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IVTRB Lineal Vibration Training Safety Program and Type-1 Diabetes

August 13th, 2012

The question is asked, “Can I come to Vibra-Train if I have Diabetes Type 1?”

I’ve answered this before and the quick answer is yes, you can use both pivotal and lineal machines, even high energy machines, as long as you’re blood sugar is controlled and stable; you test before and after your session (about 30 minutes after generally) and you know how to interpret the results and act on them.

You will see that some vibration training companies list type-1 diabetes as a contra-indication but here at Vibra-Train (high energy lineal machines) we allow and even encourage training. Our customers are fully supervised and we’ve never had any problems. In studio training is, I believe, safer and than using a home machine.

The same answer for people with type-2 diabetes – these people absolutely, must exercise, they are often overweight or obese and that has been one of the factors in actually developing diabetes. These people benefit from in studio training with the IVTRB safety program and fully supervised (the same as all customers) and where they see a “can do!” attitude – in all types of people from athletes to those with disabilities. Their fears and excuses about exercise very soon disappear. If they can’t access a studio or choose not to they can use a home machine – if they buy a suitable one. Just any cheap machine will not do the job!

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Vibration Training and Type 2 Diabetes

One Customers experience

One of my client’s has type-1 diabetes.  She bought a promo deal we had running on a daily deal website.  She’s not the first person I’ve trained with this condition but I still wanted to be careful, especially with her first three sessions to see how she responded to the work-out.  She was trained exactly as all others.  We insist people eat at least a banana if not a whole meal before they train. This is a hard ask for some, who insist they don’t eat early in the morning (people who come in on their way to work) or they don’t ever eat right before exercise (at any time of the day). The rule is non-negotiable – no food = no training. Using high energy lineal machines causes blood sugar to drop. The first four poses have such high muscle response and you have no control over how hard you are training – the timer counts down 60 seconds while you maintain position on the vibrating platform; it’s very different to the way you can speed up and slow down when walking or running.

My client is a mother of two which is amazing in itself. She told me of the extra care she had when pregnant because of diabetes. She also works full time in a local business.

Coming in two or three times a week for the past month she’s seeing results – feeling better in mood and overall stronger; subjective for now; we’ll see her full results using  the Body Composition Analyser soon.

Happy WomanThe best thing and the reason for this article is: She’s had no problems at all with her blood sugar during or after training, no after effect problems the next day, and made no major changes to her medication. By eating a small amount of food before training her blood results have been stable afterwards.

She is surprised and I am very happy for her

She told me that when she’s done pump (a mix of light weights and movement, usually using a step), other exercises, and even yoga, she has had “bad” reactions with her blood sugar. She said it becomes irregular and remains that way for a few days even though she treats it. She goes through blood sugar lows and highs and feels unwell so has had to stop exercising. She did not tell me this when she started at Vibra-Train but she was very aware of the need for monitoring how she was doing.

It’s really, very good news that vibration training on high energy lineal machines at Vibra-Train, Auckland City, has showed itself to be a way of exercising that this client with type-1 diabetes can do.


This is one customer’s experience. It should not be expected that everyone with type-1 diabetes will have similar “no change” with their blood sugar testing. This article is based on my opinion and experience and on one client’s experience.

It is not intended to replace the advice given by your medical advisors. It is advisable to consult a doctor or medical advisor before you begin any new form of exercise and to have regular checkups.




Vibration Training – for the rest of your life!

June 23rd, 2011

The title of this article answers the questions:

  • How long do I keep doing this?
  • Can I stop once I’ve achieved my goal?
  • It’s too hard to get to a studio and I’ve lost weight now, so I can stop, right?

It’s something we tell customers when they do their first session; this is training you need to do for the rest of your life.


It’s the benefits – fitness and strength, circulation improvement, toning and weight control, bone density, hormonal balance, and so much more.

Question MarkWhat other way can we achieve these benefits, safely and effectively, in our 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, and into our 60’s, 70’s and 80’s also.  The oldest customer at the studio I work at is in his mid 80’s and he does exactly the same program as everyone else; in fact he does more. His age and his medical conditions do not in any way stop him.

