like theophylline, digoxin, gentomyin) these estimations or expected weight were invaluable but not so today.

What is your Real Ideal Weight?

My advice to women (and men) wanting to know their true ideal body weight is to be very wary of online formula and even ranges on a diet plan made for you.  Your ideal weight is the one at which you are feel well and are active. It’s the weight at which you feel at your best! You know what this is and a quick glance in the mirror shows if you are carrying muscle or fat.  A test using a Body Composition Analyser (a machine that uses a light electric current to take measurements) can be helpful as it gives a printout of your measurements including Body Fat Percentage and Muscle Mass Percentage and an overall fitness score, a starting point to work from and then a repeat test three – five months later to show your progress.  In Auckland Central there is a BCA machine at Vibra-Train, in Victoria St West.

My other writings

May 20th, 2009

Recently I’ve written two articles that have been published on a big online magazine blog site.  The first is about the amazing competition results acheived by Teneka Hyndman after adding Vibration Training to her already gruelling training regime:

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