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Guys – Vibration Training is Hard Work!

February 15th, 2011
This year’s really going off at Vibra-Train.

All the studios in New Zealand and Australia are busy with regular customers and lots of “newbies” – people who come in for a trial session; some buy a concession card or membership right away, others go away and think about it; all are thoroughly impressed at how hard it is and can see right away that it’s going to be effective for their fitness and strength training.

HARD – Yes I used the word Hard

This year’s new customers have taken the time to find out what they’re in for – most already know its going to be exercise which is, as we all know, hard work; you can’t get results by just messing about. The Vibra-Train safety Program (used in Vibra-Train and many other vibration studios worldwide) is exacting; we insist that customers maintain perfect position throughout the time duration of each pose.

Can it be too hard for some people? This really isn’t a problem as the Safety Program accounts for all the aches Vibra-Train Bullet Machineand injuries a person might have while still allowing advanced users to “go harder”. There’s four varying levels of the “Bullet” (Vibra-Train’s lineal vibration machine) in the studio I’m working in plus there’s the “Vibra” machines with side vibrating handlebars that are used both for extension work and for simpler, greater support for those who are less able or have injuries.

So, what about Guys?

Well, this year there’s been a lot of guys coming in for trial sessions. Some already know they are going to have to work hard; others, especially those who come with their girlfriend or partner, have the idea that vibration training is for the girls (they’ve seen an advert for a cheap machine or maybe seen a video with pretty girls on a light machine) and they come with an opinion that its not really serious exercise.

Guys with this attistrength on Vibra-Train Vibra Machinetude are a lot of fun for the trainers – it can take just 60 seconds to change their mind and by the end of a 8-10 minute session they leave exhausted. Of course we have to be careful not to injure the male’s fragile ego by making the session too hard while their female friend just gets on with it without complaint but we do make sure they leave suitably impressed.

Many of the guys who are already fit and carry extra muscle mass find the workouts on the Vibra-Train machines to be really hard. I’m training some very strong guys at present, one in particular who is a Personal Trainer himself and is using Vibration Training to add that “extra” to his program.  There’s another who was becoming quite fit and had lost a lot of stomach flab but he definitely over-indulged over Christmas and came back in a lot heavier – he came back in saying he was “afraid” of me. He knew I would insist he worked through the sessions correctly and safely and work very hard to get back into shape. He’s already getting great results again after just three weeks ( 9 sessions).

Guys who have never exercised in their lives do well with Vibration Training. On the vibration machines they are working with their own body as resistance so they can handle the program just as well as those who are already highly trained or fit. Of course it all seems very hard at first but that would be true of any exercise.

Then there’s the runners and those who regularly cycle long distances. These guys have strong legs; they can easily vibrogym professionalhold the squat positions but they fail in the upper body work. Vibration Training on high-force lineal machines such as the Vibra-Train or Vibro-Gym helps to even out their training and give them overall fitness.

Any guy reading this who still thinks vibration training is for chicks is welcome to come into a Vibra-Train studio for a free session.

Commercial Vibration Training Machines

July 7th, 2010

If you are a gym owner wanting to buy or lease a Vibration Training Machine for your clients to use, what machine type and specifications should you be looking for?

Or perhaps you own or run a Vibration Training Studio or you’re interested in getting into this industry – You want your clients to get great results but there are so many choices of machine brands, type, price and quality, so what should you demand from the company you choose to supply your machines?

Watch this Video,

What to look for in a Commercial Vibration Training Platform”

Does Vibration Training really work?

March 4th, 2010

Checking the statistics for my website this is the term most searched for.  So I could simply answer, YES,  it really does work  but that doesn’t really answer the question does it?

Does Vibration Training work for _ _ _ _ ? You, the reader, need to insert the missing word here.

I’m so passionate about Vibration Training and what I see on a daily basis as an Instructor that I’m inclined to say YES, YES, whatever missing word you insert, Vibration Training works  BUT, in reality, I’m not so naiive.  I’ve even heard a lady ask if doing Vibration Training will cure her body of cancer.  She seemed to think that the vibrations might re-set her body onto a healing path.  Alas, no, while her theory sounds good there are some things that Vibration Training cannot do or if it does we are not willing to take the risks involved to find out.  Vibration Training is not recommended for people with active cancer as it improves blood circulation throughout the whole body and while that carries nutrients it also possibly increases the risk of spread of disease.

