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Vibration Training 10 minute exercise session. True or a Scam?

November 25th, 2014
Advanced Basic Squat

Basic Squat on Vibra-Train, high energy, lineal machine

Let’s ask the hard questions


    • Is it true that I can get a real Vibration Training
      workout in 10 minutes ?


    • Will this give me real results?


    • Do I need to do anything to make this work for me?


    • Really ? it still sounds too little time.


The Answers are – YES, YES, and YES, and YES, you’ll probably want to allow another 5 minutes.

The next real question would have to be – please tell me more?

but instead I get argument and brush-off’s from people too lazy to ask real questions or do a little research for themselves. Let’s look a little deeper into these questions but be clear from the start, the answers Yes, Yes and Yes are simple and true. There’s no need to pad the answers or explain them away – there are, however, definite ways to ensure they remain true for your own vibration training experience and for every session you take.

The 10 minute workout – how can this be possible?


IVTRB safety program poster

The 10 minute workout is based on a a sequence of static exercise positions held for 60 seconds each (some can be done twice or double time for advanced clients). The sequence is shown here:  Vibra-Train standard program for high energy lineal machines . This is a serious, disciplined program – getting into the positions correctly and holding them precisely (adjusting as necessary because it’s always a challenge) is essential to getting through the program within 10 minutes – but it’s not that hard, it’s all about determination.

If you count the positions on the standard, safety program poster, at left, you will count 8 one minute poses in the full training program. Ladies can add in three minutes of ant-cellulite massage (see position 7) and in some Vibra-Train studios, men (and some of the ladies) might add in two extra, advanced arm poses.

Note: The Standard Safety program, a full body workout, is 10 minutes long.

When people phone the studio or call in for their first session I tell them 15-20 minutes for their first training time. This allows for discussion of their health and fitness needs, for setting up a payment plan (if one is purchased right away (the studio I am at does, first session free),Golden Rules at Vibra-Train

and for reading of the training rules.

A general explanation of vibration training might be given, followed by the client’s first session, showing the positions step by step instructions, and closely supervising them. That first session can be one-on-one or a group but whatever way it doesn’t take very long. Trainers are aware that people are in the studio to train and then be away to their next meeting or activity.


Will this give me REAL Results?


Of course it will !

Oh, hold on. I’m presuming some things here.  Firstly that you are using a high energy, lineal machine, most specifically Vibra-Train in a fully supervised training studio or personal training situation. It is possible to get good results from less intense machines but you might need to double the time on some poses and thus go over the 10 minute training time but not a lot extra.

What Results?

We haven’t asked the necessary question “what results are you looking for?” and “do they line up with the way vibration training works?”  I can honestly say, everyone I train gets a lot stronger.  It’s highly intense muscle strength training in the safest way  (following the IVTRB Safety Program)  that’s shown in the poster above.  Additional results such as fat loss are a bonus that comes with improved muscle strength and increased metabolism.

What do I need to do to make it work for me?

You need to be serious about your training. Actually turning up  regularly for your session is half the answer. Follow the “Golden Rules @ Vibra-Train” as shown above. Eat before you train. Never underestimate the energy requirements needed for this form of training. Holding the positions perfectly – Perfect Position – takes a lot of effort and uses a lot of energy. I’ve just had a lady finish her training and immediately eat a glucose sweet. She told me that even though she does have a banana before her session she feels lightheaded afterwards. She’s serious about her training, she’s not letting it stop her.  She knows her body will get used to this form of training after a few weeks.

It still sounds too little time and too good to be true!

