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Vibration Training – Shake ya Booty?

April 11th, 2013

A friend commented on Facebook  that they wished there was a  Vibra-Train studio in their town so that they could join with us to “shake ya booty”.

I laughed, of course, but then thought that others might read that post and it might cause some confusion, so decided to write a brief blog on the different types of vibration machines and how they work. In doing so I’ll answer the question; do vibration machines “shake ya booty”?

Girl Dance Exercise OutdoorsWe girls love these quirky, laughable terms and we immediately identify with their meaning.  There are many types of dance-sport and dance exercise where “shake ya booty” is an entirely appropriate term. You get a real good shake all over and especially your butt.

But what about a vibration training session? Is it true that it “shakes ya booty” and if it doesn’t then how does it work? You need movement to really be exercising, right?

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Two High Speed Pivotal Vibration Machines recommended for Home Users

July 18th, 2012
Gymform Vibromax Low Speed Pivotal Vibration Machine

Gymform Vibromax – Low Speed Pivotal Vibration Machine

I’m often asked about the Gymform VibroMax machine that’s advertised on TV all over the world and available at as-seen-on-tv stores in major cities. You can read my review here:

The Gymform Vibromax and the Crazyfit machines are not exercise machines, in my opinion, but they do have some good uses for therapy, such as for stimulating blood circulation, relaxation of tight leg muscles, and stress relief. Don’t buy one of these and expect to get well toned and strong muscles any time soon. When you see these machines in advertorials the models or personal trainers that are shown using the machine do this for the small amount of money they are paid. They are not honestly endorsing the product – they don’t really use it!


So, if you want to buy a real vibration exercise machine and you prefer a pivotal platform what machines should you look at:


There are currently two specific machines from two very different brands that I recommend to people who ask.  I recommend these two based on them performing true to specs, being designed to give real results and being manufactured of high quality parts. In simple language this means the machine does what it’s meant to and it doesn’t break down after a few weeks use.  The two companies that sell these are reputable (if your machine does develop a fault they will answer your phone call and provide assistance) and both have been around for some time but more of that later.

The two pivotal, vibration training machines I recommend are

1. Hypervibe  Performance


2. Cardiotech CV9

I’ve trialled the Hypervibe just a few times and it’s a real work-out machine.  It really challenged me. Don’t be worried though, if you need just simple stimulation and increased circulation this machine will do that too. It’s ideal for people who need to start off simple and later move onto more challenging training. It’s also suitable for people who are already regular exercisers and want to add vibration training to their program. The Hypervibe Performance has 4 suggested frequency specific programs from basic to more challenging plus a manual setting. You get a DVD and full User Guide plus 1 year Physio support. The Performance is a solid machine, it has a steel frame so it can take the knocks exercise equipment invariably gets. It has a large LCD display and its easy to set. There’s comfortable handlebars for support in squat positions and straps to use for upper body poses.

HYpervibe Performance Pivotal Vibration Machine

Hypervibe Performance – Premium Speed Pivotal Vibration Machine

When you’re paying up to $2,500 for a home exercise machine of any type you need to be sure there’s going to be ongoing support and repair available – you want to know there’s someone to ask for advice about using the equipment to give you the very best results and also you need to be very sure that the warrenty provided with the equipment will be honored if necessary. If you use the equipment regularly over a long time and it eventually needs adjustment or repair or just a new small part replaced, it’s important to know that the company you bought it from will still be in business and able to help.  When you buy from Hypervibe you are buying from a company that specialises in vibration machines. They’ve been part of this industry for a long time and contributed to it’s development.  In Australia the Hypervibe owner/director, Murray Seaton, travels extensively exhibiting machines at Heath and Fitness Shows, Sports Fairs, and Home Shows specifically for elderly people.  Hypervibe have representatives in many Australian States, New Zealand, Canada and USA and other parts of the world and some working studios and showrooms where you can go to try out a machine.


The Cardiotech CV9 is the other machine I recommend to people who want a work-out quality, pivotal vibration machine to use at their home or office.  This machine is new to the market but I’ve had access to one for almost a year.  Cardiotech also supply two other vibration machines, a very small, round model more suitable for physio use and a regular pivotal machine.

