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I was a test dummy and I’m so excited!

January 25th, 2009

dreamstime_968714A few days ago I was privileged to try out a test machine,

a pivotal vibration machine with vibrating handlebars.

It was very smooth. Standing upright on it I didn’t felt like I was moving at all – a big plus for me as I’ve never liked the see-saw motion of pivotal machines.

And, It could be made to give more sensation by using varied frequencies.

The best part though was the Vibrating Handlebars.  I currently have nerve and muscle injury to both arms, left one is worse and I can’t lift it above my head. The vibrations from this test pivotal vibration machine felt so good in my arms awakening sensation and relieving pain.  This is not a usual feature of pivotal machines where the vibrations barely reach up to the hips when standing on the machine.

This machine would be ideal in a Physical Therapists office and, maybe one day, in Vibration Studios.

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