Well, yes, there are ways to sabotage your vibration training session.  So, to add to the “what do I need to make it work for me”, I’ll add these

  • put away your cellphone or turn it to silent. It’s such a distraction that people lose discipline in holding the poses. I’ve seen people trying to squat and text at the same time; of course they lose form, they’ve lost concentration!  If you must take an urgent call, get off the machine and move into the reception desk waiting area, so that others can train without disruption and you aren’t holding up a machine that could be used by another person.
  • if you come in with a friend or colleague or in a group remember what you’re in the studio for – a serious workout. We all enjoy a laugh and being social but put absolute effort into the training positions. You can chat during the anti-cellulite massage (which is for girls only).
  • Don’t chat too much to the Instructor and also don’t let them interrupt you with too much talk. Again there’s a balance and we all like to chat but if you’re time is limited make sure the instructor knows.
  • Feel free to ask questions about the positions or training but don’t argue with the Instructor and then complain that you’ve run out of time. It might take a minute or two extra to show you an alternate position (if you have injury and cannot do a regular pose) or to show you one or two additional/advanced poses to add onto the standard program. Never just decide you’ll do a pose you’ve seen someone else do, just because, well, because you want to!  Not only will the Instructor turn the machine off as soon as they notice but you risk injury – all positions have strict instructions and the instructor will show you, if that pose is right for you.

It’s really all about the Results

and the results are this: females who do regular (two or three times a week) Vibra-Train for a few years get a certain look – it’s the look of a well trained athlete. People ask them what sport they do and how much time they spend in training. Guys get tight, strong muscle and a toned look. I’ve seen people do long gym sessions several times a week for three years and still look exactly the same as when they first started.

Note: This article is based on regular training on a high energy, lineal vibration machine.  Pivotal machines require different programs and times.


Vibration Training – 2012 – A Good Year

December 31st, 2012

It’s the last day of 2012; in fact there’s only 7 hours left of this year here in New Zealand. And what a year it’s been! 

I’m going to stick to Vibration Training and try to list at least some of the highlights. Also personally for me it’s been a very good year.

We are at an exciting time in the timeline of Vibration Training; right at the point where Real Vibration Training and Real Vibration Machines – both pivotal and lineal – are becoming accepted as a fully valid form of fitness training. Not that  it hasn’t been accepted for quite a few years already but, in my experience, it’s been an ongoing battle with gyms and personal trainers and even with medical people like physical therapists. It’s felt like vibration machines have been seen as only a minor method of achieving results, up till now.

This has changed  – with the clean up of the industry worldwide  and with such an enormous amount of information available online (and big thanks to Lloyd Shaw for both), consumers, whether they are buying a machine or looking for a training studio, are aware and knowledgable. They are unlikely to be suckered in by smooth talking marketers. Likewise people starting up training studios or buying or leasing a machine for their fitness studio or gym know what questions to ask and what they want . Even the buzz words, lineal ( a variation of linear) and pivotal are well known and there’s very little confusion when questions are asked about machines.

2013 is going to be huge in this industry. I hope the marketers that sell home machines (the honest ones that is) and the studio owners and trainers are ready for this.

Vibration Machines are right now being used for:

High intensity fitness training for muscle strength and endurance. This is for athletes as an addition to their program. Vibration Training on high energy lineal machines does not make people bulk up, instead it provides muscle strength and shape and toning.

High intensity fitness training – the same as above but I’ve given it a separate listing – for everyone who wouldn’t list themselves as athletes. Some combine it with swimming or walking, some with jogging. Others use an exercycle or a bike. These people want the very best fitness and the very best toning and body look they can achieve and are prepared to vibration train three times a week (on real machines with a real program) to get it.

High intensity and/or Medium intensity training for people who really don’t want to exercise but know they need to, or they are time short, or they have minimal starting strength or fitness. These people get such good results by committing to training two or three times a week.

Therapy or Physio work and/or training for people with limited mobility, for whatever reason. Vibration Machines used with a proper program save lives. I’ve been in this category at times; after surgery and after injuring my knees, which I have an annoying habit of doing by tripping over things.

There are so many examples of results and on a hot, sunny, end of year day, I’m not going to attempt a long list, just a few:

One of my regular, twice weekly customers has gained a lot of strength. She’s mid-50’s and works cleaning large homes. She’s got way more stamina than when she started training with me early in the year.

