Choosing a Vibration Studio

Choosing a Vibration Training Studio isn’t as easy as just turning up at your closest provider. It’s important to visit all the studios you can and to ask questions about the machines and the program used. Most providers offer the first session free so you can assess it. You will be asked to fill in a questionnaire asking your reasons and goals for Vibration Training and you need to clearly state any injuries (present or past) and medical problems you have. From this information a proficient Instructor will tell you if you can proceed or if you need to get medical clearance first. Also they can advise alternative positions you will use on the machines if a regular position is contraindicated. Some people start with a Therapy program to target injured or weak areas of the body and then move onto a Training (fitness/strength) program.

The same questions need to be asked as if you were buying a machine: ask what will the machine do for you. Decide: does the answer sound realistic or is it an exaggerated promise of health, fitness and beauty. Ask where the machines are made and who designed the program (the positions you use on the machine). Ask what weight the machines can take. Some machines, made of poor quality construction materials, do not perform to the specifications stated and also cannot take the weight of people over 176lbs (80kg) without considerable loss in working effectiveness. Studio machines need to have solid steel platform construction to give good results and for the machine to withstand constant use.

Remember you are paying for a service and so you should get the quality you’re paying for. Talk with the program designer if possible or contact them by phone or email. This is very important as programs vary in effectiveness and safety. When using a Vibration Training machine more is not necessarily best. An intense (60 seconds per position) simple to follow program of around 7-10 positions that works the whole body is very effective and this program is available online if the studio does not already use it. It is extremely important that the Instructor remains with you and shows you the correct body positioning on the machine and continues to be with you on every visit until you are proficient and able to maintain accurate positions. Even then a good Instructor will be watching to ensure you do not tire and get out of position or get lazy with how you use the machines. If this isn’t happening then go somewhere that provides this service.

Choose your Studio carefully and you will get the good results that Whole Body Vibration Training can give – increased fitness and strength, improved balance and coordination, hormonal balance, sports specific training, some possible pain relief in conditions like osteoporosis and much more. I love to Vibe and I hope you will too.





  1. Tracy says:

    There are so many ‘vibration machines’, I was getting confused with what is on offer. I thought this has to be too good to be true. Your website has given me the ‘real’ answers I’ve been looking for! thanks

  2. Di Heap says:

    Thanks Tracy. I don’t sell machines but I now work in a studio. It’s taken me almost 4 years of research and I love to share it. Also you can lots of info at

  3. Dhaneshvar says:

    Thanks for the info about vibration training in your blog. I am inspired to try it for myself but in my area I can only find Power Plate at studios.

    Also if you are into stopping the spam tactics of some companies you might want to remove the comment from Parker Todt which is a nie comment but still generated from a SEO tool. :-)

  4. Di Heap says:

    PowerPlate is a medium energy lineal machine. You can get goood results from using it. Just “do your homework” first so you know what to expect. It’s machine composition causes it to give less vibration force than, say, a Vibra-Train brand (or VibroGym) machine. PowerPlate programs use a mix of static and dynamic positions and have group classes that are similar to regular gym (movement) exercise.

    What you do on the PowerPlate machine is determined a lot by what you are capable of – eg – energetic, healthy Or overweight, sedate. Go and try it out.

    If you can find the older solid steel VibroGym Professional (brandname), the original PowerPlate) try that too. I’d love to hear your repsonse on the differences between the machines.

  5. Sam says:

    OKAY … so i came here via google as i was looking into info about a Crazy Fit Massage machine (Yip i’m beginning to cringe as i hear that too now – thanks)

    But after realising i’m not wanting to spend money on the one I’ve been offered, i’m left me in the same position … now a mum on two who lives rural Taranaki wanting to move 15kg and thinking of trying vibration training the choices seem limited as i can’t afford the bigger $$ that it takes for a semi better machine and by the looks there are no studios even close to me.

    Can you help?

  6. Di Heap says:

    Crazyfit can be okay to start with, just don’t pay more than NZ$250 approx. Also it depends on your starting weight as they lose power at about 80Kg. I know, I know – not much help. As long as you know what you are getting. Don’t think you can just stand up, watch tv and lose fat – it’s not gonna happen. You’ll need to follow a program of squats etc. Standing on a pivotal platform will help circulation which in itself is good but not a workout.

  7. Carolyn Evans says:

    I am interested in a purchasing a vibratrain machine because I have low bone density. I don’t want a machine with high g force as I think that will be too hard on my body. I don’t need it for losing weight.
    I live in Whitianga but come to Auckland regularly.
    where can I go to try a machine out that is right for me. Preferably either Manakau city or newmarket central city areas. thanks

  8. Di Heap says:

    You can do a free first session at any Vibra-Train studio You cannot buy a Vibra-Train brand machine. They are 200Kg solid steel platform. You do need a good quality machine but it doesn’t have to be the best exercise grade one for what you need. We can advise you on what to buy (don’t worry we don’t sell them so wont be making on it). Please call Vibra-Train Auckland City and talk to Lloyd or Di or just call into the studio at 7/192 Victoria St West.

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