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VibePlus – the challenge to my trademark has been withdrawn

March 5th, 2013

I’m very happy to say that the “application for revocation” of my trademark “VibePlus” in New Zealand has been withdrawn.


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2013 – Vibration Training and my Trade Mark

January 18th, 2013

This new year has started with a lot of bang and bright lights and I don’t mean the New Year’s eve fireworks.

The Vibra-Train studio is busy and I’m enjoying seeing customers back after summer holidays and many new people also. I’ve said how excited I was about the year ahead and some people smiled knowingly. I was told it meant more “hard work”, more of the same but with agreement that it is exciting for we who are passionate to see vibration training  known and accepted as an effective training method for fitness and exercise and what’s more, its a method that, when used with correct instruction, is valid for people who are less abled, maybe  because of age, injury, or disability.


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Alongside my work as a trainer I’m also busy with my other vibration training business involvements – About this, some readers will notice I took down my last writing, the one about my New Zealand trademark, VibePlus, being “challenged”.   » Read more: 2013 – Vibration Training and my Trade Mark

Contact Email and News

April 21st, 2010

I found out yesterday that the email address in my contact tab is incorrect.

I apologise to any readers who have had their mail returned. You can write a feedback under any article or contact me directly. Your questions are welcome

or copy the email address from the image below

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A New Video – Social Media case study on Vibra-Train.

Lloyd Shaw shares how he used social media and customer engagement to successfully launch his product and business.

Watch it here: vibra-train-tv-2/ or directly on YouTube: Social Media Case Study – Vibra-Train

Resonance Vibration Training Studio in Ampthill, Bedfordshire, U.K.

has New Zealand designed and manufactured Vibra-Train machines.  Click here to read an article in the local Bedford Today News and watch the video.

VibePlus – My trademark has been approved

January 15th, 2009

An official looking envelope arrived in my letterbox.  It was all good news.

VibePlus is now my registered Trademark.  I’m not sure where to from here as my intended plans did not eventuate. I’m planning for now to provide information and comments on my experience of Vibration Training which I hope will be helpful to readers.

Welcome to VibePlus

November 26th, 2008

My name is Di. The first aim of this website is to provide information about Vibration Training. I’ll be adding short articles and comments as time allows, also some of my personal experiences of using Vibration Training machines.

There will also be short articles about exercise and nutrition. I encourage readers to always check out what I say about exercise and nutrition. It’s your responsibility to do what’s right for yourself, not just blindly follow what’s  written here.  As this is a blog site I might add a political comment or joke that has nothing at all to do with Vibration Training or I might bore you with info about myself or my family.

I hope to soon have my graphics completed and showing at the top of the page. Articles will be listed at right.
You can email me if you have questions or add a comment below.

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