There’s been many older people start training this year and I’ve had the privilege of watching them gain in strength and mobility. Also surety of balance, lessening the chance of falls.

And also some very young customers, young men mostly, ranging in age from 12- 17. I see changes in these young men within three or four visits. I’m left asking myself how they gain so much so very quickly. One younger client today, I commented on how his very curved and hunched over spine was already straightening up. He was walking “taller” and when I observed him in the mini-plank position his back was held straight.

I have just one customer in a wheelchair and several who do a therapy program where they sit in a chair with their feet on the machine, usually for 3 lots of 3 minutes. These customers tell me how much benefit this simple, no effort therapy is doing for them, improving their circulation and vey mildly stimulating leg and butt muscles and so reducing stiffness and for some getting rid of pain.

This list could go on forever so I’ll add just two more examples: 

My daughter has been training at Vibra-Train all year, three times a week, totally regularly. Her results are astounding. She’s changed from an extremely thin, low bodyweight, low strength, always tired young girl, into a very well toned, mildly muscular, healthy looking young lady. She’s stressing about putting on weight – oh yes, vibration training will do that to you IF your body needs it, but what a difference it’s made to her. She rarely gets sick now whereas before she seemed to always have colds and flu or just plain exhaustion.

And as I said, its been a good year for me personally. Looking back it seems I’ve spent a lot of time complaining, mostly about being “too busy”.  At the end of the year that doesn’t feel like something to complain about.  Busy is good! Mostly it’s been busy at my job at Vibra-Train Auckland City. We’ve seen many new people this year, run various promotions to keep the public knowledgeable and I’ve been actively updating the Vibra-Train Facebook page.  Along with being a very “in demand” trainer , well I didn’t leave enough time for the regular updates this website blog had in past years. I didn’t set up my own business FaceBook page, I didn’t get the look of this website updated – all these, and very much more, have been moved into 2013 calendar.

What I have achieved personally, as well as being the best vibration training instructor in the world, and part managing the world’s first and busiest vibration training studio, I’ve had my lease Vibra-Train machine out being used in a small Personal Training studio. Did I remember to say I get emails daily asking all sorts of questions about Vibration Machines and Vibration Training and I answer these with advice, examples, links and more. I’ve been the “man” behind the camera in a couple of video shoots, now on YouTube (under VibraTrain).

And in my health I’ve become well again. It’s been two years since my last operation and the surgeon was right, it’s taken the whole two years to heal. In the first year I gained a lot of weight, so my already bigger size blosomed almost 20Kg more. I was truely obese, nowhere near as large as the morbidly obese clients I train but, way, way too big; a result of not being able to exercise sufficiently while healing and consoling myself with too much food. I’ve said before, I’m an emotional eater, I eat too much when I’m happy and too much when I’m sad – I don’t believe I’m so different from most women excepting a few who have amazing self control. The good news is I’m back to exercising, doing the full Vibra-Train Safety Program, and being more in control of what I’m eating – I’ve lost 10Kg weight.

And so to a New Year. I’m very excited. There are challenges ahead and busy times. It’s going to be the best year yet!

Advice to Vibration Training Instructors – Get Tough – Part 2

July 5th, 2012

This follows on from “Advice to Vibration Training Instructors – Get Tough – Part 1″ which covered learning the program and becoming an instructor.

Remember you must be vibra-training yourself.  If you don’t carefully get into the program positions and carefully work through the program yourself ( three times a week for lineal machines) you have no right to be training other people. The benefits of Vibration Training must be seen in your own life.

Your passion for training is your biggest asset. 