Vibration Training is also not recommended for people with pacemakers.  This is in line with keeping away from electro-magnetic currents.  I know the machines I work with at Vibra-Train have sheilded motors, nevertheless this is an industry safeguard so we simply don’t these people to use the machines.  And we don’t allow women who are pregnant to use the machines, not that we have any evidence that it’s dangerous but we simply don’t know.

So, leaving aside these known contra-indications and all the short-term reasons not to train (like influenza, recent surgery, recent broken bones) I can confidently say, Vibration Training is great, it works!

But again, it works for what?

Firstly what do you want to achieve? Is it gentle stimulation of a previously injured body part?  Is it muscle strength and power?  Is it speed or endurance to help with your next sports event? Is it general fitness and feeling good?  Do you want to bulk up yet strip off fat?  Are you a busy mother wanting to simply lose a few pounds of weight and increase your sense of well being?

Your results are determined by various factors -  including the type and quality of the machines you use and the program of positions you use on the machines.  I recommend the Vibra-Train Safety Program for use with lineal (upright) machines in studios and at home.  It can be difficult to do some of the poses if you are using a small, low to the ground home model but as far as possible you can follow the program and I am happy to help with any questions.  An essential accessory for home (and studio) machines is a rubber mat to place onto the machine platform to protect hands, elbows, and sometimes even the feet from the rough or bubbly surface that machines have and to assist with grip and placement.  To choose the right machine type or brand and when deciding to buy a home machine or to use a specific vibration studio or possibly a machine in your local gym or health studio I advise people to get all the information they can get before committing your money.  Read the relevant articles on my website and others and ask lots of questions of salespeople, then check their answers against what you already know and as trite as it sounds, use common sense.  If the claims are beyond belief, they are most likely, untrue.

Then it’s up to you – Follow the safety program three times a week or maybe twice if you already have an intensive weights program that you use.  Eat sensibly without going into excesses of dieting or supplementation.  Your results will be exciting, make sure you track them by a diary entry or a short note in a notebook.

Yes, Vibration Training works – It works very well. Making it work is up to you, the reader, by choosing the right equipment for your needs, following an excellent whole body vibration training program, and being dedicated to your workout sessions.  You can even get away with pizza for dinner occaisionally.

Links: Vibra-Train Safety Program, Vibration-Training-Advice

Basic Rules for using a Vibration Machine – Part 2

August 19th, 2009

Back to the question asked in the previous post;  “how to prevent getting headaches after using the machines”.

I’ve covered the eating “rules” so now to a few other causes of headache, neck, shoulder, or head discomfort, and vertigo or dizziness while using a vibration machine or soon after.

bullet basic squatLet’s look at the machine and the program being used.  There are many articles available about finding a studio that has quality machines or buying a home machine so I will assume that this has been considered and look at the program of positions used.

An excellent Safety Program for use with lineal (upright vibration) machines is available on the Vibra-Train website  with step by step instructions.  It’s freely available to be printed out.

Some studios, those using PowerPlate machines are one, get people to move about on the machines.  » Read more: Basic Rules for using a Vibration Machine – Part 2

Basic Rules for using a Vibration Machine – Part 1

August 19th, 2009

PowerPlateThis morning I took a call from a lady who had just started going to a PowerPlate Vibration Studio in another city.  She had some questions about using the machines and as they are basic to all machines I’ve decided to answer them in this article.

Her concern and main question was how to prevent getting headaches after using the machines.  Despite having an instructor take her through the program she found that very soon after the session she developed a headache or dizziness.  She wanted to continue training as she could see the value of it but her questions were not being answered at the studio and she felt a little rushed through the program.

I answered her question with a question; did she realise that she must eat before going to the PowerPlate studio?

Vibration Training is intensive, short period exercise.  As such it depletes the body’s blood sugars very quickly.  It’s unlike other exercise where the liver releases glycogen (sugar) into the bloodstream as needed.  There simply isn’t time for that process to occur.  So the starting point is to have eaten (a banana is a good choice) and you can eat as you walk in the door of the studio without feeling nauseous during the session.

The second “rule” is to ensure that adequate water is drunk during and after the session.  This rehydrates the body and helps eliminate toxins and waste.  Vibration Training helps with lymphatic drainage so drinking water is the end part of this process.