Cardiotech CV9 Pivotal Vibration Machine

Cardiotech CV9 – Premium Speed Pivotal Vibration Machine

The CV9 is the work-out machine. Being a new model, just onto the market this month, it’s just a little unproven.  Like the Hypervibe Performance, the Cardiotech CV9 can be used for therapy/physio purposes.  This has been the main use for me;  just gentle stimulation of blood circulation when I’ve been sitting at a desk for an hour or two. Simply standing on the machine for 90 seconds (set at 6Hz) and repeat once or twice is enough to get my legs comfortable again. I’ve also used this machine to help with recovery from a knee injury. The gentle stimulation relieves pain. It’s also a great de-stressor; just standing there wobbling from side to side.

But the designers and manufacturers of the CV9 would be very upset with me if I continued to tell you only about it’s therapy uses because this is a real work-out model – it has a supersized platform (larger than other brands) and it’s open on all four sides, allowing access from each without obstruction. The control support column is on one corner of the platform, it has a large, easy to set display,  and the black finish gives it a sleek, modern, space age, look.  This model would not look out of place in your lounge or the reception area of your office or business. A 10-minute toning and strength program is supplied with the machine and like the  Hypervibe, access to a Physiotherapist is available.

The CV9 was designed specificially for Cardiotech. There’s no other machine that looks alike to it or any similar models. Support and repair if it was needed is provided by the Cardiotech company, who also supply other high quality fitness equipment. They are newer to the Vibration Training industry but they are  a reputable company. I’ve been fortunate to personally meet and chat with the owners of both companies.

So which one to choose:

I advise intending buyers to try out both machines if you can, then choose the one you prefer based on your specific needs or if both seem equally good push for the best purchase deal.  Both machines specs say they will take an user weight of up to 180Kg which is an important consideration especially when compared with machines like the Gymform Vibromax which loses performance when the user is over 80Kg (or even less).

Both the Hypervibe Performance and the Cardiotech CV9 are premium speed pivotal machines. See Machine Reviews here:

Both are excellent quality machines for home or office use or for a personal trainer’s studio, a spa/beauty centre, or  a specialised vibration studio.  Some vibration studios have a mix of both lineal and pivotal machines and either of these two are an ideal choice for this use.  Beach Body Vibe is a studio that runs programs using only Hypervibe machines at Bondi Junction, Sydney, Australia

Note: Please check out the websites of these machines, call them up and get into a showroom to trial them.  My experience of these machines has been mostly of using the Cardiotech CV9, supplied free of charge and freighted to the studio I’m located at. I’ve appreciated this chance to use the machine myself and put my clients onto it when they would benefit. I’ve limited this to therapy use, such as improving balance and proprioception, as I have other machines available for training purposes. I’ve used the Hypervibe machine once in a studio setting, doing a full session, and once at a Sports Show. This hasn’t been enough to truely compare or note differences between the machines. I’d love the opportunity to have a Hypervibe Performance in the studio and put it through the same uses for myself and my clients as I’ve done with the CV9.  I’m hoping the Hypervibe company will supply a machine one day soon.

If you have any questions that the salespeople can’t answer feel free to contact me: details are in the Welcome Tab at top of page.

Vibration Training Studio Or The Gym – which one should I choose?

March 8th, 2012

This is a question that comes up often – Which is best?  Which one is cheaper?  Which one will make me get stronger fastest?  Lose weight fastest?

It’s such a huge question with so many variables, it really is one I try to avoid, but it was put to me by a relative recently so here’s the answer I gave her.

It Depends!        Only you can choose!

strength on Vibra-Train Vibra Machine

So then, which one is best?         The gym must be best, right?   Best at what?, I replied.

The young lady who asked me said she had joined a small, inexpensive gym.  There wasn’t much equipment and you were left to “just get on with it” so she liked going there.  Besides at $10 a week (an extremely low price) it was cheaper than the local vibration training studio that was charging $30 a week for supervised sessions.

This immediately brought up further questions – Supervised sessions versus just doing what you choose to do? Vibration Training at specialised studios in New Zealand includes fully supervised instruction. This can range from one-on-one, through to group classes, or one instructor supervising a room full of people with each at different positions of a regulated safety program.  Each of these scenarios works very well.

So, what about the cost of supervised or personal training in the gym? This can be very expensive – $60-90 per hour for one-on-one training.  Group class prices at the gym range from “free” which means they are included in the weekly rate (expensive rates), train with a friend for a reduced price, or you can pay for a series of group classes often with a specific theme and often an exorbitant price.

What about best results?  Which one – Vibration Training Studio or the Gym – gives you the best results?

man at gymThat’s an impossible question so there’s no right answer.  Results? It depends specifically what results you want and the answer can even be – either.