I’ve met salespeople who sell small home vibration machines who have no idea how to use them or they just mumble on about standing on the machine.  I’ve questioned some who sell reasonably okay home machines, along with other home fitness equipment (the brands you see on stands or small shops at the mall), and they’ve told me they really have no idea. I spent an hour with one such mall salesperson showing him the IVTRB Safety Program, demonstrating the positions and putting him through so he knew what it felt like.  I also talked with him about how to maximise training on the smaller home machines to get the best results possible. This time was invaluable for that salesman (even if it did cost me time out of my holiday. I never stop being being totally passionate about vibration training).

I you need just one reason, one reason only, to GET TOUGH

It’s because your customers are going to give you “shit”. They will use every excuse to cheat on holding positions correctly. They will blame every other trainer they’ve ever had and tell you that you are wrong in how you are instructing them because (another excuse coming) the other trainer lets them do it this (wrong) way, or the other trainer showed them this (wrong) way. Just occaisionally they are telling the truth; another brand of vibration studio might have shown them a different way of a position but that is not a valid excuse for them wanting to ignore your training. Mostly they are simply “trying it on”, hoping to put in as little effort as possible and still get maximum results.

If you are using the IVTRB Safety Program there’s no variation in how the poses are done. There’s no way a trainer could have shown them differently. There are, of course, alternative positions for people who have genuine reasons for not being able to hold a position such as an injury or medical or disability situation.

Some customers will also outright lie to you so you need to be very confident in your ability to train them and also be able to catch them out. This is not being horrible to them, it’s for their safety and so they get the good results they are paying for.

BananaOne area some people lie about very often is Food.  The first rule of Vibra-Train (and all Vibration Training) is to eat before training.  You can eat a banana right before your session – you wont feel sick; it gives you the boost in blood sugar you need for training.

This rule is Not up for debate but many customers try – they tell me they don’t eat breakfast ever, or they don’t eat before going to the gym, or before running.  Well, I simply don’t care! They must eat before vibra-training. I learnt very early on how important this rule is. I’ve felt dizzy myself when I haven’t eaten for three or four hours but worse than that, a customer went hypo-gylcemic and passed out early one morning when I’d just begun managing the morning shift on my own. This is a natural response to blood sugar dropping very low but of course its a little scary for the instructor and any other clients who are in the studio. No one trains on my shift unless they have eaten first, a meal in the past hour or so, or a banana, toast and jam or similar.  A few nuts, a rice cracker (on its own), or an apple don’t work – the client is still likely to become dizzy or not hold positions well.

That last statement is the clue – even if a person tells you they have eaten, if you see them wavering about in the poses and you know they can do them, then they haven’t had enough to eat. Even a complete newbie can hold the poses and be corrected when they get out of position without they body waving about and looking like they might fall off the machine. I’ve caught people out late afternoon, they tell me they had a big lunch and a snack at 3pm, yet in the studio here at 4pm they can’t hold the first position without moving about in a shaky manner.

In my studio customers eat or they don’t train. I recommend all instructors insist on this. If you are reading this and you have a home machine the same rule applies – have a proper snack or train soon after a meal, you’ll get a better workout. We tell customers to drink water after their session and that they probably will need something to eat within an hour – this is an opportunity to eat some protein like eggs, tuna, egg-white shake or smoothie – a triple chocolate muffin is not recommended!

Advice to Vibration Training Instructors – Get Tough – Part 1

June 11th, 2012

I’ve been planning this article for a long time but as much as I try, and as much as I keep thinking it over, I can’t find much padding to what I need to say.

It’s really very simple - If you are planning to become a Vibration Training Instructor or you are already working with Vibration Machines, and you want to see your clients get results, then you need to Get Tough Fast!

Here’s some of the reasons and background: (asuming you are using high quality machines not the “as-seen-on-tv” models)

* When you begin your training as an instructor, your Trainer or Boss will be very hard on you. If they are not hard on you you wont develop the skills you need so don’t get upset at this. It’s short term pain for your benefit and the benefit of your clients.

