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Small Vibration Therapy Machine – It might save your life

March 9th, 2015
Small Therapy Pad

Small Therapy Pad

LifeBack 2

LifeBack 2

CV5 Therapy Machine

CV5 Therapy Machine


Vibration Therapy – for improving circulation  – it’s cheap, readily available for home use with good instructions and very suitable for people with pre-diabetes, diabetes, limited mobility,and older people, so why aren’t people getting into it?

Why are these little machines not so greatly in demand that suppliers can’t keep up?

This is a problem that really concerns me.

One of the reasons might be that vibration training and vibration therapy has been seen as somewhat of a fad because of the proliferation of  “as-seen-on-TV”  machines, that didn’t give the results that the advertorials promised, so the machines ended up on auction and re-sale websites such as TradeMe (New Zealand) and Ebay, selling at a fraction of their original retail price.  Also these cheap, so called fitness machines (they were never fitness machines but some were suitable for therapy and circulation) were almost never true to specs (they didn’t run at the speeds or pressures that were advertised);  they didn’t work at all well when the user was over a quite low body weight (often as low as 60-70Kg); they were quite large and chunky (not a good look in the corner of the lounge); and many broke down after a few weeks or months use, with no back-up from the supplying company. Another reason may be that those of us in the vibration training and therapy industry have had to speak out firmly against the type of unethical advertising and low spec machines that have been sold as fitness training platforms. We have often stated the possible therapy uses of these machines but advertisers preferred to push the fitness line, for quick sales.

All this aside, some of these machine now selling at a fraction of their, often highly inflated, original price are very useful for circulation improvement and  gentle stimulation uses. The thing is to know what to buy so it’s important to ask someone that’s trustworthy.

Better still, there are small, portable, specifically built machines now available

for use by people with limited mobility or simply for circulation improvement.  These machines sell for around $500 and as long as you buy a reputable brand (ask someone who knows – like me) they come with full backup, which means if anything does go wrong (and rarely it does as with any equipment or device) you know it will be repaired or replaced and also you will receive complete guidance in how to use the machine.

The benefits that people get are increased blood flow (without increase in heart rate, you wont be jumping about), relief from some aches and pains, relaxation and stress reduction, better sleep also.

When a specific small therapy machine was first available to me I took it immediately to my mother who is quite frail and lives in an assisted care home for the elderly.

She experienced the benefits I’ve stated and more. She found a better ability to keep balance when walking, improved proprioception (which is the inner sense of knowing where one’s body parts are, spatial orientation, in relation to the immediate world around about) and a general sense of well-being.

For people in New Zealand and Australia I can get a small vibration therapy machine and sell it to you but this is not the reason for this article. I would also recommend a machine off an auction or sales site if I thought that suited your needs. My next article will feature a machine I am happy to recommend.

Vibration Therapy saves lives!

My mother’s experience has been amazing. I used a small therapy machine after having surgery a few years ago and my husband’s use of vibration therapy after a sudden, very frightening time having pulmonary embolisms has highlighted for me the need for this equipment and the benefits that can be so amazing, with correct use.




Vibration Training – Ignorant and Lazy Personal Trainers and Customers with Attitude

October 18th, 2012
Strange title; you might ask what do “Ignorant Personal Trainers” and “Customers with Attitude” have in common?

The answer is; both have been part of my daily work life over the past three months and both make me quite angry.  Angry, not in a way of violence but in a way that I desperately want to tell them how stupid they are being, how much they are missing out on, and in the case of personal trainers how badly their comments affect others. There are, in fact, times I do tell them!

Working in a very busy Vibration Training studio I meet many people each day who tell me what others have said to them about this type of training. Some new clients come in with workmates who have experienced really good results and they are keen to get started. What they’ve been told and what they’ve seen is positive.

Some new people are confused though; they tell me their local gym personal trainer says vibration training isn’t going to do anything for them. These trainers make up the “Ignorant and Lazy Personal Trainer”  group.  They don’t want to know, don’t want to investigate, don’t want to try out for themselves, yet they have an opinion on something they are too lazy to check out – some state openly that vibration training is useless.