Some customers come in regularly for many months, even for a few years, and then they stop coming. When asked they give terrible reasons for this; it’s not boredom (they enjoy their sessions), it’s not that they are not challenged enough as they know we always have ways to make the program harder if they really have mastered it, it’s not even the cost.  Sometimes people just decide to do something else (another fitness method) but more often they’ve become lazy and stopped all exercise and come up with excuses like, “I’m too busy now”. I heard this just yesterday, from a 40’s aged woman who works for a corporate just across the road from the studio.  I asked her, what about coming at lunchtime or even in a bathroom break as the basic, (results based) safety program can be completed in just 15 minutes.  She still replied that she really didn’t have time.

Some of the customers who have stopped coming in are personal trainers and fitness instructors who work at the gym up the road and others who have their own small fitness centres close to the Vibra-Train studio.  Some of these even brought in their own clients last year as they realised how much benefit they got from adding vibration training to their prescribed gym programs and in the case of clients with injuries or disabilities they’d learnt that vibration therapy really helps.  Now, they also, tell me they just don’t have time, they are very busy with clients!

I even make that same excuse some days as I do my own training after I finish my shift (which can stretch out many hours longer than my set hours) and after I’ve caught up with personal and business communications and more.  I sometimes feel too tired to train. But I’ve learnt that except the rare times I am truly fatigued it’s very easy to eat a banana (bananas are like secret weapons due to the way they rapidly enter the blood stream, raising sugar levels and energy alike) and Just Do It!

At the supermarket and on the street I sometimes see people who have stopped coming. Very often they don’t look “good”; 30’s – 50’s aged women tend to put on fat, it’s like that last muffin went straight to the hips. Even the fitness people, the trainers look fatter, less toned.  I know they might spend hours lifting weights and running or swimming but I can truthfully say, they looked better when they added in vibration training – for these people it’s the “icing on the cake”, the little extra that piles on additional benefits.

Guys are no exception to this “not looking so good” situation. Some of the guys who start vibration training do so because they’ve given up whatever sport or youth activity they used to be involved in and so they’ve lost muscle strength and gained fat. They spend months getting fit again and then stop – it doesn’t make sense does it because they rapidly de-train and end up looking flabbier than ever.

So, what about this idea – Vibration Training for the rest of your life – is it attainable?

Older Man on Vibration MachineWhat about increasing age and maybe illness? Well if you exercise regularly, you generally get less age related illnesses and you keep your strength and maintain your mobility so yes, you can still train.  If for whatever reason you do become less able there are vibration machines available that allow for this, you would then do vibration therapy which keeps your circulation efficient and maintains bone density and more.

Its personal choice really; go to a vibration studio and train under the supervision of an instructor or you can buy a high quality home machine and use it regularly,

Or you can, as so many do, use vibration training to get fit and strong, then go into “cruise mode” and stop attending sessions, or if you have a home machine sell it on so someone else can benefit. You can pretend you are so strong that you don’t need to exercise anymore but the truth will catch up with you quite quickly –

You need to keep training for the rest of your life!

If you really don’t like using a vibration machine then find a fitness method that you enjoy and that works for you; something you are happy to keep doing every week of your life.

Buying a cheap Vibration Machine almost guarantees you a move overseas

June 21st, 2011

plane travelling awayI’m joking of course but here’s the serious part – each day I check out the vibration machine auctions on New Zealand’s TradeMe website and I see a trend emerging; many sellers of cheaper machines like the low speed pivotal ones (Crazyfit, Skydancer, SiTrek etc) and the small lineal DKN are selling their machines because they are moving overseas.  I check out their other listings to see if they are selling anything I might be interested in but, to my surprise, their only auction is the vibration machine.

Other sellers list their low quality machine with glowing reference to how much weight they’ve lost or how amazing their fitness is now, after using their machine for the past three months. In fact they are now so fit now they are selling it on so that you can get these same incredible results – they don’t need it anymore. I wonder what happens two to four weeks after they stop using the machine. Don’t they realise fitness training must be continued every week, every year, to keep the benefits and not become deconditioned?