* You need to learn how to use the machines safely and effectively for yourself and to train people with firmness and exact positions – and if you come from a gym background (you are a fitness instructor or you spend a lot of time in the gym) you have to, firstly, forget just about everything you’ve learned especially about some classic exercise positions.  Remember you are exercising using a large, heavy machine so some classic positions are a little different. One example is the classic triceps dip – taught in the gym using a box, you hold your elbows well back (a good gym trainer will then tell you to relax the shoulder joint a little but elbows will remain tucked back). When you do this position using a Vibration Machine your elbows are not tucked back, they are out wide, keeping the shoulder joint straight and safe.  Also your back remains lightly touching the Vibration Machine while you take the force of the vibrations through your hands into your arms and even into the chest muscles.

It can be hard to leave behind previously learnt positions especially if you’ve been training yourself or others regularly in the gym. 

To suceed as a Vibration Training Instructor you must pay full attention to the Vibration Training Program.

Some readers will be thinking, “isn’t there a course or program I can attend to learn to be an Instructor?” and some will want their previous education recognised.  Well yes, there are a few courses put on by some of the marketers of some brands of machines. I do Not recommend these courses They are specific to the brand; they cost $’s to attend; and they give you a meaningless certificate (useful only for that brand and often only the specific machine that’s being promoted at that time). Mostly these courses cover a lot of information and marketing about how to sell that brand’s home machines – good for giving you a bit of money from the sale but of course then you lose your client and you become more of a salesperson than an Instructor.  I have attended one such course (free, I wouldn’t pay of course); they eventually got through to showing just a little of what to do on the machine. To learn more of their way of training you had to pay more $’s. This is a waste of time and money in my opinion – Once you have your job most Vibration Training Studio owners or managers will train you. If you have a little knowledge of how the human body works this can help but it’s not essential. Often though, already being a Fitness Instructor can be a negative and ony those who are willing to think and to learn will succeed. You do need to want to help others achieve fitness and health and to want this much more than wanting to be praised or recogised yourself. Being a Vibration Training Instructor is NOT all about you.

I do some of the Instructor training for Vibra-Train in New Zealand. Before the learner instructor ever instructs anyone they have to be proficient at putting themselves through the program.  They have to read all the articles on ; and they have to watch the videos of the positions on YouTube “VibraTrain TV”. You can follow through the program starting with : The Basic Squat
More in Part 2

Vibration Training 2011 – New Customers – Who are They?

January 24th, 2011

I didn’t make any New Year Resolutions but it seems many people did – and the one I’m hearing of the most is to get fitter, gain muscle, get stronger, exercise more, maybe lose some weight, feel better and many other similar desires. They are all about one thing – that the person realises they can acheive better health and fitness.

Many New Year Resolutions are broken by the end of New Years Day or the end of the first week of the year but achieving better health and fitness isn’t so easily set aside as we all know how important it is. Vibration Training is an excellent way to get into a fitness habit and I’m seeing that many people have realised this as there’s newbies in the studio every day.  There’s still a habit to establish but that’s quite easy as Vibra-Train can be rather addictive – it’s person versus machine, maintaining perfect position and getting through that whole minute while the machine seems to kick back harder each time.

So who are these new customers? It sounds like hard work, doesn’t it? And, Yes, it is hard work – we have a sayinfitness model in yellow bikinig that the sign over the door says Vibra – TRAIN  not Vibra – MASSAGE.  All exercise is hard work, there’s no short cuts to looking good and feeling great no matter what some advertising might tell you.

This years new customers have been all types of people. Early morning I’m getting fitness instructors and gym trainers, people who are already strong and are adding Vibration Training to their program because it gives them that “edge”, that little bit of extra muscle firmness especially for those who are heading into competitions, boxing, wrestling, body building, even running and endurance events.

sport dressed womanSome other new customers have been people who have moved into new buildings near the Vibra-Train studio. Most have relocated but some are new not only to Vibration Training but also have new jobs this year and what better time is there to get into shape and feel better. These people are all different ages, shapes and sizes and I’m really enjoying working with each one to help them make vibration training a fitness habit that they keep on with all year and then more.