How dare they judge something they know nothing about, I really cannot understand. These same trainers are aware there are varying qualities in fitness machines and equipment and varying programs; maybe they’ve seen an advertorial for a cheap home vibration machine and on that they base their opinion about ALL vibration training machines and programs. Some just don’t understand how vibration machines work and can’t be bothered finding out. It’s not instantly obvious to them as it is with using weights or a weight machine. These trainers are dumb and lazy in my opinion.  Even when they see results in people they’ve previously or concurrently train they shake their heads and say no, it can’t be the result of vibration training. Too lazy to become educated, too lazy to go to a local studio and do a trial.

Well, I’m a trainer too and I’ve found a niche working with vibration machines. I’d read about them and seen a few advertisements for a Vibra-Train studio and I admit I took my time before venturing in and doing a session. This was after trying a very basic, very low intensity machine at an “as seen on tv” store; you know, the sort of machines I now speak out about, telling everyone they can be good for therapy and blood circulation use but are NOT training machines. I could “see” that vibration machines did something – I wasn’t sure what that something really was; was it just stimulation to the circulation or could you get real muscle training response, so I set out to find out. This one, first visit changed the course of my life’s work. I kept on working in a gym as receptionist and sometimes trainer and I kept on doing my studies to become qualified but as soon as I could I began working as a vibration training instructor.

My rant is not to get other gym instructors to change codes, it’s simply to say, wake up; there are valid forms of strength and conditioning, fitness and even rehab that you’ve been too ignorant and mostly just too lazy to investigate – and if that’s you, stop slamming what you refuse to learn about.

The second thing that’s been “getting on my nerves” lately is Customers with Attitude.

I have so many amazing customers, some are athletes, some busy working mums, some elderly, some have major health or disability issues and they train hard. They have great attitude, always wanting to have their pose on the machine corrected, if that’s necessary, so they get the very best from their workout.  And they keep coming back, month after month and year after year – obviously they are getting results.

But there are some people that come in regularly, want to put in as little effort as possible and still see great results. I’ve had to ask some to tune out from what they were doing previously and what they doing later in the day, take a deep breath, and then approach the machines carefully, check out the wall poster, engage brain and make some real effort to do the program correctly. These customers are a little lazy and just need firm encouragement. Some respond, others drop out. They have bad attitude, thinking they can rush in, do lazy, half-right positions on the machines, get irritated when the instructor corrects them (because they are too precious to be corrected), rush out again and still get amazing results. Well, of course for most of these people, it simply doesn’t work!  Some achieve maintenance, they are able to keep their fitness at the level it was at when they’d put in more effort but even that diminishes after a short time.

Some people come in for a few sessions and are surprised at how hard real vibration training (Vibra-Train) is. They’d hoped to easily, with no effort “shake their fat away” and decide the machines or the program are just “too hard”. Their attitude is lazy.  Real vibration training isn’t the right training method for everyone but it’s never “too hard”; it is hard, it’s meant to be.  If people don’t even bother to use up their concession card because the training is “too hard” I have no sympathy for them. They definitely don’t get a refund on their unused visits.  At Vibra-Train the instructors are always available, happy and willing to work with anyone who is struggling with getting the positions right or finding the program challenging. Some other studios do one-on-on personal training (at a cost). There’s no excuse to quit just because its hard!

Some new customers come in (or are dragged in by workmates) and they have real “attitude”. Okay, some didn’t really want to come in the first place but they, like the ignorant and lazy personal trainers, firstly tell us, this doesn’t work.  This is before they’ve even done the first 60-second position on the machine.  Some say they do real training at the gym. I’d never have guessed this with many that skite in this way. They have no muscle definition and their real training consists only of running on the treadmill and the occaisional Pump class. It takes one minute, yes just 60 seconds, to show these people how wrong they are.  The instructor will become very firm and strict with these new people and they go away most shamed at their initial attitude. They realise it’s serious training and become the best customers now they realise how wrong they were. Others don’t like being wrong and having that proven and don’t come back.

