Vibra-Train TV

In December 2009, Mr Lloyd Shaw of Vibra-Train was interviewed by Alice Worsley in a series of TV programs.  The series has been edited for YouTube.

Watch these videos to help clarify what Vibration Training (Acceleration Training) really is.  Covering a wide range of topics including how to spot a good machine, how to use one safely and the different types available.  We will look in detail how Vibration Training affects weight loss, bone density, cellulite and other fitness goals.

Part 1. Lloyd Shaw (Mr Vibra-Train) talks about what Vibration Training really is. Covering the history of Vibration Training, the types of machines available and how to use one safely. Learn how Vibration Training works and what it can do for you.

Part 2. Lloyd Shaw tells how he got involved in the Vibration Training industry and the Vibra-Train brand. Also more explanation about how Vibration Training actually works; about involuntary reflexes and more.

Part 3. Lloyd Shaw talks about the uses of Vibration Training for exercise, improving bone density, and breaking up cellulite. He explains how people who are obese can use high energy vibration machines. Also of it’s benefit for those with Multiple Sclerosis, Motor Neurone Disease, and more.

Part 4.  A frank talk about Obesity.

Part 5.  Lloyd Shaw talks about the studio concept, the Vibra-Train company, the machines and the restrictions that apply to their use.

Part 6, the final in a series of frank interviews with Lloyd Shaw. He tells what you have to do to “Give it a go”, where to go to try a vibration training machine, what to do before you go and what to expect during the session.

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