All they have to give now is a little time to make the habit and in a few weeks time when they start seeing the results I’m sure they keep on with it. Vibration Training is one New Year Resolution that gives excellent results.

Vibration Training – Fitness Training – Back at it!

October 22nd, 2010

My posts have been infrequent for a few months as I’ve had some health ups and downs.  A small operation in late May went wrong and I received what is now politely called a “Treatment Injury”.  Basically it means someone stuffed up!  This resulted in a more extensive surgery early June, a long period of recovery and a lot of pain. I’m left with some internal injuries still and expect to have more surgery again quite soon to complete my treatment.

What has this meant for me?  Have I been able to vibra train? What about my fitness?  What about my weight, has it zoomed upward?

After any big operation there’s  a recovery time during which exercise is generally limited to short walks and no lifting or stretching.  I had no choice with that but after a few weeks I was eager to regain my strength so I visited my workplace and was allowed to sit on a chair in front of the Vibration Machine with my feet resting just on the edge of a rubber mat on the platform, my legs bent at about 110 degree angle at the knees.  The machine was turned on for three minutes.

This position requires zero effort and gently increases blood circulation so you feel quite awake.  It can even stimulate some small amount of muscle contraction in the legs and buttocks.  Obviously that’s all good for healing but a lot of care is needed even with this minimal effort position and one person will respond differently to another. It’s unusual but I found It gave me a discomfort in the pelvic region where I’d had surgery and I had to wait a few more weeks.

By then I was wanting to get back onto the machines and do some real training – Again I had to be guided by my healing progress.  Using 3 layers of rubber mat on the machine platform I was able to do the special “ski the slopes” position.  It was great for me as by using the side vibrating handlebars (only on Vibra-Train brand machines) I was able to get an upper body workout while gently working out my lower body; cutting the amount of vibration by using the mats on the platform and by using arm pressure, pushing down on the handlebars with my hands, to take pressure off my legs and pelvic area.

I continued doing only the “ski the slopes” position for 60 seconds, firstly just once, then three times, then up to six times using the lowest force machine in the Vibra-Train studio. Three times a week, just like regular training, I continued this regime for a month and then added in a few other poses.  I lessened the mats under my feet from three down to two and over the next weeks progressed to the full Safety Program.

The process seeBasic Squat on Bullet Vibra-Train Machinemed slow and as I’m a Vibration Training Instructor I wanted to get back onto the machines very quickly BUT my healing and safety comes first.

It’s taken over three months to get back to strength and full healing and now I am fit it’s a bit sad that I have to face the process all over again but “cest la vie”.

I feel very fortunate to be working with the world’s best Vibration Training Machines here at Vibra-Train, Auckland City.

New Customers with Questions

August 17th, 2010

Spring in New Zealand? Well not yet but the past few mornings have been a little warmer.  Auckland is known for having “four seasons in one day” and almost every day during winter we experience rain; which can be torrential or simply annoying showers.  Now, in August we are looking forward to Spring, a time of warmer temperatures, days with sunny skies, rain with gale force winds (not so exciting to look forward to) and maybe weekends away at the mountains which will hold their snow for a few more months.

We’ve had many first-timers at the Vibra-Train studio where I work. I’m wondering if people are looking forward to summer and know that now is the time to improve their fitness and strength; and look great.

Last week’s customers all had questions about Vibration Training or they had specific desires, several wanting to only work out their upper body, telling me that they did a lot of running and that was all they thought they needed for their legs.