Then there are the people who refuse to eat before their Vibra-Train session. They don’t eat before they go for a walk or light run so they decide they wont listen to the instructors here; they believe they know better than people who’s job it is to train them. They outright lie when asked what they’ve had for breakfast or if they’ve had a banana or other quick-fix snack for afternoon tea – have they eaten before their sesson, No!  These people get asked to leave the studio if it’s Vibra-Train brand. No Food = No Vibration Training. The energy demands are just too high so having average or low blood sugar means people become dizzy, some pass out completely. Others get through the session but it’s so obvious they haven’t eaten as they can’t hold basic poses without small shaking all the time, they look a little like shivering when cold. And, of course, they wont get the results they are working out for.

Studio based vibration training (fully supervised) is suitable for almost everyone.  Get along and check it out.

Vibra-Train Full Commercial Vibration Machine for Lease

May 22nd, 2011

I’ve worked at Vibra-Train Head Office and Studio for over two years now and previous to that, over another two years, I spent a lot of time there; both doing my own vibration training sessions and while I was training as an instructor. I’ve watched the industry ups and down, seen brands and branded studios come and go. I’ve even seen court cases to ensure that this industry in New Zealand (and the world) is presented with the utmost integrity so that customers (that’s any and every person) get the best experience – fitness training or physical therapy session. And of course, I’ve seen the benefits that vibration training, on real machines, has given me personally.

It’s so much more than a job for me, I’m so involved and integrated into the company and now there’s a way I can be even more involved. I’ve bought a share of one of the machines and can now offer it for lease.

To explain how it works: Vibra-Train firstly has Licenced Studios but machines are also available on a Lease arrangement, a great way of obtaining a machine for your gym, fitness studio or team.

Just so you know, these are NOT home machines - they are 180Kg plus and are heavy steel, high energy, lineal Vibration Machines.

strength on Vibra-Train Vibra MachineI have one available now that I’d like to place in the Auckland region and there are others available too. They can go just about anywhere in New Zealand with expressions of interest welcome from Australia and elsewhere also.

The machine/s are available under an arrangement from Vibra-Train and are delivered to you. Of course you must meet a few requirements – have a suitable place to put the machine, attend a training session so you know how to follow the Safety Program and, well, it would all be discussed when you call. Training to use the machine and how to instruct clients can be done at the Vibra-Train head office studio in Auckland Central or if you are local we will come you and show you how; also spending some time with your clients as you instruct them so its all done correctly.  Vibra-Train are very strict on this.

I’ve been asked by a quite a few people if they can have a machine in their home - it’s not usually the way to go, in fact we joke that you can have one if you can lift it (read above where I said they are over 180Kg!).  There are times however when having a full commercial machine in your home is possible. This is how some people start out their studio. They lease a machine, learn to use it for themselves and they MUST have it available to their neighbourhood as well, so they train up as an instructor and start off their small business. Note: There are strict requirements about placement of the machine – if you live in an apartment forget it, your neighbours will not allow it. If you’ve used a machine in a Vibra-Train studio you will understand what I mean.

basketball player and hoopSome Sports teams have machines in their Training Centres. These machines are hard-out, not toys so there must be someone who can supervise the sessions but that’s not a problem as Vibra-Train ensure you have the necessary skills and follow up.

If you’re interested or just want more information phone or email, Lloyd at Vibra-Train (contact details at bottom of page on the Vibra-Train website) or email me direct by copying the email address from the image below.


Vibration Training after Women’s Surgery

May 17th, 2011

This is a sensitive topic but it is one that I am often asked about.  There are surgeries and medical procedures that are specific to women and we need to know when it is okay (and beneficial) to return to using a vibration machine.

Vibration machines come in varying types, varying energy force, and varying qualities so my statements will be very general and women should always be guided by their medical care practitioners to tell them when they can begin any form of therapy or exercise. If a knowledgable  instructor is available (at a gym or fitness studio) ask for their help also, to get back into the program slowly, safely and effectively.