Remember that high energy vibration training is a form of resistance training, it builds muscle strength and overall fitness (makes you look and feel great), it doesn’t really work the heart so it’s good to go for a swim, or go for walks, or use an exercycle to have a fully balanced fitness program.  A lot of people don’t do any specific cardio training though; their daily lives are busy enough and filled with short bursts of movement/cardio workout.  Some vibration studios have treadmills and bikes available for customers to use after their vibration training session.

The gym usually provides both types of workouts – cardio and strength/resistance training – well, that is, if you use the equipment correctly; many people just use the treadmill and the exercycles and maybe the pool, they never use any of the free weights or resistance/weight machines so their fitness program is very unbalanced and their results lack because of this.  When I worked in a gym many members came in, only to use the treadmill. They left buzzing and happy yet they never looked good and were very lacking in any muscle strength.

Back to my question – Vibration Training OR The Gym?

It’s an individual choice, there’s no “one size fits all”.  A few other points to consider before making your choice are

How much time do you have available for your fitness sessions? Vibration training takes from 15-40 minutes depending on the machine type, brand and what studio you go to.  You can usually wear street clothes. A gym session will take at least 30 minutes, usually 90 minutes plus time to shower and change back into your street clothes.

Do you have any disabilities or other factors that will affect your ability to train, either at the gym or vibration training studio? Things like obesity, arthritis, osteoporosis, diabetes?  You can choose either way of training with these conditions but make sure you talk to a trainer first. Vibration training can be modified into therapy sessions for people who need this, and also a competent  gym trainer can design a specific program.

If you have tried the gym though and it’s just “not for you”, for whatever reason, – give Vibration Training a go.  We all need to work-out to achieve and maintain strength and fitness;  it just doesn’t come automatically with our fast paced, modern way of life.

Vibration Training – Lloyd Shaw’s Six Year Training Results

February 6th, 2012

This post is going to be short – the picture says it all!

Lloyd Shaw Profile Feb 2012

Lloyd Shaw - Vibra-Train - February 2012

For about five years I’ve watched Lloyd Shaw follow the IVTRB Safety Program on Vibra-Train brand vibration machines – three times a week, every week. Well not quite, there’s been a few times he’s taken a break, just a week off, usually just one or two sessions. A short amount of time off any exercise training program is good, it allows the body to completely rest and still growth and gain continues.

I’ve posted a few pics of Lloyd in previous articles, Click here to see them .

Lloyd’s been following the Safety program for six years now. If you clicked through to the older pics you”ll see that Lloyd has lost size  – he no longer carries the bulk he had a year ago. This is an interesting change, he still eats burgers but I think he’s been a little more careful with food quality lately. I rarely see the pizza delivery man at the studio now. Nothing else has changed; Lloyd still eats when he’s hungry – and that’s an important point, he doesn’t overeat. He also doesn’t take supplements or steroids (never has). His protein intake is increased by a serving of pure pasteurized eggwhite (Eggcel) most days along with a few Vitamin C tablets and some Magnesium. He maintains a healthy gut and elimination with a spoonful of a fibre mix.

And this is the result, a slimmer, healthy body, with excellent muscle definition. Body Composition Analysis Machine test results put Lloyd in the highest category for muscle quality. His body fat level absolutely normal, right on the line.

When I think of the owners and marketers of many of the well known vibration machine brands I sometimes wonder what sort of results they are personally getting – from vibration training alone (its the only exercise Lloyd Shaw does).

I could name many who are young to mid aged guys. My challenge is – show us what you’ve got, show us a picture and tell us your program.

Lloyd Shaw’s program – click through to YouTube

Vibration Training 2011 – New Customers – Who are They?

January 24th, 2011

I didn’t make any New Year Resolutions but it seems many people did – and the one I’m hearing of the most is to get fitter, gain muscle, get stronger, exercise more, maybe lose some weight, feel better and many other similar desires. They are all about one thing – that the person realises they can acheive better health and fitness.

Many New Year Resolutions are broken by the end of New Years Day or the end of the first week of the year but achieving better health and fitness isn’t so easily set aside as we all know how important it is. Vibration Training is an excellent way to get into a fitness habit and I’m seeing that many people have realised this as there’s newbies in the studio every day.  There’s still a habit to establish but that’s quite easy as Vibra-Train can be rather addictive – it’s person versus machine, maintaining perfect position and getting through that whole minute while the machine seems to kick back harder each time.

So who are these new customers? It sounds like hard work, doesn’t it? And, Yes, it is hard work – we have a sayinfitness model in yellow bikinig that the sign over the door says Vibra – TRAIN  not Vibra – MASSAGE.  All exercise is hard work, there’s no short cuts to looking good and feeling great no matter what some advertising might tell you.