These customers are “the best” – they haven’t just come along because they’ve seen an TV advert for Vibration Training or an article in a magazine and come to try us out for a few visits, kind of like trying the latest flavour of icecream and then off to try some other fitness facility – they’ve come because they’ve already done some research or talked to a friend who’s getting great results – these are serious, long-term, new customers and they want their questions answered.

running woman on beachThose who are regularly walking or running need to understand how different Vibration Training is; how training on high-force, lineal machines builds muscle and is considered a form of resistance training whereas running is for cardio fitness. They soon realise that despite frequent running they must follow the full Safety Program to get the results.  If they vibration train regularly two or three times a week they soon be telling me how much easier their running is becoming because they’ll have increased their overall fitness; those who sprint get faster and those who walk or run longer distances find they have more stamina and don’t tire so soon.  An advantage runners and regular walkers have over other “newbies” is that their leg muscles are strong so they manage the squat positions very well.

Vibration Training Instructors

August 10th, 2010

In my last post I reported having many new customers coming into the Vibra-Train studio where I work.  This can make my day very exciting and also challenging as I instruct these new users and put them through The Safety Program, introducing them to safe and effective Pure Vibration Training and answering any questions they have.  I like to leave them with a great impression of what training on high-force, lineal machines can do for them – increasing their fitness and toning their body, along with strength increases and maybe fat-loss and much more, depending on what the person needs. The benefits are too many to list in one sentence!

We often talk about the different machine types and brands available and the Vibra-Train difference.

I worked on Sunday, and two new customers had specific back injuries that required me to make decisions about their ability to follow the standard safety program.  I have the option of giving them fully assisted (side vibrating handlebars) squats so that their lower back, hips, knees and ankles have even more support and allowing them work through the whole program; or, if necessary, they can do only the side handlebar assisted squats, that’s if their medical condition or severity of injury suggests they will be unable to do the regular program.

I have to make the choice.  I’ve gained experience in this and I can always refer back to Lloyd Shaw, the owner of Vibra-Train if I am really unsure but he expects me to be competent in this by now.  Sometimes I wait and and then decide  from how well they handle Position 1 – The Basic Squat – getting them to use the side handlebars instead of front ones, but even before that very first first position, I’ll be thinking and deciding as they’ve filled in a questionaire and we’ll have discussed their health or injury concerns.

Confidence is the thing –  I can make the right decisions for these customers.  I can decide if they can follow a Training program or is they need to start with Vibration Therapy.  It’s really not hard to decide!  I err on the side of caution but I don’t want to send a customer away disappointed because they could have done more.

Vibra-Train Vibra MachineSo, yesterday’s customers – one had a severe lower back problem and had expected to have surgery but was declined by our national accident insurance system.  Despite her injury being the result of an accident there was an element of degenerative plus overuse issues.  She was hoping her private medical insurance would help pay for the needed surgery and told me she was currently unable to lift up and carry her 18 month old toddler.  It was quickly obvious that she was not able to work through the full program so she did a simple set of side handlebar assisted squats and will come back in few days to tell us how she felt afterwards and then we may increase what she does – She did Vibration Therapy.

The other customer with lower back and knee pain arrived later in the day.  Her injuries resulted from years of working in childcare squatting on the floor while she played with children and picking them up from the ground.  I thought she would be able to do the full Safety Program using the side handlebars for support in the squat positions.  Then as my boss walked into the studio I decided to ask his advice.  Lloyd (my boss) took over and put the customer through the program and I observed.  She did the full program – Vibration Training. I noticed she was putting her body weight onto her toes not balanced onto heels and toes.  This was what was causing her back and knee pain as it was the way she regularly squatted down when playing with young children.  Lloyd pointed this out to her and told her how much she would benefit from the Vibra-Train Safety Program; with an instructor supervising her sessions she would quickly learn to keep her heels down and take the pressure off her knees, also keeping her back neutral and relaxed.

I love it when I see Vibration Training giving such benefits that will change a young person’s life so dramatically. I’m excited to be able to watch this new customer’s progress.

Vibration Training and Teen Athletes

July 27th, 2010

Do young athletes of 13-19 years use Vibration Training as part of their program?