The studio where I work ( has high energy lineal vibration machines.  These are real workout machines although there are simple ways to use them  for therapy also and that’s often where we start after a customer has had an operation.

Women specific surgeries are often in the pelvic area so we don’t want to directly target that area right away, instead letting healing take place without extra stress, but using gentle therapy positions to improve blood circulation can aid healing.

When to begin is individual and it is very important to recognize this!

Starting a few weeks after surgery many people can sit on a chair in front of a lineal (upright) vibration machine and place their feet onto the front edge of the machine with a mat on the platform to take some of the force. Running the machine for a minute to three minutes this position increases blood circulation through the legs to the whole body.  Assuming nutrition is adequate this is a very good start for healing. It reduces the risk of blood clots forming in the legs due to inactivity. Be aware though; even this simple position might be uncomfortable (including discomfort in pelvic region) and if it is then more time is needed before using a machine.

Remember the time to start or resume vibration training is individual but I can tell of my own experience after a womens surgery. It was a moderate level surgery and I was allowed to begin simple exercise after six weeks. I’d tried sitting in front of a high energy lineal machine a few weeks before this but found it gave an decidedly uncomfortable feeling into my pelvic region so I wasn’t able to do this.

I was keen to get back into the routine so after seven weeks I started with just the basic squat position on the lowest level machine in the studio where I work. To reduce the intensity I place 3 rubber mats, on top of each other, onto the machine platform. I was using the Vibra-Train machine that has side vibrating handlebars so I was fully supported by holding onto these and able to take at least half of the pressure through my arms; so my surgery area was protected from a lot of stimulation.

Vibra-Train Vibra MachineI began training again in this way. I did only one  sixty second basic squat position. I had a days rest then I began doing just that one sixty second squat each day (with weekends off) always remembering 3 levels of mats under my feet.  I slowly progressed to two squats (2 x 60 seconds) and then to three and added in the simple push-up position. By this time I was moving from what we call “therapy” to real training so I needed the usual rest day between sessions. My training days were Monday, Wednesday, and Friday with weekends off. The machines I use are high energy lineal platforms and the training is real – it’s hard work and its meant to be. Some days I coudn’t do it – the stimulation into my pelvis felt too extreme or I felt tired, so those days I did less or nothing at all. It was important to get back my strength as fast as I could but I had to learn to listen to my body and let it heal.

It’s taken four months to get back into the regular safety program, adding in positions as I was comfortable with them. The wide stance squat was the last as that obviously sent some feeling into the pelvis. I was hampered by infection on and off and extreme tiredness but my progress has been excellent.

IMPORTANT NOTE: It’s essential to have your surgeon’s clearance to begin any excercise program after surgery. Also please be aware that a hysterectomy or any operation that required an abdominal or pelvic cut (as opposed to laparoscopic like I had) would require a longer time before using a machine. Machine intensities vary – be guided by how you are feeling. Training is always hard work but pain is not to be ignored especially in the region of your surgery. Be careful and don’t train if it doesn’t feel okay. If you’ve been using a machine before surgery you’ll know what I mean. Train Smart!

Safety Program for use with Lineal Vibration Machines

April 12th, 2011
vibrogym professional
Does your Gym or Fitness Centre have a Vibration Machine in the corner or in a side room but you don’t know how to use it?

Does it have a chart on the wall with stick figures in many strange poses? Are the trainers clueless when it comes to this piece of equipment?

Vibe Trainer Whole Body Vibration Machines DKNDo you want to know how to use your home machine safely and effectively?

(many come with long, confusing workout suggestions written in broken english or just pictures with instruction in chinese languages)

Did you buy a machine on Ebay or New Zealand’s TradeMe and you don’t really know how to use it?

Here is a poster and link to clear instructions on the use of Lineal Vibration Machines. It is designed for medium and higher energy platforms like VibroGym, BodyShaker, DKN Lineal platforms, and Power Plate clones BUT it’s also effective with low energy home machines of the sort you can buy in a sports or general supply shop or online.