This years new customers have been all types of people. Early morning I’m getting fitness instructors and gym trainers, people who are already strong and are adding Vibration Training to their program because it gives them that “edge”, that little bit of extra muscle firmness especially for those who are heading into competitions, boxing, wrestling, body building, even running and endurance events.

sport dressed womanSome other new customers have been people who have moved into new buildings near the Vibra-Train studio. Most have relocated but some are new not only to Vibration Training but also have new jobs this year and what better time is there to get into shape and feel better. These people are all different ages, shapes and sizes and I’m really enjoying working with each one to help them make vibration training a fitness habit that they keep on with all year and then more.

All they have to give now is a little time to make the habit and in a few weeks time when they start seeing the results I’m sure they keep on with it. Vibration Training is one New Year Resolution that gives excellent results.

The Truth about Vibration Training – Video

May 25th, 2010

A new video is up on YouTube – entitled “Vibration Training -The Truth”

It explains how Real Vibration Training works in a very simple to understand way. Covers the contruction of the platforms and how to create a true eccentric contraction.

It is presented by Lloyd Shaw, the developer of the first proper Vibration Training platform.

Watch it here:

Selling Vibration Machines – So many dishonest re-sellers

May 19th, 2010

I’ve been thinking over my last post and also told a few people what I’d written.  Their replies tell me I have been too kind, too polite in what I’ve written.

Talking about buyers the comments have included:

  • So many people buy low energy home Vibration Machines thinking they are going to get really fit and strong, lose weight, gain muscle and get the look of a model, all by standing on the jiggly machine 10 minutes a day.
  • Lazy people wanting a quick fix believe what the infomercials that tell them, that no effort is required, just stand on the machine while watching T.V.  it’s so easy.  They are so gulliable that they believe that the model or personal trainer shown in the infomercial got to look so good just because they use that machine.
  • Some people do try harder to buy a machine that will give them results.  They might even get some benefit from their machine at first because they follow a program carefully but only a few weeks later they plateau and stop making gains.

Then what do these people do when they realise their cheap (or sometimes not so cheap), low quality machines are not going to give them the results they’d hoped for?

Many, and I’m tempted to say Most, sell them on – using the same dishonest advertising that tempted them to buy in the first place.  By this time they know it’s not the truth but hey, they were conned or maybe too lazy to really check out what they were buying, and now they want as much of their money back as possible.

I can’t understand how people can do this;  how so many can lie so easily.  Maybe online auctions make the whole sales process seem remote and selling to someone you don’t know somehow lets people feel okay about being dishonest but really, if you have been conned, how can you turn around so easily and con someone else?

And to the question: have I ever bought or sold a Vibration Machine on an online auction site?

Yes, I have. I bought a small DKN lineal vibration machine when I was learning about machine types and force. I wanted to see how well it worked for home use and just what could be achieved with it.  I knew what I was buying and only paid $NZ150, a reasonable price.  The seller was honest in the auction saying it had been bought for her father but as he was a fit, muscular man who enjoyed sailing; the machine was simply too low powered and also the platform was too small for him so they had bought a much larger medium force machine.  They warned me that the machine was low force.

I played with the little DKN machine for a few months putting myself, family and friends through the Vibra-Train safety program; as much as one can do with such a small, low to the ground machine.  I even bought a foam mat to use on the platform when hands or elbows were in contact with the spikey surface.  The machine had very limited use for my famly as we use Vibra-Train machines in the studio so we soon tired with it.  It’s only real use was for my husband to warm up before going for a 10 mile winter run and for this he found it okay.  So I on-sold it, again on an internet auction site, with honest wording, of course and I showed the buyer how to use it.  It was adequate for the buyer’s needs; useful  for gentle muscle stimulation and increased blood supply.

And, it’s really not so hard to be honest.

Effect of Long-Term Whole Body Vibration Training on Visceral Adipose Tissue

April 30th, 2010

I’ve previously written about this study and how excited I was at the results.  Now it’s been reported in “Obesity Facts – The European Journal of Obesity Vol 3 – issue in progress

There’s a short abstract plus a link to the full (purchase) version of the study.  I haven’t got the full version yet but the results are mind boggling – in a very good way!

Vibration Training on high force lineal or, as in the study, on medium force lineal Vibration Machines is very effective in achieving fat loss.  Dietary help was also given to participants in the study and I’m sure everyone agrees, what we eat greatly affects our health and weight.  We need the right nutrients to build muscle and to assist in burning fat during and after exercise.