These claims are, in my opinion, totally fictitious and could be laughable except for the real truth – that truth is that many of the sellers were ripped off and bought a cheap, or not so cheap in the case of Gymform VibroMax, low quality machine (usually based on claims of health, fitness and even beauty) and now they are fobbing it off onto you, the potential buyer.

I don’t think the sellers on TradeMe deliberately set out to lie about their home machine, well not the everyday people just selling a machine they no longer use, they just advertise it with the same sort of wording that attracted them when they first bought the machine.  They want it gone, fast and for as much money as possible especially if it cost them quite a lot. Also, home vibration machines are the size of an armchair so they can be really taking up space; annoyingly if they aren’t being used.

Buyer Beware! Before you buy a secondhand machine ask the seller the real reason why they are selling it.  And even more importantly do some research into the varying brands and types of machines available.  Vibration Machines are very effective for fitness and strength, for fat-loss, and for helping the body to relax and repair in the case of those with injuries or conditions that require simple blood circulation improvement and gentle muscle stimulation.  Make sure what you are buying is the right product for your needs.

A visit to a vibration training studio can be really helpful also. You will learn how to use a machine safely and correctly and maybe you’ll decide a studio with supervised training is a better option, if there’s one you can get to of course.

Vibration Training helps improve Balance in Older Adults

March 4th, 2011

This short blog’s title says it all – using a vibration machine improves balance.  Let’s look at where that’s helpful

Older Man on Vibration MachineFor the older adult exercise improves balance and stability and so lessens the risk of falling over. This is something that its hard to even visualise when we are younger and rushing here and there with no thought of our legs not holding us up but its a fact of aging that people lose some of that ability to balance.

There are several reasons for this; one is proprioception - the awareness of where one’s limbs are in relation to 3-D space. Our brain and our body responds to the surfaces and even the air around us and when we are standing or walking keeps us balanced and not leaning too far forward, back, sideways or toppling over. The brain responds and controls part of this and there’s also our kinesthetic sense which also involves reflexes, muscle memory and hand/eye coordination.

A second reason is that muscles can become rigid as a person ages and less able to respond rapidly to changes in environment.  Exercise helps  them stay flexible.  There is also movement of joints, range of motion, and agility; all of which deteriorate somewhat as we age.

This all sounds quite negative but there is a lot we can do to improve balance and coordination in older people or better still, to prevent some of the decline in the first place.


Of course this has to be easily available, not too demanding (although it has to push the person as that’s how we adapt), and suited to the abilities of the individual.  Older people are greatly encouraged to take walks and to engage in a resistance training program (weights) maybe at their local fitness centre.  How much physical exercise a person can do depends on how low or high their risk of falling is, on their general health and fitness level, and also on personal preferences.

This is where Vibration Training is like a “wonder drug”. It improves balance effectively and stabilises and strengthens the muscles supporting the joints. It has a positive effect on mind/body communication along with improving circulation and decreasing pain. The greatest thing, in my opinion and experience, is that almost everyone can participate. There’s supervised training and/or therapy available in Vibration Training studios in some countries and there’s home machines of varying types and intensit available worldwide.

Both pivotal (see-saw motion) and lineal (upright movement) machines are effective for improving balance. There may be reasons of availability, injury, general health or preference to choose one type over the other.

More information is available at where there is also a forum for asking specific questions after reading the articles.

Senior Citizens can do Vibration Training

February 11th, 2011

This is a question I get asked quite often.  The phone rings in the Vibra-Train studio and a lady tells me she wants to start coming in regularly but lives across town. There’s a studio near to her home so I direct her there. She says she has been into the studio where I work but not for a few years and she’s retired now and wants to spend some time improving her fitness. She asks me if she will need a special program now that she’s 60 and “old”.

My first reaction is to laugh as I don’t see 60 as old but I stifle that as I realise that she’s totally serious and besides most gyms have senior citizens programs for 60 years and above. There’s good reason for that, taking care of aging muscles and your heart can require going a little easier but health and fitness professionals recommend you continue exercise all your life.  When discussing forms of excercise with customers or people coming into the studio for a trial visit Lloyd Shaw of Vibra-Train says,“Don’t begin any exercise you can’t continue for the rest of your life”.