If you are using a lower force machine, once you’ve mastered the program and are making sure you are getting into and maintaining Perfect Position you can double up on the squats and later on the full program. Doubling up on a pose can be performing it for 2 minutes instead of 1 or doing two sets of 1 minute poses dependant on the timing controls available on the machine.

Be sure your machine is lineal (upright vibration) before following these instructions although most positions can be adapted for pivotal (side to side) machines.

Note: Do not attempt the plank position in these instructions on a pivotal platform. Full instructions for the safe use of pivotal vibration machines will be available very soon.

IVTRB Safety Program Step-by-Step instructions: Click here for instructions and explanation of each position.

And here’s the poster. If you click on it, it links through to a larger copy.

It is essential to follow the instructions in conjunction with the poster. By carefully going through it step-by-step you can be sure of getting into position correctly and having an effective workout.
Do not ever simply try to copy the poster!

IVTRB safety program poster

Vibra-Train and Lloyd Shaw – Leading the world in Vibration Training

November 8th, 2010

It was a busy Monday morning at Vibra-Train, Auckland City, with lots of customers coming into the studio for their training sessions.  Many regular customers can put themselves through the Safety Program and we also have lots of new people; who need help to get into and maintain the positions on the machines and newcomers who are just starting out.  All customers are fully supervised by the instructors at Vibra-Train, of which I am one.

A few things happened today that made me once again appreciate my role in this industry; the part I have to play. This website is just a small part of this, being a way to educate about Vibration Training; the various machines available and the brands, and to encourage people to “give it a go”.  I’ve also written in more depth for other websites and publications.  On a daily basis my job involves actively training people, from top athletes, “film stars”, workers, sports teams, moms, and well, every type of person including an elderly priest and a 13 year old netball player who just loves her sessions so much.  I also work with people who do Vibration Therapy.  Then there’s all sorts of other tasks involved in managing my shift.  I’m always busy but I still find time to check on social media sites, twitter and facebook, and New Zealand’s, TradeMe auction site to keep up with “what’s happening”.

I love what I do and there’s a real satisfaction in seeing the results people get. The past five or six years have been a huge learning curve for me, moving from being a full time mom selling a few collectible soft toys and being involved in my home community events to returning to study (not that I ever really stopped, always loved learning), training as a fitness instructor; finding Vibration Training early in this and meeting Lloyd Shaw of Vibra-Train, who encouraged me and taught me about life (by challenging almost every belief I held), helped me in my studies, growled at me often (quite often!), and took a chance on me by training me as a Vibra-Train Instructor.

What was the greatest thing I learnt over this time? It was simply confirming what I already new – that some people are leaders who have a purpose in their hearts and they will change the world for good. Some others are followers which is good if they are following a true leader. Then there are the competitors, those who challenge for leadership but continually fall short and really are challenging other competitors. These people are often marketers promoting their product and trying to make as much money as they can often with little regard to the truth or otherwise of their marketing claims.

Leadership is about passion – this was the thing that I saw in Lloyd Shaw on my first Vibra-Train visit.  He wasn’t in business to simply market a product, to make a lot of money; his passion was to cure obesity and he told just about every person who walked in the door.  Many just smiled, others wanted to know more and believed that the seeming impossible could become reality and today for many Vibra-Train customers and others worldwide who have been helped by Vibration Training, it has!

There’s been a lot of work to get to where we are today and the future is very exciting. True Vibration Training has surpassed the field of exercise, like what gyms deliver.  It definitely is exercise but it’s also a health product, as well as enhancing muscle strength and fitness in healthy people it’s a lifesaver for many who cannot do regular training.

Vibra-Train and Lloyd Shaw – Leading the world in Vibration Training

Another leader, another man of passion to change the world, recently wrote in his blog,

“The main goal of the competitors is to win the market and and win the other competitors, leaders instead they have a purpose, they live to make this world a better one.”
– Gianpaolo Grazioli

Vibration Training – Amazing Results

September 23rd, 2010

Okay, my last few posts have been a bit negative but it is really important that the people are educated about Vibration Machines – the types, the brands (including relabelling), how to use one safely and what results you can expect to get.

