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New Customers with Questions

August 17th, 2010

Spring in New Zealand? Well not yet but the past few mornings have been a little warmer.  Auckland is known for having “four seasons in one day” and almost every day during winter we experience rain; which can be torrential or simply annoying showers.  Now, in August we are looking forward to Spring, a time of warmer temperatures, days with sunny skies, rain with gale force winds (not so exciting to look forward to) and maybe weekends away at the mountains which will hold their snow for a few more months.

We’ve had many first-timers at the Vibra-Train studio where I work. I’m wondering if people are looking forward to summer and know that now is the time to improve their fitness and strength; and look great.

Last week’s customers all had questions about Vibration Training or they had specific desires, several wanting to only work out their upper body, telling me that they did a lot of running and that was all they thought they needed for their legs.

These customers are “the best” – they haven’t just come along because they’ve seen an TV advert for Vibration Training or an article in a magazine and come to try us out for a few visits, kind of like trying the latest flavour of icecream and then off to try some other fitness facility – they’ve come because they’ve already done some research or talked to a friend who’s getting great results – these are serious, long-term, new customers and they want their questions answered.

running woman on beachThose who are regularly walking or running need to understand how different Vibration Training is; how training on high-force, lineal machines builds muscle and is considered a form of resistance training whereas running is for cardio fitness. They soon realise that despite frequent running they must follow the full Safety Program to get the results.  If they vibration train regularly two or three times a week they soon be telling me how much easier their running is becoming because they’ll have increased their overall fitness; those who sprint get faster and those who walk or run longer distances find they have more stamina and don’t tire so soon.  An advantage runners and regular walkers have over other “newbies” is that their leg muscles are strong so they manage the squat positions very well.

Cardio as part of a fat-loss program

July 3rd, 2009

We now have a treadmill and an exercycle at the Vibra-Train studio where I work.  This is available to customers after their vibration training session.  The treadmill is set for incline walking and customers can use it for 20 minutes of easy walking to aid their fitness and fat-loss.

dreamstime_8066223Of course this increases the time that customers need to spend in the studio so it wont suit those who rush in to train on their way to work but it’s great for those who have more time available.

It’s wintertime in New Zealand so the treadmill looks set to get a lot of use.  I’d much rather take my walk along the harbourside looking out at the yachts and enjoying the fresh air and health benefits of being outdoors but not if I’m going to get rained on so I’m also using the treadmill a few times a week.  I plan to up that to 5 or 6 times as I’ve stopped my outdoor walking program and I’ve noticed my weight has increased with less exercise taking place so I’m going to do the same program we’re giving to customers; vibration training plus cardio, 20 minutes on the treadmill, three times a week.  Working in the studio I’ll also be able to use the treadmill two or three extra times each week.

Vibration Training alone gives great toning benefits and fat-loss but for cardiac fitness walking, biking (outdoors or on an exercycle), swimming, or playing with the children are all good choices.