Thirdly, vibration exercise gives a “feel-good” feeling due to a rise in serotonin levels in the blood and into the brain.  This neurotransmitter helps reduce fatigue and pain, regulates the onset of sleep, reduces food cravings and generally calms and encourages well-being.  It’s important to remember to eat after your Vibration Training session and I advise protein foods to help with muscle growth.  I doubt anyone feels so ecstatic after their training session that they don’t eat all day but a reminder is needed as, I’ve already said, blood glucose levels will be depleted.

It’s part of the instructor’s job to make sure customers know and follow these “rules”.

HyperVibe – Premium Speed Pivotal Vibration Machines

May 13th, 2009

On a recent visit to Sydney, Australia (April, 2009), I was privileged to visit Debbie at Beach Body Vibe, Vibration Studio at Bondi Junction, near beautiful Bondi Beach.

The machines Debbie has are the HyperVibe platform. These are controlled premium speed pivotal machines. Debbie holds classes for muscle toning, weightloss, overall body workout and more. Her customers range from athletes to the elderly and she runs classes for up to 5 people or private sessions.


HyperVibe Pivotal Vibration Machine (pic used with permission)

Murray Seaton, the General Manager of HyperVibe, had dared me to try out his machines as I’d previously written that Pivotal Vibration was suitable for Therapy and Light Training only. Murray told me that his machines were definitely work-out models and that he’d told Debbie to “go hard” and to give me a gruelling session.

I was still recovering from a shoulder injury and when I arrived at the studio, very tired after an early morning flight from Auckland, so I was just a little concerned. My previous experience of large pivotal machines was not at all positive as the machine had an uncontrolled rapid see-saw effect that made me feel dizzy.

I’m pleased to report that my experience was very good. HyperVibe machines run at a tested, controlled frequency of 6-28Hz and 11mm peak to peak amplitude. This means that the see-saw effect is so fast that the machine feels quite similar to pivotal/vertical vibration and, Murray, I agree, your machines definitely give a workout. I used the machine on approx 25Hz and hesitated in doing more than simple squats due to my injuries and tiredness. My friend did a more rigorous workout including single-leg squats and push-ups. Next day we both felt a little sore which was the only negative as we don’t get this from the Vibra-Train Studio vertical platforms we regularly use.  HyperVibe machines can also be purchased for home use.

Visit the HyperVibe Australia Website for more information:

or Debbie at Beach Body Vibe

Tough Guys

May 4th, 2009

A few friends have asked how I get on instructing fit,strong guys or even flabby beer-gut guys.  Another asked how I cope with guys who have an attitude problem, that is, they do everything super fast and badly and they certainly aren’t going to be told what to do by a female instructor.

One friend, who knows me well, said, “I bet that’s the ones she likes the most!”

That’s right. Guys with an attitude problem – bring it on!

I really enjoy working with them to create win-win vibration training sessions.  They win when they leave the studio happily exhausted after training hard-out on the machines, maintaining excellent form, correcting, and not losing it as the timer counts downs.  I win when I see them position perfect (as all must be) and I gain their respect when I insist on this and don’t allow them to rush through, neglecting form.

I had such fun one afternoon when a regular customer brought in a friend for a trial session.  Both guys are kickboxers and they had just completed a 10km run. » Read more: Tough Guys

Vibra-Train — The Vibration Training Specialists

March 21st, 2009

A few months ago I wrote about Pivotal Vibration Machines.  In the article I said, “the machines I use are lineal vibration machines in a Vibra-Train Studio”.

pic-bullet-superman-squatVibra-Train is the world’s best for Lineal Vibration Machines.  When in contact with a lineal vibration machine the body gets pushed upwards and in response it  pushes back hard.  This involuntary and strong muscle response is favoured for a “workout” and results are quickly seen – improved fitness, health, and athletic ability.  Click on the website link for more information and if you can get to a Vibra-Train Studio go on in for free first visit.

(pic used with permission.

Choosing a Vibration Studio isn’t as easy

January 18th, 2009

Choosing a Vibration Training Studio isn’t as easy as just turning up at your closest provider. It’s important to visit all the studios you can and to ask questions about the machines and the program used.  Most providers offer the first session free so you can assess it.  You will be asked to fill in a questionnaire asking your reasons and goals for Vibration Training and you need to clearly state any injuries (present or past) and medical problems you have.  From this information a proficient Instructor will tell you if you can proceed or if you need to get medical clearance first.  Also they can advise alternative positions you will use on the machines if a regular position is contraindicated.  Some people start with a Therapy program to target injured or weak areas of the body and then move onto a Training (fitness/strength) program. » Read more: Choosing a Vibration Studio isn’t as easy