So, now a post full of good news – I’m seeing some amazing results in customers who come in regularly to the Vibra-Train Studio where I work and who carefully work through the Safety Program.  I’ll list some examples:

  • A very slim young woman who had never done exercise and didn’t like the idea of going to a gym decided (I have no idea who encouraged her) to enter a Body Sculpting competion.  My boss became her trainer and after just a few weeks, maybe six, she’s now looking slim with well formed, small muscles showing in her arms, legs, abdomen.  She’s entering the beauty section so she doesn’t need extra weight just the “look”.  She told me at a function last week a guy she’d know all her life came up to her and commented on how great she looked.  He asked what training she was doing to look so good.  Her competition is in a few weeks so it will be exciting for her.
  • Another young lady who was the unfortunate victim of being run over as she crossed the road (by a speeding, drunk driver).  She has plates in her legs and other parts of her body and spent three months in hospital.  She has previously been a body sculpting competetor also but now uses a stick to help her walk.  It took a while, through a friend who is a personal trainer, to convince her that we could help her with muscle activation and strengthening and with increased blood circulation to carry nutrients to areas for healing.  Also Vibration Training on the right choice of machine (with the right training or re-hab program) helps by breaking up scar tissue around wounds so giving easier movement and flexibility.
  • A guy who’s a boxing athlete has been coming in recently.  Vibra-Train is now sponsoring him so he doesn’t pay for his sessions but he has to do as he’s told, come in regularly, and work hard.  He can see the extra muscle strength he’s gained and has competitions coming up.  We’ve seen athletes move from third or forth placing to first or second when they add Vibration Training to their already heavy training schedules.
  • Now someone who’s not athletic and not training for anything at all – a young lady who’s a regular office worker came in just three weeks ago. She wanted to increase her fitness and look good by summer (it’s Springtime in New Zealand now).  In just three weeks, coming in three times a week, which is about every second day, she’s very happy with how much fitter she’s feeling. She holds the positions so well that she’s already about to add in some advanced work and has chosen to do so.
  • I’ve written before about a guy who’s a university student.  He’s studying law so probably spends long hours hunched over a computer.  His ethnicity has provided him with more muscle than most men his age and he’s very tall but he stooped and didn’t walk upright and seemed “flabby”.  It took a lot of hard work on the part of the trainer to get him to maintain perfect position on the machines and to be able to work through the Vibra-Train Safety Program with the dedication required to see results.  I wondered if he’d stop coming as he found it all so hard but  he kept coming and now he looks so good – will look great on the beach this summer. He stands up straight, has huge well formed biceps (his ethnicity adds to the size), triceps, and great looking shoulders.  His legs are strong with good looking muscle. I’ve never seen his abs but under a TShirt it appears that’s the area still to improve and it will happen.  He’s a student, as I said, and I suspect he eats junk food; fix that and he could enter any “Looking Good” competition.
  • The student’s young sister has been coming in with him most this year.  Only 13 years  but she’s an accomplished netballer and wanted to gain arm strength.  I explained to her that our program was designed to give strength and toning to her whole body and that we would do a few extra arm positions at the end IF she could work through the program competently.  She’s another that I misjudged – 13 years old and she actually wants to exercise! No one makes her come and she has to get up very early, eat breakfast as we don’t allow training unless a person has eaten some food, and then come with her brother right across towm twice a week to the Vibra-Train studio. She’s gained so much strength and I’ve also seen toning and fat-loss as she’s at the age of changing from a child into a young woman.  We’ve been able to chat about beauty, her weight, and her diet as she’s felt comfortable to ask me questions and at 7am when she comes in most times the other customers I’m responsible for are able to do the program unaided. I can still supervise them yet give her a lot of attention.  One of her questions is very important  – many 13 year olds check out fashion magazines and read about what weight they “should” be.  We’ve been able to kill and bury that lie.  She’s a beautiful girl with an ethnicity, as her brother, that means she would be dangerously ill if she ever tried to be the tiny weight that the magazine charts tell her to become.  Her diet will become very important in the next few years especially as on extended family occaisions there’s an abundance of heavy foods, lots of meats and breads, and alcohol.  She has to learn to chose wisely; meat is good but add in salad or vegetables without too much taro or sweet potato which are heavy in carbohydrates.  Her weight will never be the small amount that magazines suggest and the reason is simple – she has muscle, strong muscle in her arms, legs and abs and muscle weighs heavy.  It’s a good thing, it’s giving her all the power and strength she needs for nteball competition and later to support her bones and help prevent osteoporosis. I’ve encouraged her to always do some exercise and she knows of family members who haven’t and are still young but carry a lot of excess fat bringing with it the health problems of diabetes and heart disease. I hope what we’ve discussed and what she’s learning about health at school will keep her well informed, strong and well.