As I’ve talked with my daughter and her friends I find that many young people in their late teens and early 20’s dismiss Vibration Training as a form of exercise because  they think they wont  enjoy it, BUT these are young people who don’t do any exercise other than a quick dash between classes or to the latest movie or party.  They are completely lazy about any form of exercise that requires them to make an effort.  Later, when they hit their late 20’s or early 30’s they’ll panic and search out a simple, time-sparing way to exercise and Vibration Training will be available.

But what about those who are regularly training, for fitness or sports?

Yes, there are teenage athletes who love Vibration Training.  It allows them to gain strength and stamina in a way that also lets them challenge their own ability each time they come into the Vibra-Train studio.  In my opinion it’s far safer than allowing these young people to lift heavy weights and risk injuring themselves.

It’s important that they workout with an experienced Instructor so that their form is continually checked and Perfect Position maintained throughout the time of each position of the Safety Program.

basketball player and hoopI’m currently working with a very young athlete, a 13 year old girl who loves Netball and wants to improve her arm strength and force.  To get the results she wants she’s simply doing the full Vibra-Train Safety Program, nothing more and definitely nothing less.  I’m as excited as she is about seeing the results we’ll get.  She’s a little overweight which probably doesn’t matter in an active girl of that age but I’m thinking she’ll lose a little fat as well as gaining muscle and overall strength.

In just a few months time this young lady is going to be a force to be reckoned with on the Netball courts this, New Zealand, Summer.

I don’t recommend Vibration Training for every young person as it’s an individual thing.  Many teens, especially younger ones, get all the stimulation they need from their daily lives and those who are serious athletes often workout hard with practise sessions for their chosen sports and a fitness program built around that.  There are some, however, for whom Vibration Training works very well and the young netballer In am working with is one. We are very careful to ensure she is always in Perfect Position; important  for everyone and even more so for her as she’s still growing.

Disabilities and Vibration Machines in the Studio

February 18th, 2010

Some of the customers at the Vibra-Train studio where I work have disabilities.  No, I don’t just mean they don’t listen when I instruct them or forget the poses from one session to the next I mean they have real physical and/or mental disabilities and they come in two or three times a week (same as other customers) to workout on the vibration machines or to do a vibration therapy session.

One of these customers has been very regular lately, coming three times each week no matter if he’s feeling well or having a “bad” day where he can barely get out of bed.  On Wednesday he came into the studio very slowly, stooped over and saying he hadn’t come the previous day as he’d been too unwell but he didn’t want to miss his session so he’d come in today despite quite bad muscle aches from his condition.

While I can feel some empathy I didn’t dwell on his illness instead telling him firmly, “Okay, now get onto the machine and let’s do your work-out”.

Later he thanked me and said that’s the reason he’d come in despite feeling very achy.  He knew he’d get no special treatment or allowances from me but would be expected to do the Safety Program to the best of his ability.  In his case he is only able to do a Basic Squat position supported by holding onto the side handlebars of the Level 2 Vibra machine.  Because of his condition he can’t always manage the 60 seconds of the squat so we do as long as he can hold the position perfectly with three repeats.  This means he drives his car or gets someone else to drive him 20km across town for just three times 30-60 second squats.

What does this tell you?  Obviously Vibration Therapy is working for him.

And yesterday he thanked me for pushing him so hard, for expecting him to put in his best effort and for not dwelling on what he can’t do but on what he can.  He’s come to understand that he will feel discomfort during the squats on the machines but that this is no different to what every customer feels.  In many ways he’s simply a regular customer. And the bonus of expecting his best effort yesterday, he asked for and was able to do a fourth squat position instead of the three he normally does.  He left feeling fatigued but mentally enlivened, knowing he’d have to rest for a few hours but would feel more flexible and alert the next day.  This is the benefit for him, not a cure but a way to strengthen weakened muscles and a path to improved overall fitness physically and mentally.