This year we’ve had quite a lot of older people come into the Auckland City Vibra-Train Studio and from the phone call enquiries I’ve taken I’d say other studios have also.

So do these older people use a special training program?

The short answer is No!  the Vibra-Train Safety Program was designed to take into account the worse case scenario – it’s safe and very effective for just about everyone and just about everyone who comes into the studio where I work does the same program.  There are ways we extend the program for those who are proficient and hold excellent position on the machines; they can do some positions for longer or use a higher level machine.  And there are ways to make it easier for those who would otherwise find it all too difficult.  This is not necessarily seniors; most do the regular program.

Vibra-TraVibra-Train Vibra Machinein has the only vibration machines in the world with vibrating side handlebars.

These are so amazing; they allow people with hip, knee and ankle problems and people who are obese and need extra support to use the machines in squat positions in a totally safe, controlled way.

So, you might ask, what about the person who is unsteady on their feet, those who are wheelchair bound or even what if someone is just plain scared of the vibration feeling of the machines?  The handlebars allow many people to use the machines well supported in a squat position.  This might be the only position a less-abled person does on their first few visits. Repeated three of four times it gives plenty of stimulation to muscles throughout the whole body – remember the handlebars vibrate as well as the platform. It also gives improved blood circulation, relaxation and much more, so much that some people walk in stooped over and walk out straightened up.

The wheelchair bound and the few people who really are unsure of the feeling of the machines are able to sit in front of a machine and by placing their feet on the front edge of the platform (with or without a rubber mat under them) they receive stimulation to their legs and buttocks. This brings real benefits to those who have little or no active leg control (but that’s for another time).

I have Diabetes Can I do Vibration Training?

February 3rd, 2011

This is a question I am asked quite often when people call the Vibra-Train studio where I work.  Can people with diabetes do Vibration Training? The simple answer is YES, you can do vibration training if you have diabetes but let’s look into it a bit deeper.

People with Type-2 Diabetes are encouraged to exercise yet many don’t even try.  One of the reasons is that they are often overweight and get painful knees, hips, or back if they try to run or even walk for more than a short distance. Gyms can seem very daunting despite their advertising and often very sucessful transformation/weightloss programs.  And really, many people are just lazy – they don’t want to exercise, especially if it means they have to make any sort of effort beyond pressing the buttons on the TV remote and lifting the glass of Coke to their lips.

Training on high force vibration machines is safe and effective for Type-2 diabetics. At the Vibra-Train brand studios there are machines with side handlebars to hold onto; the person’s knees and hips are well supported. Vibration Training causes a rapid drop in blood glucose levels and so can be used to manage glycemic control.  It’s highly effective strength and fitness training and by raising the metabolism and building muscle strength body fat is decreased.

It also helps with muscle uptake and storage of glucose and can sometimes mean the difference between “medicinal” or “lifestyle” control of type 2 diabetes and, very importantly, it helps those with impaired glucose tolerance (pre-diabetes).  My own experience has been exactly this. My blood sugar at fasting or spot checks is now absolutely normal.

blood sugar test dreamstimefree_1044509Some Vibra-Train customers are Type-1 diabetics. This requires different management. These customers always eat before training (it’s the Number One on the “Rules @ Vibra-Train” list for everyone anyway). They test their blood sugar before and after and tell me just 10-12 minutes of training using the Vibra-Train Safety Program really eats through their blood glucose.  We ask these customers to make sure they bring a snack with them and whatever other supplies they might need. Some vibration training companies list Type-1 Diabetes as a contra-indication to training but I can’t see any problem with it as long as the person has some stability and control over their condition. Obviously their doctor will advise them if exercise is not suitable for them at any time.

I have a current customer who has fairly recently been diagnosed with sudden onset, adult, Type-1 diabetes. This is less common but it happens. She told me that she was incorrectly diagnosed as Type-2 at first and now that’s been corrected she’s setting into the correct regime of injectable insulin to manage it.  She’s enjoying coming in to Vibra-Train’s Auckland City Studio – it’s fast, effective excercise she can do and I’m really interested to watch her progress.