What’s even more exciting than the statement “Vibration Training reduces Fat” is that visceral (or belly) fat reduced the most in the Vibration Training plus Diet group compared with the Fitness plus Diet group.

I wrote an article about this study in May, 2009 when the first press release was out:

Public release, 8th May, 2009, by the European Association for the Study of Obesity, an association established in 1986 and now with 2500 health professionals from 29 member countries, on the results of a controlled study performed at the Artesis University College and the University of Antwerp in Belgium states: vibration exercise machines may help you lose weight and trim the particularly harmful belly fat from the organs. Participants of the study who were part of the vibration training group lost 11% of their body weight and retained their loss at 10.5% after 12 months. They lost an amazing 47 square centimeters of visceral fat maintaining that loss at the final follow up.

Public release, 8th May, 2009, by the European Association for the Study of Obesity, an association established in 1986 and now with 2500 health professionals from 29 member countries, on the results of a controlled study performed at the Artesis University College and the University of Antwerp in Belgium states: vibration exercise machines may help you lose weight and trim the particularly harmful belly fat from the organs. Participants of the study who were part of the vibration training group lost 11% of their body weight and retained their loss at 10.5% after 12 months. They lost an amazing 47 square centimeters of visceral fat maintaining that loss at the final follow up.

The Dumbass Guide … to getting Back into Shape

March 23rd, 2010

I found this website today: The Dumbass Guide … to Getting back into Shape. It has lots of  information in six, short, humorous, easy to read blogs (articles).

I couldn’t say it better so click through if you are serious about losing some fat.

Basic Squat on Bullet Vibra-Train MachineA tip for any Dumbass (and all you sensible types too): Vibration Training on high quality machines can be the easiest, fastest way to kick-start an exercise habit.  Of course I say “easy” in a rather “tongue in cheek” way as we all know that no real exercise is easy and the studio group that I recommend is Vibra-Train.

Note the name Vibra-Train, not Vibra-Massage.  It’s all good, really, anyone can do it, larger size is what this brand was originally designed for so you’ve got nothing to lose; well nothing except some fat (and you get strong, small, well formed muscles that support your bones and help you burn even more fat).

Good Business means letting customers do what they want – NOT!

October 15th, 2009

It’s been an interesting morning here at the Vibra-Train studio where I work.   I started the day excited in anticipation of the many early morning customers I expected but alas, it’s raining and the “before work”, 7am rush didn’t quite happen.  Instead customers have come in steadily throughout the morning and the studio has been full and happily busy.

Regular customers become “addicted” to the sessions; the rain doesn’t stop them. One of the best points about our fast, effective, 10-15 minute workout; it can be easily fitted into a busy routine.  Newer people sometimes take extra days off but then come back saying they missed their workout and felt sluggish through the day and, of course, rain sees more cars on the road, slows the traffic and people find themselves short on time before work.

This morning has been a little difficult for me as an instructor.  I’ve been very strict on one customer ensuring he gets into and remains in perfect position on the machines.  A discussion with another customer to clarify aspects of her special-needs program left her annoyed and feeling that I was being unhelpful.  She will talk with my boss and I have his full backing.

Good pre-workout food

Good pre-workout food

A customer came in at 8am for her second session and I asked if she’d had breakfast.  She told me no but she’d had lots of water and taken tablets to enhance fat metabolism.  There’s a strict rule here -” no food = no workout” – and there’s good reason for this.  The short, sharp, 60-second positions on the machine uses up blood sugars very quickly with no time for the liver to convert stored glycogen into glucose and send it into the blood.  I explained to her again the reasons she must eat before her workout then with rain pouring down and knowing she’d made the effort to come in I let her do just the first few positions and the anti-cellulite massage but not the whole program.  We have a cafe a few shops away but this customer needed to get to work whereas some people are very happy at my suggestion they go off for a coffee and muffin and then return for their workout session.

Add in regular instruction of customers and supervising those who know the program well; many phone calls with questions from people who want to come in for their first, free, trial visit, explaining to them that they MUST eat before their session; ensuring customers of neighbouring businesses don’t use our carparks (on a wet day customers need them rather than having to walk up from roadway parking spaces) and all the regular tasks that make up my job.

This is the sort of work day I enjoy; not the small difficulties although I have learnt to be very strict as customers are paying for a quality program and it’s my place to ensure they get it, but the happy busy-ness of a full studio and seeing customers getting amazing results.