There’s so many other clients I could write about.  The successes  see on a daily basis are so exciting. More to come!

Gymform Vibromax – Scam

September 1st, 2010

Gymform Vibromax Pivotal Vibration MachineThe Gymform Vibromax Vibration Machine. A quick search shows people are asking questions like, “does it work?”, “will I lose weight if I use the Gymform Vibromax?”, “will I get muscle from the Gymform Vibromax?”

The title of this blog post gives my answer – the advertorials for this vibration machine are, in my opinion, a scam. There are so many inacuracies and downright lies in the text and on the websites that offer this machine for sale.

Things like –

  • The Gymform Vibromax is the ONLY massager which tones up muscles, firms up your figure and massages the whole body
  • 10 minutes a day on our new Gymform Vibromax correspond to:  2 hours of tennis or an hour of swimming
  • it promotes Strength and Power Conditioning, Fat Burning, Advanced Aerobic and Anaerobic Training

The machine works with a see-saw/pivotal action – when you stand on the machine one foot goes up while the other goes down; up/down, up/down. Watching a person on this type of machine you can see their body shake and it looks quite funny or even quite attractive if the model on the machine has a good figure or a well build muscular body BUT don’t mistake this shakey wobble for true muscle contraction – it isn’t!

The advertisers claim that the machine platform frequency is 30Hz – that’s 30 movements a second – It’s been independently tested and found to run at 9Hz which is a huge difference.  The advertorial that showed on Television New Zealand’s Good Morning Show in May and June 2010 showed an Auckland personal trainer on the machine and it was clearly running at about 9Hz. It was so slow that you could count the Up/Down movement.

And then there’s the Price – well someone has to pay for the TV adverts and that someone is, of course, the buyer. Television is an expensive yet effective method of advertising a product – it’s on TV so it must be good, right? Wrong!  There’s nothing about expensive advertising that guarantees a product will be good for you. And, the price is around three times that of the same machine bought elsewhere.

Then there’s the Shame. The consumer buys a product, uses it just like the advert tells them to and they don’t get the results promised. They don’t get amazing, firm, toned muscles, they don’t lose lots of fat, and they certainly don’t feel like they’ve been playing tennis for two hours, in fact there’s no fatigue at all.

What then? They quite often blame themselves, thinking they are doing something wrong – the Personal Trainer on the infomercial looks great and she/he said they use that machine to look the way they do, to get their firm and toned  “beach body”. The poor consumer then blames their parents for giving them non-responsive  genes or they rue their lack of willpower.

It’s the machine that’s at fault, not the consumer – although I have little sympathy for the person who buys a product without checking it out first. Google is like a lifesaver on a calm beach, pointing out the rips –

And to help you – check this out: for Vibration Machine reviews and many articles about Vibration Machines to help you choose the right one for your needs and to get the results you want.