Vibration Training is an excellent addition to lifestyle modification for people with Diabetes.

Please remember to inform your instructor. They will then be more aware of subtle signs that show if you’re feeling dizzy; if your blood sugar drops too suddenly. Also that in the very unlikely event that you do faint, they know to call for medical assistance immediately.

A medical study: Efficiency of vibration exercise for glycemic control in type 2 diabetes patients

Personal Trainer Infomercial Star Tells it Like it Is

November 10th, 2010

I’ve written before about Teneka Hyndman.  She’s a multi-award winner at BodyBuilding shows in New Zealand and is currently in U.S.A. from where she’s just told us she won first place in the “Open Physique” class at the 2010 INBA Natural Universe competition.  She’s soon off to Reno to take part in the “Natural Olympia”.

Teneka uses the high-energy lineral vibration machines at Vibra-Train as part of her extensive training program so it was very disappointing to see her endorse a low speed pivotal vibration platform, the Gymform VibroMax and take part in an infomercial just to earn a few dollars.  The informercial is still current on New Zealand television and I cringe when I see it. I get phone calls at work and private emails asking me where to buy this machine and I want to simply say, “don’t!” but to be fair it does have some valid uses – it gently increases circulation and tickles the body; that’s about it!  It doesn’t make users build muscle, gain amazing fitness and look like the models that are shown on the machines.  All television advertorial exageration aside the presentation in this infomercial is very sad as it targets the very people who need help to gain fitness and often to lose large amounts of fat (weight-loss) but the only thing that’s going to get slimmer is their wallet. The same, identical machine, with a different brand name stamp on it, can be bought on auction sites and in clearance stores for less than 25% of the TV price.

When she did the advertorial, initially as a stand in for another fitness model who couldn’t make it that day, Teneka realised right away that the machine she was being filmed on and endorsing, as per the script, was totally different to the Vibra-Train ones she trains on three times a week.  She tried at first to justify to herself and to others that maybe, just maybe, all vibration machines did the same job but she knew from the feel of the machine that this wasn’t true.

Now she’s come out and tells it like it really is:

Check it out here: http: Infomercial-fitness-instructor-spills-the-beans

Vibration Training and Teen Athletes

July 27th, 2010

Do young athletes of 13-19 years use Vibration Training as part of their program?

As I’ve talked with my daughter and her friends I find that many young people in their late teens and early 20’s dismiss Vibration Training as a form of exercise because  they think they wont  enjoy it, BUT these are young people who don’t do any exercise other than a quick dash between classes or to the latest movie or party.  They are completely lazy about any form of exercise that requires them to make an effort.  Later, when they hit their late 20’s or early 30’s they’ll panic and search out a simple, time-sparing way to exercise and Vibration Training will be available.

But what about those who are regularly training, for fitness or sports?

Yes, there are teenage athletes who love Vibration Training.  It allows them to gain strength and stamina in a way that also lets them challenge their own ability each time they come into the Vibra-Train studio.  In my opinion it’s far safer than allowing these young people to lift heavy weights and risk injuring themselves.

It’s important that they workout with an experienced Instructor so that their form is continually checked and Perfect Position maintained throughout the time of each position of the Safety Program.

basketball player and hoopI’m currently working with a very young athlete, a 13 year old girl who loves Netball and wants to improve her arm strength and force.  To get the results she wants she’s simply doing the full Vibra-Train Safety Program, nothing more and definitely nothing less.  I’m as excited as she is about seeing the results we’ll get.  She’s a little overweight which probably doesn’t matter in an active girl of that age but I’m thinking she’ll lose a little fat as well as gaining muscle and overall strength.

In just a few months time this young lady is going to be a force to be reckoned with on the Netball courts this, New Zealand, Summer.

I don’t recommend Vibration Training for every young person as it’s an individual thing.  Many teens, especially younger ones, get all the stimulation they need from their daily lives and those who are serious athletes often workout hard with practise sessions for their chosen sports and a fitness program built around that.  There are some, however, for whom Vibration Training works very well and the young netballer In am working with is one. We are very careful to ensure she is always in Perfect Position; important  for everyone and even more so for her as she’s still growing.

More FAT people, Morbidly Obese people need help.

June 17th, 2010

Wow, I expect to get flack for even daring use this title for my article but it has to be said often so that we all take notice – In my country and in many others we have a serious obesity problem.  No, let me rephrase that – we have a seriously large number of clinically and morbidy obese people and that causes many problems – actually for those people and for us all.

It’s no good criticising a person who is obese, that solves nothing!  How they got that way isn’t the issue. We do need to look at the causes and move to prevention but for those already obese, they need help to lose fat and regain control over their lives.

Last night I watched a New Zealand TV documentary about the need to provide stomach stapling operations.  They have a high sucess rate and are life-saving for manyof the people who have them.  The program profiled some of the people who are unable to get this operation because they live in parts of New Zealand where the district health board does not provide it and no matter how much they plead neighbouring health boards will not agree to help them.  This “sucks!”; to use a local slang term. These people are not able to get the potentially life saving help they need.

Well I have some good news for people who need help to lose fat; all who are overweight, clinically obese (as I was just a few years ago), and those who have become morbidly obese – Vibration Training can help. It’s really effective as a start to exercise and then ongoing to provide strength and fitness.  Depending on the quality and type of machine used results vary and I recommend that people try to get into a specialised studio but not every area has Vibration Training studios.  Home machines though can be great as a start if you buy the right one and there’s lots of help and information available.

Vibra-Train Vibra MachineA good place to get info is There are many articles for consumers and also more detailed ones for those in the fitness or health industries and anyone who wants to understand more. There’s also a forum where questions can be asked so that info in the articles can be explained if needed.

Of course, my website also has many simple, short articles that provide entry level information.

Vibration Training is safe and effective for overweight and obese people.  It is however essential to get the help of a trainer who works with these machines or to learn about the positions and safety before using the machine at home.  Never be afraid to ask for help and don’t just rely on the page of instructions that may come with the machine you might buy.

For upright vibration/lineal machines the Vibra-Train Safety Program is the standard.  If the program is too difficult or a simpler start is wanted, the user can do an assisted squat, holding onto whatever handlebars the machine has, and simply repeat that position a number of times. It’s all about getting started, increasing blood flow and mobility.

For pivotal/see-saw motion machines there’s no standard program; the user can simply stand on the machine, perform a slight or deeper squat or other positions that they are able to hold.

Read the websites, ask for help and get started. Some Vibration Studios even offer sponsored or subsidised sessions for people with morbid obesity or other life-threatening conditions.  The first step can be just a phone call.

Depending on the quality and type of machine used results vary and I recommend that people try to get into a specialised studio but not every area has Vibration Training studios.  Home machines though can be great as a start if you buy the right one and there’s lots of help and information available.A good place to get info is There are many articles for consumers and also more detailed ones for those in the fitness or health industries and anyone who wants to understand more. There’s also a forum where questions can be asked so that info in the articles can be explained if needed.

Of course, my website also has many simple, short articles that provide entry level information.

What do I need to do to get the Best Results Possible?

August 5th, 2009

Customers have varying expectations for results from their vibration training sessions.  Some want generally improved fitness so they have the stamina and strength for everyday life.  Others use vibration training as an essential part of their sports or fitness training program.  Still others want to see fat-loss and maybe to have a bikini body by next summer.  And there are other motivations as well.

dreamstime_8762818 Upward ArrowRegardless of the reasons for coming to Vibra-Train there’s a secondary motive that makes a difference to results attained.  That motive is basically how much the person is prepared to push themselves (how much effort they will make) and how compliant they are to instructions.

As I’ve written in previous articles getting into and remaining in Perfect Position is non-negotiable.  We have ways to make it simpler for customers who really have difficulty and for those who just wont do it right, they also have to take those options.  The alternative positions, if you can call them that » Read more: What do I need to do to get the Best Results Possible?