So, is the Gymform Vibromax good for anything? I’m tempted to say it makes a very good Clothes Hanger like many others of the ‘As seen on TV” fitness products but Yes, it does have an excellent use – it’s a low speed, pivotal, Vibration Massage and Therapy machine. It gently improves circulation and helps a little with mobility. It can also enhance mood and help with relaxation. These benefits are great for the very unfit, the very obese, or older person who will gain from them but for most of us – there’s simply no way that standing upright on this machine for twenty minutes while watching television is going to give  the body that the person in the Advert has. For those results you need a High Energy, lineal machine, an excellent Safety Program, and you need to be prepared to work hard!

Why use the Vibration Training Safety Program?

August 20th, 2010

My previous post was about Customers – the Good, the Bad, and those whose who don’t really want to follow the Vibration Training Safety Program but instead think they can choose to make up their own program or copy a position  they see other people doing.

That last part is funny because when they copy another person they are very often copying a Therapy Position, given to a person who is unable to do the full program due to injury or long-term disability.  It’s funny to watch and when I question or, as more often happens, I turn the machine off, the customers gets mildly annoyed as they think they are missing out on some special position that will help them train harder and faster.

I totally applaud their dedication but Nope, No, the program alone is all that’s needed when it’s done with that same strong dedication and effort.

It’s essential to follow the program exactly for Safety and Excellent Results.

Only when a person can show that they’ve mastered the full Safety Program can they add in some extra work and even then it’s optional and not needed for many people.  Some add in an extra position, like the one they find the hardest, or the pelvic stability position followed by the stretch are popular additions.  Some, especially the guys, do extra upper body work, a pull-up position or a full body tri-ceps dip, using the Vibra-Train “Vibra”, handlebar machine.  See the videos here:

The ONLY Optional work is what’s added at the end IF the customer can show that they’ve mastered the program and can get into and remain in Perfect Position throughout. And then, the extra positions come with very strict instructions how to do them.

No one ever makes up their own positions or program at Vibra-Train.

The program, as I’ve said before, is specifically designed for Safety and Excellent Results and happy customers are proof of that.

Vibration Training Instructor – Customers

August 19th, 2010

I was going to title this post - “Difficult Customers” but really if we didn’t have customers we wouldn’t have a studio and I wouldn’t have this job that I enjoy so much.

So customers – the ones who carefully follow the program; the cheerful ones; the ones who seem to question everything; the ones who always have some new little ache or pain that they worry over; the ones I need to instruct every time even though they might be expected to know what to do by now; and yes, even the “difficult” ones – are why I am here at Vibra-Train every weekday morning.

So, who are they and why would I even suggest a customer seems “difficult”?

The customers who appear difficult are the ones who will not accept instruction and think they know better about how to do the positions than the instructor who works with these specific vibration machines every day.  I’m not talking about customers asking questions or getting the pose a little wrong but about the few customers who bring their gym based positions or what they’ve read in the latest fitness magazine and that’s how they insist they are going to do the positions.

The Vibra-Train Safety Program was specifically designed to work-out the whole body.  Everything about how the positions are done; how to get into position and how to maintain it; and even the exact order of the positions is “set in concrete” and must not be changed.  There are alternatives for cases where a person has limited movement.  Also  if a customer really excels in holding positions there are some advanced positions and higher level machines but no one (customer nor instructor) is allowed to “do it differently” just because they do a similar position elsewhere in a gym or another brand of Vibration Studio.  Instructors at Vibra-train are trained to teach the Safety Program and the few allowable alternatives, they will lose their job if customers are seen to be doing whatever they want to do instead of the program.

So, there’s no choice involved. In Vibra-Train studios and now in many other Vibration Training Studios worldwide we use the Vibra-Train Safety Program following the step-by-step instructions on every visit.  Those who argue about it are reminded that they have a huge amount of force coming up at them from the machine platform (or handlebars) and they’d be wise to do as they are told.  There’s always the Exit Door if they refuse.

For more information there’s a series of short videos on YouTube that show each position in detail with instructions and explanation by Lloyd Shaw, designer of both the Vibra-Train brand Vibration Machines and The Safety Program. Starting from The Basic Squat the series is for instructors and anyone who wants to view it.